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Trogador is the 20X6 version of Trogdor. As part of the adaptation to the anime-influenced 20X6 setting, he resembles an Asian dragon rather than the original serpentine European-influenced design. In particular, his beefy arm is rendered in the detailed, exaggerated style seen in such anime as Dragon Ball Z — complete with a dark blue wristband similar to the one Goku wears.

A robotic version of the character, Mecha-Trogador, was built by Z Sabre and serves as the final boss of Stinkoman 20X6.

Trogador was first shown by The Brothers Chaps during a March 2005 talk at New York University. Although the character was fully designed and ready for animation, Mike Chapman remarked that he would "probably never get used". He would eventually appear on the site nearly a year later, in Happy Trogday, confronting Stinkoman in recognition of their week-apart birthdays. In the interim, his design was adjusted to appear far larger than the preview shown during the NYU talk — though not quite as large as Trogdor appears in Peasant's Quest.

[edit] Name

Pet inside quotes!

"Trogador" recalls the odd pronunciation of Trogdor's name at the title screen of the arcade game. Both the title screen and "Trogador" in general recall Engrish, resulting from translations into English from native Japanese speakers. When some Western words are transliterated into Japanese, extra vowels are placed between the consonants that make up a consonant cluster — for instance, "dragon" becomes "doragon" (ドラゴン).

If "Trogdor" were actually transliterated into Japanese, it would most likely read as either "torogudoa" (トログドア) or "torogudoru" (トログドル) as Japanese has no R-colored vowels.

[edit] Filmography

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