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Strong Bad Email #27
watch CGNU 1 step ahead
"So majestic, yet so wicked awesome."

Brandon Hofer asks Strong Bad what his second wish would be if he had three wishes.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad

Places: Computer Room

Computer: Tandy 400

Date: Monday, May 13, 2002

Running Time: 1:32

Page Title: Tandy 400!!!

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc One

SBEmail Menu Description: Strong Bad wishes he had croissants crammed into his head. Or something like that.


[edit] Transcript

STRONG BAD: {singing} I got an email. I got an awesome email. {stops singing}

STRONG BAD: Geez, I didn't need your freaking life story, man. Ohh. {typing} That's an easy one Brandon. Horns. No question. I'd wish for a pair of horns. Here, check it out.

{Strong Bad bends to the desk and starts drawing. He draws a picture of himself with horns and holds the paper up to show it}

STRONG BAD: Look at how great I would look, man. So majestic, yet so wicked awesome. Like I could maybe go on tour with some heavy metal band and like be their mascot you know and come out on stage, and have some type of laser fight with the lead singer and all the fans will go nuts. Oh man, that would be great.

{He puts away the picture of himself with horns.}

STRONG BAD: Okay you guys, so until next week, it's not required that you sign your email, "Crapfully yours," or, "With a bunch of crap," or, "Crap in the times," or, "Crap is so great," "Everything is crap," "My middle name is Crapperson." You know, you could just put, "Sincerely"... or, "Yours truly," is another good one. Come on, guys. I'll still read 'em.

{The Paper comes down.}

{He picks up the picture of himself with horns again.}

STRONG BAD: You know these horns kinda look like croissants the way I drew 'em. Maybe my third wish will be for a couple of croissants. Yeah, like, heated up with some butter melted on the top.

{He puts away the picture and clears his throat.}

STRONG BAD: I gotta get The Cheat to get me some of those... Some of those... {with a heavy French accent} croissants.

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • Starting in April 2004, this email was listed with the capitalization "3 Wishes" on the Strong Bad Email Menu; it was reverted to the lowercase name with the post-Flash site update. It was one of only two titles to contain a word with a normal capital letter, the other formerly being what I want. (CGNU and butt IQ also contain capital letters, but in those cases, they are part of an initialism.)
  • This is the first mention of croissants.
  • The YouTube description for this email is "Strong Bad wishes he had croissants crammed into his head. Or something like that."

[edit] Remarks

  • The last line appears to be a separate audio file (the Flash file pauses shortly after playing it).
  • Strong Bad produces the pencil and paper out of nowhere.

[edit] Goofs

  • When Strong Bad draws the picture of himself with horns, the pencil doesn't reflect on the screen.
  • When Strong Bad holds up the drawing of himself with horns, the contrast buttons can still be clicked through his boxing gloves.
  • The enter key is not heard being hit when Strong Bad clears the screen for the first time.
  • Even though Strong Bad used a pencil to draw himself with horns, the picture seems to be done with dark blue ink, suggesting a ball-point pen.

[edit] Inside References

  • This is the first (but far from last) time that Strong Bad objects to getting "crappy" closings in his emails.
  • This email has an instance of names ending in -erson.

[edit] Real-World References

  • The intro song is a reference to a line in Lionel Richie's "Say You, Say Me", "I had a dream, I had an awesome dream."
  • The reference to being a heavy metal band's mascot who has battles with the band on stage is a reference to Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie. A tradition at Iron Maiden concerts is for a man in a giant Eddie costume on stilts to come on-stage mid show and appear to battle with the band members.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • Strong Bad refers to striped horns looking like croissants again in an Easter egg in being mean.
  • Strong Bad's self-insert in Trogdor!! The Board Game is called "Lord Pastryhorn of Fangleburg" and has a near-identical design to his horns as the example drawing here.

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