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Strong Bad sometimes closes his Emails with an outro, or closing remark, reminding viewers to check back next week immediately before The Paper comes down. This was especially common during the Tandy 400 era, but in recent years this tradition has died out a bit. However, he still occasionally does an outro, although it will often ask for The Paper to come down.

[edit] The Outros

Number Email Outro
1 some kinda robot Okay, until next time. Keep sending me your questions, and I will make fun of you... I mean, answer them.
2 homsar Okay, so until next time, keep sending me your questions, and I will keep making fun of your punctuation and spelling. I mean, answer them.
3 butt IQ Okay, so until next time, on a scale from one to awesome, I'm super great.
4 homestar hair Forget you guys. {brings up Temple of Apshai} Oh, my hit points are, like, inexcusable in this dungeon, man. I need to find some elixir or something.
5 making out All right, so until next time send me more questions. SEND ME MORE QUESTIONS!!!
6 depressio Okay, so until next time, {singing} "Everybody email that guy!" "What guy?" "ME!" "Everybody email that guy!"
7 halloweener Okay, so until next time, who put the "ween" in "Halloween"? I don't know. Probably you. freakin' weirdo!
8 brianrietta Okay, so until next week... 1, 2, 3, email me! 1, 2, 4, email me more!
13 i she be Okay, so tune in next time: Same Strong Bad time, same Strong Bad channel.
15 the basics There'll be another one next week...
16 band names Okay, so tune in next week, when my guests will be Lemmy from Motörhead and the guys from Krokus!
19 tape-leg All right, so until next week, send me some good ones. You know, some good ones.
20 spring cleaning Okay, so until next time, ain't nobody dope as me.
21 cartoon All right, so until next time send me a little email and I'll give you a little crap.
23 little animal Okay so until next week, everything is awesome an—
24 the bird Okay, so until next week send me your email and I will more than likely flip you off.
27 3 wishes Okay you guys, so until next week, it's not required that you sign your email, "Crapfully yours," or, "With a bunch of crap," or, "Crap in the times," or, "Crap is so great," "Everything is crap," "My middle name is Crapperson." You know, you could just put, "Sincerely"... or, "Yours truly," is another good one. Come on, guys. I'll still read them.
30 12:00 So... Join us next week when we'll be duct-taping clocks to all kinds of different stuff.
31 sugarbob Okay, everybody. Bye.
34 weird dream Uh... See you next week.
41 invisibility Anyways. Remember, kids! Take your vitamins, pretend you're hilarious, and always, always, email Strong Bad.
49 theme party So I guess I'm goin' to this frat party. That's pretty hilarious. Well, see ya next week.
51 website Anyways, I gotta go work on my webpage.
53 comic Okay, so, that's it! No more Strong Bad Emails. Nah, I'm just kiddin'... maybe.
55 cheat talk Anyways, give it up for me! ...Guys?
63 fingers Anyways, I don't wanna be around when this shrimp goes bad. Whooh!
64 english paper Now it is my intention to sit down and play video games for several hours.
66 the show Anyways, Tori, lemme know how the volleyball tounament turns out. Touns out. Er, learn to spell.
67 autobiography Okay. Take it away, The Paper! Preeeeeeeeowwwww... Come on. Preeeeeeowwwwweeee. What's the d—?
69 personal favorites Okay, so... OHHHHHH THAT'S THE END!! Oh man, which button was it?
71 2 emails I shoulda played it safe and gone back in time to where I know I'm awesome. But since I don't have a time machine, I guess I'll just have to wait it out. Backwards.
74 privileges Well, C.C., The Cheat ended up in the crisper drawer. So until next week, so long, and thanks for all the privaleges... I guess.
78 anything HOMESTAR RUNNER: Class dismissed! Except for you, Jerome!
79 the process And that's it, Em. That's how we do things around here. Now you can answer emails like a true Strong Bad. Then right before the paper comes down, I usually mutter something... under my breath... about some girl named Beth.
80 stunt double Remember to watch out in June 2004 for "Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective!" In 3D!
81 date The Paper, would you bring this fine email to a close?
82 impression So, until next time, all the ladies and dudes say: {singing} "Strong Bad is a cool guy! And we're not cool in the least!"
84 kids book Well, some people need to go get an ice cream sandwich. Strong Bad needs to go get an ice cream sandwich.
85 2 years I should probably go let Strong Sad out of the dryer. He's been in there since breakfast.
86 no loafing I'ma head over to Bubs' for one of his 30-cent lunch specials.
87 mile POWERED BY THE CHEAT STRONG BAD: So, okay folks, I gotta go to my next show. See you later nice time!
90 colonization Okay, so until next week, leave me alone!
92 kind of cool I'm gonna go look up Senor Cardgage. See where that guy ended up.
94 video games Until next time, Taylor, this one's for you, and all my peoples got sent up the river.
95 the bet I'm gonna go make an indentured servant out of Strong Sad. And now, the get up noise.
97 monument I'm gonna go try and find some of that Technochocolate. That stuff sounds a-prettypretty good!
99 different town I'm gonna go... place.
101 car I don't own a car! Did you ever see me in a car? No! Bye. Talk to my man in the green and white stripes!
103 haircut I have to go use my light pen on napping Strong Sad. Preeow.
107 cheatday Happy The Cheat day, Ilko! May you never get the black lung.
109 crying I think I've got in the oven. Gotta go.
110 for kids The Paper, please take us home.
111 other days Now time for a refreshing glass of piemonade or, as we say around the office, p-nade.
112 old comics I'm gonna go start the Who Put Pasta Salad in Strong Mad's Underdrawer Drawer Scare of '04. Or.
113 pizzaz Here goes the Strong Bad! Here goes the Strong Bad!
114 the facts HOMESTAR RUNNER: And that's the end of my show! Donk!
119 animal The Paper, come on down and meet your new brother!
122 dreamail Right now, I gotta fly!
123 origins Well, I hope that makes you not email me anymore.
129 garage sale Peow!
MARZIPAN: More like, pree-ow.
131 boring (really) If you're still bored, sit back, relax, and prepare to experience the fury of... me naming all the three letter words I can think of.
133 bottom 10 And the Number One item on Strong Bad's Bottom 10 is... Th cleaning up your own puke off the keyboard. Simone, that'll be $7.50. And bring some paper towels. Eww. And some tweezers. I think I see a Fluffy Puff Nibblin' in there.
135 Old Strong Bad's got a date with a bowl of creme brulee ice creme. Cream.
141 death metal While I'm gone, complete this worksheet I've prepared for you aspiring death metal types. And, uh, careful with that hot-glue gun, Dane.
142 secret identity Now, if you'll excuse me, I have several butts to jettison from my home.
144 narrator Now playing in select cities. This Strong Bad Email has been rated P for The Poopsmith and a graphic scene of The Paper.
145 myths & legends Join us next week when we examine startling new evidence in the Biscuitdoughhandsman conspiracy.
146 pop-up I'm gonna go eat my burgers.
148 disconnected Well, time to go satisfy my sudden craving for tiny breads.
150 alternate universe All my Strong Bad doppelgängers represent. Sesquicentenn-email, 2005. I-I mean six.
151 senior prom I'm taking Delilelia to see David Coppafeel perform.
153 redesign Join us next week when we show you how to knit your own splatter paints. All for under fifty bucks.
155 theme song Allow me to leave you with the old standard 'When Email Comes to Town, You Know, You Know, It's Like a Rainstorm... In Your Browser.' {stops typing and starts singing} When email comes to town, you know, you know, it's like a rainstorm... in your browser.
156 road trip Until next time, everybody, remember to stay J-large.
161 4 branches Now it's up to you to make your own informed decisions about the stupidest things Homestar's done. Get involved, write a letter to your local Homestarman, or throw a trash can through a plate glass window!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} And that's how I become a law!
163 what i want Happy Decemberween, everybloody!
166 unnatural But Strong Badinians are a strong people. We will recover. We will rebuild. We will reduce, reuse, recycle!
171 underlings Well, good luck with your smunderling, PranceyDirtGirl. I gotta get started making those "You Reek-A" t-shirts. Those things are gonna be awesome!
172 more armies Well, I gotta go find the bicycle pump. Tito the Tophaticent's beautiful assistant's looking a little... lopsided.
176 hygiene Now get outta here! None of the college hotties'll show up if you're hanging around, Mothmouth.
177 original Come on, New Paper, disappoint me!
178 bike thief See you next time!
184 diorama Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go help that robot vaporize The Old Public Functionary!
185 nightlife This has been Strong Bad, with Strong Bad Email 185. Thanks for listening.
186 environment So until next week, my boat take...
188 fan club Maybe fan clubs and fan fiction aren't so bad after all. In fact, I'm gonna go dabble in a little King of Town fan fiction right now.
195 love poems So there you ha' it / My Homeless Roma'ic. / Love Poems 101 / Oh the hearts you will win. / Like this lavender scented plug-in / New paper, come on and get some!
199 being mean But don't take it from me, let's hear from our resident parenting expert, Hungry Shark.
HUNGRY SHARK: Sometimes the taste of blood in the water is just so sweet, makes me wanna... I just gon... {voice becomes no longer gravelly} uh, I'm gonna eat your kids.
202 imaginary Your realginary pal, Strong Bad; or Your imaginary pal, Pumpy Clumpy
203 independent
(YouTube version)
Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go raid Pom Pom's craft soivice table. Can't get enough of those artisinal cheeses and that extra healthy water.
207 too cool Thanks for emailing me, Kristi Ann. Now Ima grab a sharpie and head to the bathroom. Try and make my own "family might/could."

[edit] Outros for DVD Emails

Number Email Outro
1 Greeting Cards See ya later, 23.
5 Accent So until next time, holy crop!
6 Comic Book Movie CRACK STUNTMAN: This summer, preeeow!

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