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Strong Bad Email #151
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"You people are a sweet delight! Just one big almond paste filled sweet delight!"
"kotpoptoon" redirects here. For the short featuring The King of Town's show, see The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show.

The King of Town gets his very own quite popular cartoon show! Strong Bad crashes a senior prom, only to have it backfire on him.

Cast (in order of appearance): The King of Town, Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Mad, The Knight, The Hornblower, The Blacksmith, The Poopsmith, Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Coach Z, Strong Sad, The Announcer (voice only), Pom Pom (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, The Stage, Gymnasium, The Field (Easter egg)

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Running Time: 4:16

Page Title: Lappy 486

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Five


[edit] Transcript

{Open to a shiny red background. A King of Town emblem appears on the screen. As the singers sing, the words "Very Own Popular Cartoon" appear below the King of Town head. The King of Town head moves to the music a little.}

SINGERS: The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show!

{The words "The King of Town's" appear above the KOT emblem.}

SINGERS: The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show!

{The word "Quite" is written between "Own" and "Popular", and "Show!!" is inserted after "Cartoon". The music stops.}

THE KING OF TOWN: Let the King have some!

TV ANNOUNCER: {quick voiceover as the screen darkens} The King of Town's Very Own Popular Cartoon Show will not be seen this week. Instead we bring you: Strong Bad's Very Popular Cartoon Show, already in progress.

{Cut to the Lappy with the email already displayed. Scene starts with Strong Bad saying "—rong Bad..."}

{Strong Bad says "Walrus Association" instead of WA.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Oh, man! Would you Walrus Association people please leave me alone? I will pay my dues when you send me my tusks! {clears screen} Anyways, I have personally never had a senior prom, Matt. I have, however, crashed my fair share of Senior Proms, Senor Proms, Homecoming Dances, Shortcoming Prances, and Off-Site Team-Building Pottery Classes. But the best Senior Prom I ever crashed was the 'Entrapment All Up On the Moon' Dance. It all started one day, when I received some very disappointing news...

{Cuts to the Floppy Disk Container side of the computer desk with Strong Mad and The Cheat. A cassette tape sits on top of a clock radio. The message 'an answering machine (trust me)' is taped to the clock radio, keeping the hour number open as if it were the message counter.}

STRONG BAD: {feigning disappointment} Oh man you guys... I'm totally bummed. Listen to this message I just got...

{Cut to a closeup of the clock radio. Strong Bad is partially visible on the left, holding one of his boxing gloves up to his mouth and looking away.}

STRONG BAD: {in a high-pitched voice} Hey... Bunmuffin... It's Deli... lelia. They need me to go back up to Mars to help out that robot that got stuck in the sand. So I won't be able to go to the dance with you.

{Cut back to the group shot. Strong Mad and The Cheat look annoyed, and The Cheat's arms are folded.}

STRONG BAD: {still in fake voice} I left you some cold meatloaf under the fridge. {voice returns to normal, but he continues to feign disappointment} Ooh...

{Cut to close-up of Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: {feigning disappointment} That little robot's stuck in the sand again! I guess I don't have a date for the dance.

{Cut back to group shot.}

STRONG BAD: {speaking normally} Oh well... Looks like you two losers {Strong Mad looks shocked and then angry} and me one cool guy will just have to crash the ever-loving style out of it! Now listen close to my mastardly plan!

{Fade to black, then cut to and zoom in on All the King's Men!'s bass drum, then fade to the band on stage. Cut to a banner reading "Entrapment All Up On the Moon", then pan down to Homestar and Marzipan dancing on the gym floor. Homestar is wearing a tuxedo and a black propeller cap, and Marzipan is wearing a red formal dress and her hair is now curled.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh... Don't look now Marzipan, but I think we're the hottest couple at the prom.

MARZIPAN: Homestar, as always, we're the only couple at the prom.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: But what about Strong Sad and Debra?

MARZIPAN: That is unmistakably Coach Z.


{Cut to the drink table where Coach Z is pouring Listerine into the punch. Coach Z is wearing a tuxedo front and bow tie and Strong Sad is wearing a space suit.}

STRONG SAD: Coach Z, you oughta be ashamed of yourself.

{Coach Z fumbles and drops the Listerine.}

STRONG SAD: You're supposed to be our chaperon! {says with a French accent while waving his hand}

COACH Z: Are you kiddin'!? I'm just lookin' out for all yer hygienes. Have ya ever talked to one of these kids up close!? Their breaths is terbirle!

{Someone turns off the light, plunging the scene into pitch darkness. There is a thud sound and a record scratch. Everyone at the prom gasps.}

MARZIPAN: Hey! Watch those hands, David Coppafeel!


{The lights turn back on, revealing Strong Bad, The Cheat and Strong Mad in the center separating Homestar Runner and Marzipan. Homestar continues to dance while Strong Bad speaks.}

STRONG BAD: That's right, senior citizens! This prom is officially crashed! Now peep my mastardly plan! I rigged up this button—

{Cuts to a close up of Strong Bad's hand, which is holding a remote control with a big red button labeled "GO!"}

STRONG BAD: —so that when I mash go on it, everybody's pants will POOF AWAY! It's a mass pantsing, see?

{He presses the button and the DELETED buzzer sounds.}

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}


{With dramatic music, the scene quickly cuts to the pants area of Marzipan, then Coach Z, and then really rapidly Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, The Poopsmith, The Blacksmith, The Knight, Strong Mad, The Cheat, before finally stopping on Strong Bad. He is apparently the only one at the prom wearing pants. The camera scrolls up from Strong Bad's pants to his head.}

STRONG BAD: You gotta be kiddin' me! I'm the only one that wears any pants?!

{Strong Bad's pants poof away, showing white boxers with lipstick kisses on them.}

THE ANNOUNCER: And now to announce your Prom King and Queen! This year's Prom King is... Pom Pom! {applause}

{Cut to an area of the gymnasium that features the banner and cut-out forms of Nebulon and The Moon.}

VOICEOVER: {spoken words appear onscreen} Accepting the award for Pom Pom is Homestar Runner because Pom Pom's at a much cooler private school prom.

{Homestar walks out wearing a crown and then takes a swig of Listerine and starts gargling, sounding exactly like Pom Pom.}

THE ANNOUNCER: {Cut to an excited Marzipan} And your Prom Queen is... Strong Bad {Marzipan looks bewildered} with no pants on! {applause}

{Cut back to Homestar. Pant-less Strong Bad walks in from the left wearing a tiara and holding seven roses.}

STRONG BAD: Oh thank you so much! {applause} You people are a sweet delight! Just one big almond paste filled sweet delight!

{Homestar leans forward, kicking his foot backwards. Cut back to an annoyed Marzipan.}

MARZIPAN: {annoyed} Every freakin' year. {blows one of her bangs out of her face}


{Marzipan looks surprised, it then cuts to the rest of the gym, who all gasp. Then it cuts to The Poopsmith who shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders. Cut back to Strong Bad at the Lappy.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} And the best part, was that I also got a twenty-dollar gift certificate to the All-You-Can-Eat Old Folks' Cafeteria. Man, I ate my weight in creamed fish and okratinis. Alright, I gotta get outta here. I'm taking Delilelia to see David Coppafeel perform. {gets up and leaves}

{Cut to a shot of the whole computer desk with Strong Bad standing to the side.}

STRONG BAD: Hurk! {jumps offscreen}

{Cut back to the Lappy. The Paper comes down.}

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • Click on WA when Strong Bad says "Walrus Association" to see a business card for the Walrus Association:
Matt M.
Walrus Association

Phone: 555-TUSQ

"Koo koo ka-choo or summat"
Senor Prom '95
  • Click on "senor prom" to see a photo of an ice sculpture of Senor Cardgage slowly melting a bit on a sheet of paper. It has "Senor Prom '95" autographed on it.
  • At the end, click on "Delilelia" to see the actual beginning of the email.
STRONG BAD: {Singing} Can you see that I've got email styles, c'mon c'mon, can you see that I've got email styles?
Dear Str—
  • Click on "Coppafeel" at the end to see a conversation with Homestar Runner and Pom Pom.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, man. My pants got so poofed away at the prom this year. {Pom Pom looks annoyed} So I was wearing all these types of long pants, and they just got poofed away. So embarrassing.
POM POM: {bubbles}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Well maybe I will keep telling myself that!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • A senior prom is a formal dance held at the end of the final year of high school (around the time of year that this email was produced), chiefly in the United States. Musical entertainment, refreshments, and adult chaperons are often present at these events.
  • An "okratini" is a martini served with a pickled okra pod instead of an olive.
  • "Summat" is regional English slang for "something".

[edit] Trivia

"Let the king have some!"
  • This file originally had an irregular URL: the filename for the SWF file is the expected "sbemail151", but the HTML file was "kotpoptoon" and the HTML file "sbemail151.html" did not exist.
    • The email was announced with a misleading Main Page message, simply "New Toon Soon", as a prank; when it was released, the message button read "king of town toon!".
    • Later in the week, the button was changed to "Strong Bad Email".
  • The label on the disk in the Floppy Disk Container reads "broder bund classics".
  • This is the first time The Blacksmith has appeared in any Homestar Runner cartoon since his debut in The King of Town DVD six years previously.
  • The Strong Sadstronaut was previously seen in the weekly Sketchbook.
  • Nebulon appears as one of the decorations at the dance.
  • The moon on the banner first appeared in Mr. Shmallow.

[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Bad is wearing boxer shorts when his pants poof off. However, in New Boots, he claims he doesn't wear "underwears."
  • Assuming Strong Bad's button worked the way it was supposed to, and Homestar was not telling the truth in the Easter egg, he was not wearing pants. This further adds to the mystery of Homestar Runner's pants.
  • Since an okratini is a drink, Strong Bad could not have eaten his weight in them, unless he consumed the okra pods.
  • When Strong Bad addresses the audience and compares them to an almond-paste-filled sweet delight, he is describing the real confection of marzipan.
  • Although it was stated in high school that all the characters looked different in high school, all the characters appear as they would normally. This may be due to Strong Bad's "doodle memory", though it may also be, considering their ages are neither implied nor stated, that they are still in high school. However, in the short toon On Break, Strong Bad states that he, Homestar, and Coach Z are grown men.
  • Marzipan implies that the characters attend the prom each year, despite the senior prom being a once-in-a-lifetime event for most high school students.
  • The band performing is named "All the King's Men". However, That Little Chef Guy and The Cleric, who first appeared with the rest of the king's men in The King of Town DVD, are notably absent from the band.
  • In this email, Strong Bad's imaginary girlfriend's name is spelled "Delilelia". However, in the following Quote of the Week, it was spelled "Delelilia".
  • After Marzipan says "Watch those hands, David Coppafeel" and the lights come on, Strong Mad is the only character whose hands are near her.
  • The Hornblower, despite being on screen with the other characters at the prom, is skipped over in the montage of pantsless characters.

[edit] Goofs

  • When the scene is focused on Strong Sad and Coach Z, it can be seen that the table is on the blue mat. However in the following far shot, it is on the wood.
  • In the Easter egg, right after Strong Bad brings up the email, his head doesn't move, even when he reads the first half of the introduction.
  • When the scene is focused on Strong Sad and Coach Z, the scoreboard is at the far right of the screen. Then, when the lights cut out and the scene focuses on Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat, the scoreboard is in the exact same place even though the camera has zoomed out.

[edit] Fixed Goofs

  • When the email first came out, right before Marzipan says "That is unmistakably Coach Z", her eyes showed up where her mouth should have been.

[edit] Glitches

  • When Homestar keeps his eyes shut while standing next to de-pantsed Strong Bad, his regular pair of blinking eyes appears every few seconds beneath his already closed lids.

[edit] Inside References

What does The Poopsmith need with a mic, anyway?
  • The lipstick pattern on Strong Bad's shorts is the same as the one in video games.
  • "Senor proms" is a reference to the common mispronunciation of Señor, and is further highlighted by the Senor Cardgage Easter egg.
  • In this email, Coach Z makes a concoction by spiking the punch with Listerine. Coach Z was previously seen drinking Listerine in The Best Decemberween Ever.
  • Strong Bad previously fabricated a story about a girl leaving him to go to another planet in his autobiography.
  • This email makes some references to robots.
  • In the Easter egg, Homestar Runner's stubborn insistence that he was wearing long pants at the prom is a reference to long pants, an email in which Homestar goes crazy after Strong Bad accuses him of not wearing any pants. This email also deals with pants in general.
  • This is another instance of mashing.
  • Strong Bad uses a single-button remote control.
  • The name of the dance is "Entrapment All Up On the Moon".
  • While it isn't certain that "ohhhh, yeah" was spoken by The Poopsmith, a similar voice was used in different town to demonstrate what he would sound like.
  • Strong Bad last expressed a desire for tusks in animal.
  • Strong Bad claimed he crashed his fair share of Shortcoming Prances.
  • The "missing" email song is similar to that of radio (both mentioning "email style").
  • Strong Bad plans to "crash the ever-loving style out of" the prom, as well as singing about "email styles".
  • The "okratini" and Coach Z's spiking the punch bowl with Listerine are references to alcohol.
  • Mastardly is a portmanteau of "master" and "dastardly".
  • Strong Bad becoming the Prom Queen is an example of gender confusion.

[edit] Real-World References

  • David Copperfield is a popular illusionist.
  • The "Entrapment All Up On the Moon" dance and the outfits worn by the band are references to the "Enchantment Under the Sea" Dance from the Back to the Future movie trilogy.
  • The phrase "Koo koo ka-choo" on the business card in the Easter egg refers to the song "I Am the Walrus" by The Beatles. This is a common mondegreen of the actual phrase from the song, "goo goo g'joob".
  • Listerine is an antiseptic mouthwash that contains alcohol.
  • The "robot on Mars that got stuck in the sand again" is a reference to the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, which got stuck in a sand ripple on April 26, 2005.
  • All the King's Men! is a reference to the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty, as well as The Kingsmen, the band famous for their recording of the song "Louie, Louie" and the novel "All the King's Men".
  • Strong Bad's remark, "It's a mass pantsing, see?" is an example of stereotypical "mobster speech", which was popularized by Edward G. Robinson in the movie Little Caesar.
  • The King of Town's line, "Let the King have some!" could be a reference to the fIREHOSE (a side project of one of Matt Chapman's favorite bands, The Minutemen) song, "Let the Drummer Have Some," from their fROMOHIO album.

[edit] Fast Forward

[edit] DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

[edit] Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman, and Ryan Sterritt)

MATT: Don't believe it for a second, you guys!

MIKE: I wish I could believe it, unfortunately! {laughs}

MATT: Yeah.

RYAN: Sounds like a good show.

MIKE: I know, it would be good. I think there's definitely gonna be— have to be a laugh track, if we ever make this...

MATT: Make it like a sitcom...

RYAN: Three's Company.

MIKE: It's all the uh... the Chef—

MATT: The Chef and the—

MIKE: and the Blacksmith

MATT: —Blacksmith and the S— the Scribe. {laughs}

MIKE: {laughs} Is there— does he have a scribe? What do we call him?

MATT: The Bishop? The Clergyman?

MIKE: Oh, the trumpeter guy? I don't know what we call him.

MATT: No, what's the religious guy called?

MIKE: Oh, I call him the... Clergyman, I think.

MATT: The Cleric?

MIKE: The Cleric.

MIKE: Anyways, as Strong Sad said...

MATT: That's Strong Bad, Mike.

MIKE: Whi— now, which— who are you?

MATT: I'm Mike.

MIKE: Oh, okay.

MATT: This is Brian.

MIKE: Alright.

RYAN: Brody, Brian.

MATT: Strong Bad is the wrestleman.

MIKE: Mm-hmm. Alright.

MATT: Did you go to any of your proms, Ryan, in high school?

RYAN: I went to senior prom.

MATT: Did you?

RYAN: 'Cause I had a tux from Jazz Band.

MATT: Oh, nice!

RYAN: Get closer.

MIKE: Say that again. I had a tux—

RYAN: I... I went to prom.

MATT: {laughs}

MIKE: He had a tux from Jazz Band! 'Cause he's a jazz man!

RYAN: "Mr. Jazzman," they called me. {pauses} Did you guys go to prom?

MATT: Uh, I did not. Oh, uh, I went to junior prom. Yes.


MATT: And uh, I went to— I think I wore a shoulder holster. I was dressing up as a Reservoir Dog for junior prom. And I wore a shoulder holster underneath my suit. No gun in it, but just—

MIKE: Probably couldn't get away with that now.

MATT: —probably get you expelled, and {laughs} sent to Homeland Security. {laughs} Do high schools have their own office of Homeland Security?

MIKE: I think so.

RYAN: Color codes.

MATT: Y—you can either go to the clinic, or you can get sent to Homeland Security. {pause} Oh, portmanteaus! -tooks. Portmantooks. {pause} Oh, Ryan. {pause} Your cousin, Marvin Berry!

MIKE: Is that the tuxes that they're wearing?

MATT: Yeah, pretty much the same as— I don't know what that band is called, in Back to the Future.

MIKE: Marzipan's hair looks pretty good there, doesn't it?

MATT: Yeah, done up! Marzi.

MIKE: But it doesn't look like her ponytail seems to be the same size, so I don't know where the rest of that hair is coming from—

MATT: It's extensions.

MIKE: I guess it's all extensions, yeah.

MATT: See, Strong Sad dressed up in a costume to go to the prom, just like I did!

MIKE: What is the deal with those flap things that old-timey tuxedos...

MATT: I don't know! They're always in cartoons, and like somebody can't keep it tucked in from smackin' 'em in the face.

MIKE: Yeah! I feel like it's in maybe some Three Stooges or something! But what is it?

MATT: I dunno.

MIKE: Why couldn't they just wear a shirt?!

MATT: It can roll up— I can roll up like a shade, though, apparently, and go {imitates a shade spinning around} right underneath your... {pauses} Poof away! Little Girl one time said that clouds poof away.

MIKE: If— if you tried to lift a cloud it would poof away.

MATT: {in response to Strong Bad's pants being poofed away} Oh! {pauses} I feel like when we were writing this, that we— we wrote this at the time when we— we got to this point and we're like, "Oh, wait. Yeah, Strong Bad's like kinda the only one that has any pants on"—

MIKE: Yeah!

MATT: —and we hadn't decided that in advance; we didn't quite know what was gonna happen.

MIKE: That was always the case: it seemed like if you went to a— didn't go to your own prom, but went to some other school, preferably a pr— a private school, prom, it was—

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: —you had some hot girlfriend that nobody else knew that probably didn't exist—

MATT: —and maybe you were hanging out in your basement by yourself that night... You were at the private school prom!

MIKE: Oh, watch this. Watch her poof her ha—hair.


MIKE: That's sh—

MATT: What— Wait, hey, was that The Poopsmith? Nun-uh, "I don— I don't know!" says The Poopsmith.

MIKE: I think that was the Blacksmith, probably.

MATT: Yeah? {in a deep, raspy voice} Oh.

RYAN: The Cleric.

MATT: {In the deep, raspy voice} Oh, yeah. {laughing, in his normal voice} It was definitely the Cleric. {pauses} Um, creamed fish sounds disgusting. Do you think we can get some creamed fish upstairs at Piccadilly, you guys?

MIKE: Yeah. Okratinis sound pretty good, though.

MATT: Yeah. We're headin' up there. Coppafeel. {pauses} Oh! {in response to Strong Bad's jump offscreen}


[edit] Fun Facts

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