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This article is about the Strong Bad Email. For the 2016 live show, see Homestar Runner 20th Anniversary Show.
Strong Bad Email #175
watch mini-golf hygiene
"I'll broaden your horizons!"

Strong Bad talks about how sloshy became one of his favorite, and then least favorite, bands.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Trogdor, Strong Sad, Larry Palaroncini, Homestar Runner, Mary Palaroncini (Easter egg), The Poopsmith (Easter egg), Senor Cardgage (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, Laundry Room of the Brothers Strong, The Field, Basement of the Brothers Strong, Bathroom of the Brothers Strong, Mud Baths, The Space Machine (Easter egg)

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: Monday, August 20, 2007

Running Time: 4:26

Page Title: Lappy 486

DVD: strongbad_email.exe Disc Six


[edit] Transcript

STRONG BAD: {singing} I'm running through a field of emails! Paranoia! Paranoia! {brings up the email}

{Strong Bad's speech becomes distressed as he reads the signature.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Wipe that smiley face off your the words 'smiley face.' You do not impersonate The Burninator, got it?

{As Strong Bad says this, a Trogdor sprite walks on the Lappy screen and burninates the email signature. The Trogdor Arcade Game theme music plays in the background.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Yeah, I go to concerts. Why else would I own a pair of Hollywood Boulevards?

{Scene cuts to the laundry room, showing a pan-out of Strong Bad wearing a pink leopard-pattern bandanna and unusual shoes, different from the ones he normally wears}

STRONG SAD: Oh, hello, pleatèd boots. What are you all gussied up for?

STRONG BAD: Shut up, man! I always dress like this.

{Cuts to close-up of Strong Bad}

STRONG BAD: I'm going to see Limozeen tonight. But I never heard of the opening band, so I'm gonna show up fashionably late. What are you all gussied down for?

STRONG SAD: I'm going to see a show tonight too. But I've never heard of the headliner, so I'm gonna leave fashionably early.

STRONG BAD: Well, those two things don't sound at all related. Bye loser!

{Both Strong Bad and Strong Sad walk off-screen, cut back to Lappy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Hey, guess what? They were related. Apparently, Limozeen was trying to expand their audience into people that {pauses awkwardly} went to college. So, they got this band sloshy to open up for them. But Limozeen ended up canceling because...

{A paper labeled 'LIMOZEEN Contract Rider' appears on-screen}

LARRY PALARONCINI: {drums in background} Our audience must be 94% hot young females with bangs higher than or equal to our own. {Drums get more intense} And also a deviled egg tray! {The words "Deviled Egg Tray!" appear hand-written with horns and a tail on the contract}

{Paper disappears}

STRONG BAD: {typing} So, Limozeen just hung out in their tour bus and watched ESPN Classic all night, while sloshy played both sets. Needless to say, I was perplexed, and intriguéd. {pronounced "intregwayed"}

{Cut to The Field, at night. Strong Bad and Strong Sad are walking back home; Strong Bad is in his concert outfit while Strong Sad is wearing a sloshy T-shirt. sloshy can be heard in the background}

STRONG BAD: So, help me out here. Were they missing some members? Where was their lead guitarist?

STRONG SAD: Uh, that was the whole band.

STRONG BAD: What?! You're not allowed to have a band with only three people in it! And something else suspicious. What happened to the bassist's sunglasses? Did the lenses fall out?

STRONG SAD: No, Strong Bad, those were just regular glasses.

STRONG BAD: Shock and horror!

{Cut to The Basement. Strong Bad and Strong Sad are playing an Atari game. Strong Bad is back in his normal shoes, with the unusual ones lying by the couch.}

STRONG BAD: But they must be like, a brand new band, right?

STRONG SAD: No, they've been around for five or six years now...

STRONG BAD: Then why haven't they grown their hair long yet?

STRONG SAD: I think those are just their haircuts, Strong Bad.


{Cut to the bathroom. Strong Sad is brushing his teeth, while Strong Bad is just standing there talking, holding his toothbrush.}

STRONG BAD: So somebody must've stolen their costume trailer, huh? Man, that's rough. They couldn't wear any of their spandex, or latex, or... Tex-mex...

STRONG SAD: {takes toothbrush out of mouth to speak} {annoyed} They don't wear costumes. They were probably just wearing what they'd been wearing all day.

STRONG BAD: But... The music rocked.

STRONG SAD: {takes toothbrush out of mouth again to speak} Yes.

STRONG BAD: And they weren't wearing costumes.

STRONG SAD: {takes toothbrush out of mouth again to speak, and shakes his head} No.

STRONG BAD: Huh... Interesting.

{cut to a mud-bath area in the field. Strong Bad and Strong Sad both have towels on their heads and cucumber slices on their eyes. Strong Sad's stomach is sticking out of the top of the mud bath}

STRONG BAD: There were no high leg kicks, or choreographed spin moves... And that one guy even had his back to us all night.

{zoom-in to Strong Bad and Strong Sad}

STRONG BAD: It's like they don't really even care about me. Like when they played that song called 'We don't really even care about you'?

{Cut to The Basement. A sloshy CD in SeeDees is playing the just-mentioned song. Zoom out to Homestar and Strong Bad playing with Cheat Commandos toys. Strong Bad is wearing a sloshy T-shirt.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And no pyrotechnics?

STRONG BAD: Nope. They just strung a bunch of Christmas lights over their bass drum.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {somewhat perturbed} And they still rocked?

STRONG BAD: Yeah, totally! And they can't be bothered to play solos, so they always leave a space to sing your own! Check out these mow do mows.

STRONG BAD: {Imitating an electric guitar solo. Homestar is, unsurprisingly, amazed at this feat.} Mow-do-mow! Mow-do-mow! Moodly-mow, moodly-mow, moodly-mow! Meedly-meedly-meedly-mow, meedly-mow! Mow-do-mow! Mow-do-mow, mowdow, mow-dow-do-mow!

STRONG SAD: {walking up} Hey, hey! slosh-ay!

STRONG BAD: slosh-ay!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You guys are so lame.

{Cut back to the Lappy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} And that's how sloshy became one of my favorite metal bands.

{Cut back to show Strong Sad standing nearby, holding a sloshy vinyl record.}

STRONG SAD: Uh, Strong Bad, I wouldn't exactly call sloshy metal.

STRONG BAD: What're you talkin' about? Of course they're metal. Look at the facts.

STRONG BAD: No costume.

{A costume appears on the screen, which is promptly X-ed out}

STRONG BAD: Short hair.

{Long yellow hair appears, which promptly morphs into short brown hair}

STRONG BAD: ...A logo that's not jaggedy or drippety at all...

{A jagged, non upside-down rendition of the sloshy logo appears, which then turns upside-down and becomes the normal sloshy logo.}

STRONG BAD: And songs that aren't about girls... Los Angeles... or good... times...

{A CD appears with a track listing reading '1. Smokin' fine honey-child; 2. Sunset Strip(pers); 3. Party Patrol' appears, and then changes to read '1. ok fine; 2. unripe; 3. art troll'.}

STRONG BAD: {record scratch} Hey, wait a minute! You tricked me! sloshy's not metal!

STRONG SAD: I didn't trick you, I was just helping you broaden your horizons...

STRONG BAD: I'll broaden your horizons!

{Strong Bad grabs the sloshy record and slams it over Strong Sad's head, shattering it and leaving a piece embedded in the top of Strong Sad's head.}


STRONG BAD: {typing} And that's how sloshy became one of my least favorite bands.

{New Paper slides down}

STRONG BAD: Ugh... That sound... It's got no punch. You just kinda slither out, like a boring lizard's tongue. Let's try this.

{Strong Bad pulls out a floppy disk and chucks it into New Paper. It sticks at the top of the screen.}

{New Paper prints some more, now saying 'How ya like me now?' A grinding sound can be heard instead of the normal paper sound, and plastic chunks fall from where the floppy disk is}

STRONG BAD: There we go... We're good at least until you completely shred that disk.

{New Paper retracts slightly. The grinding sound can be heard, and more plastic chunks fall.}

[edit] Easter Eggs

"Dump Tell No Mandy!"
  • At the end, click on the word "favorite" to see a short scene with Senor Cardgage.
{Cut to the Field. Senor Cardgage is standing on a lawn mower. A bush is nearby.)
SENOR CARDGAGE: Why, hello, Mistretta. Check out Senor Cardgage's Intregway.
{The Intregway logo appears beside him, then disappears}
SENOR CARDGAGE: Dump tell no mandy, {the words "Dump Tell No Mandy!" flash at bottom of screen} it's just a land mower turned bankways! If you help me buy it, I'll cut you in!
{Strong Bad eagerly runs over.}
STRONG BAD: I'll help you buy it! I'll help you buy it!
{Senor silently drives the Intregway offscreen.}
{Mary sits in the Space Machine watching what sounds like basketball on ESPN Classic. Larry stands, watching as well with a displeased look. A whistle blow is heard.}
MARY: Wow! That Danny Ainge complains about every call! {begins eating what appears to be a basketball}
LARRY: I'm totally mesmerized by Kevin McHale's armpit haaair! {gestures wildly with his hands} Oooeeuuh! {punches the air with one hand}
  • Click on the reflection of Strong Bad's diamond at the end to see where the mud baths came from.
{Strong Bad and Strong Sad are in their "mud baths".}
STRONG BAD: Where did these mud baths come from? These things are awesome!
{The Poopsmith rises out of Strong Sad's bath, wearing a snorkel and goggles. Strong Bad and Strong Sad scream.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • A rider is a set of requests or demands that a performer sets as criteria for performance.
  • The term tex-mex (which Strong Bad incorrectly uses as a description of a textile) most commonly refers to Mexican-American cuisine, though can also refer to a number of other things, including a style of music and a railway, among others.
  • A pleat is a fold in cloth made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing or stitching it into place.

[edit] Trivia

Contract Rider

  • 114 cans of hairspray
  • 4 tubes of Leather Pants Remover
  • Audience must be 94% hot young
    females with bangs higher than or
    equal to our own
  • Jenga or Pictionary
  • The words "deviled egg tray" are added to the list in pen afterward.
  • The Floppy Disk Container reads "ancient art of war".
  • The summary for the Podstar Runner RSS feed reads, "Strong Bad discusses how Sloshy became one his favorite and then least favorite bands."
  • The video game music and the sound of Strong Sad brushing his teeth were added when the email's podcast came out.

[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Sad claims to have never heard of Limozeen, despite the fact that he watched a cartoon starring them in best thing.
    • Also, Strong Bad says that he's "going to see Limozeen tonight", implying that Strong Sad knows what Limozeen is. Also, Strong Sad doesn't ask what Limozeen is.
  • This is one of the few times Christmas has been directly mentioned in the Homestar Runner universe instead of Decemberween.
  • This email contains several of the increasingly less rare occasions of Strong Bad and Strong Sad getting along.
  • Strong Sad smiles twice in this email: first when mocking Strong Bad's outfit, and then when entering the room where Strong Bad (also smiling) is telling Homestar about sloshy.
  • In the mud bath Easter egg, both Strong Bad and Strong Sad react as if they can see The Poopsmith, despite having cucumber slices on their eyes.
  • Strong Sad either has a special left-handed Atari 2600 joystick or is playing the game holding the joystick sideways, as a standard joystick has its button in the upper left hand corner.
  • The spots on Strong Bad's bandana that form the leopard print are covering the creases in the fabric.
  • The sloshy record that Strong Bad throws at Strong Sad must be made of shellac or some other substance, commonly used in making of older records, instead of PVC (which would not emit the "shatter" sound when breaking).
  • Strong Bad claims that bands are not allowed to only have three members, but he is a fan of Taranchula, which also has only three members.
  • When hygiene was released the following week, the Main Page Message linking to this email was replaced with a "strong bad email" button instead of being removed to make room for the "new strong bad email" button.
  • Strong Bad and Strong Sad are brushing their teeth even though they lack visible teeth.

[edit] Goofs

  • The music player's speakers stick out of their outline.
  • In the mudbath Easter egg, when Strong Bad screams and shakes his head, his mouth stays in place.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • ESPN Classic is an ESPN-run TV network showing reruns of sports events and other sports-related programming. It was initially designed to broadcast classic sporting events, but has since added shows that were cancelled or ended on the main ESPN and ESPN 2 networks.
  • Danny Ainge and Kevin McHale are two former NBA players, and were teammates on the Celtics for the first eight years of their careers.
  • "Intregway" is a parody of the Segway PT, a personal transportation device.
  • Pictionary is a board game.
  • Jenga is a physical game of skill.
  • The background music in the scene where Strong Bad and Strong Sad are playing Atari 2600 is from Marble Craze, a homebrew game by Paul Slocum, whose name appeared on the floppy disk container in do over.
  • sloshy's draping Christmas lights over their bass drum is a reference to Weezer's music video for "El Scorcho."
  • Turning your back to the audience was one of the musician Nick Drake's habits, though in his case, it was extreme stage fright, not boredom with the audience.
    • This may also be a reference to the alternative rock subgenre shoegazing, where the heavy use of effects pedals meant guitarists performing live often looked down at their pedals throughout the entire show, giving the impression that they were gazing at their shoes.
  • "Mistretta" is probably a reference to Salvatore Mistretta, Morgan Paull's character from the 1975 film Mitchell. This film was featured in an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. It could also refer to the Brothers Chaps' friends, the Mistretta family, of which the Other Little Girl is a member.
  • The Paper's "How ya like me now?" is likely a reference to Kool Moe Dee's hip hop classic, "How Ya Like Me Now".
  • Strong Bad describes sloshy's music as "for people who went to college". There is actually a genre of music known as college rock, which is similar to the style of sloshy.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • The events of this email are referred to when checking Strong Sad's sloshy poster in Strong Badia the Free.

[edit] DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch the DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

[edit] Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Matt Chapman)

MIKE: What was your first concert you went to, Matt? {sic}

MATT: Uhhh... I don't know it was way later than you, you gotta go to concerts super early, I think.

MIKE: {immediately following} No, tenth grade? {is heard drawing breath}

MATT: Oh. Well, there was Cool... well, yeah I guess you're right.

MIKE: {overlapping} Living Color opening up for the Rolling Stones?

MATT: I think I—

MIKE: {interrupting} Steel Wheels.

MATT: I went to... a, Holly Faith show, I think, or maybe a Sonic Sunday.

MIKE: Uh-huh.

MATT: "88.5 presents: Sonic Sunday"?

MIKE: 1990 maybe? '91?

MATT: {overlapping} Yeah, Magnapop played.

MIKE: {laughs}

MATT: 'Cramps were there.

MIKE: {immediately following} Insane Jane, maybe.

MATT: Mm-hmm.

{Slight pause. In the email, Strong Bad is dressed up for the Limozeen concert in the laundry room, talking to Strong Sad.}

MATT: {contently} Uhh, so those boots are very similar {Mike chuckles} to, uhh, some boots that Don... Chapman had... back in the day. I probably wore them with that, uh, Vince Neil costume—

MIKE: {overlapping} Yeah.

MATT: —that Limozeen is based on.

MIKE: I don't think they had the steel... tips.

MATT: No, there was no steel tips, there was no chain.

MIKE: {overlapping} But they definitely had the bagginess.

MATT: {both start holding back chuckles} Yeah, 'cause the bag {unintelligible}

MIKE: {simultaneously} {unintelligible; he is heard saying "boot" loudly}

MIKE: {higher pitched} What the?!

MATT: Yeah. It was good!

MIKE: Does he still have 'em?

MATT: Uh-uh.

MIKE: Have we...

MATT: Uh, I think he thought we might. But I don't remember if we ever found 'em. 'Cause around this time we were trying to find it, for the cover of that...

MIKE: Oh, right.

MATT: {overlapping} Limozeen versus sloshy 7-inch.

{Slight pause.}

MIKE: So sloshy, though, was created, primarily out of the— we had— he had— done a scroll button song.

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: With the guitar.

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: And I remember that night we were driving back home, at like, 3 or 4 in morning after we'd finished a cartoon, and decided that the name of the band that performed that, uh... {presumably, Mike clicks his tongue} scroll button song, was sloshy.

MATT: Yeah.

{Slight pause.}

MATT: {with a wavering tone} Uuh... {normally} I remember our friend Dave really liked, the Easter egg where, uh, Limozeen was watching the ESPN Classic {Mike starts chuckling, Matt refrains from doing so} and talking about Danny Ainge. {Mike begins chuckling harder, and begins to speak, but is interrupted by Matt} "That Danny Ainge complains about every call!"

MIKE: Something about McHale's armhair?

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: {overlapping; chuckling} Armpit hair?

MATT: Yeah. {Brief pause} This is, uh, I feel like there was a period where I was kind of like this, the way Strong Bad is. Where, it was just like... you know, I probably had that Slaughter album... {Mike laughs} but then, like, I was also listenin' to Faith No More and some, maybe, the Chili Peppers, and Jane's Addiction... and... and like, hearing about bands like Firehose and the Minutemen and Fishbone—

MIKE: {interrupting} But still trying to keep, some—

MATT: {interrupting} Yeah, and being like... "Well, wait, but still—

MIKE: {higher pitched} "Yeah, but Bang Tango's cool, {Matt says "Yeah!" high pitched} right?!"

MATT: {still high pitched} Right!

MIKE: {still high pitched} "They're not just Po— they're better than Poison!"

MATT: {laughs} That band "The Front"?

MIKE: {laughing} The Fron— {get cut off by his own laughter}

MATT: Not "Front 242", The Front.

MIKE: I've tried to find them, on, uh, eMusic or anything, and I can't—

MATT: Yeah, no? I just remember being, yeah, it was a hard time, where it's just like, "Well, wait! But... can't I like both of these??" And it was just like... "No, you cannot. You're gonna have to {holding back laughter} cut it off."

MIKE: {overlapping after Matt says "some"} Some— there was a— there was a point— {lets Matt finish} There was stuff, there's some stuff that was on Sub Pop, that was, all it was, was the difference in how the band looked.

MATT: Oh, absolutely!

MIKE: {immediately following} It's like there wasn't really that much different, {sic} it was just how they presented themselves.

MATT: Yeah, yeah. There's definitely a period, I mean... It really— Soundgarden is, you know, is not too too far away from, just some... it's not, like, glam metal at all, {Mike affirmatively yes "Right."} but there was definitely just some stuff that was considered "heavy metal". {Mike chuckles} That— {In the email, Strong Bad is with Homestar Runner in the basement} I love that they're just playin'. {Mike chuckles} "Hey, Homestar, do you wanna come over to my basement and play Cheat Commandos? Listen to the boom box?"

MIKE: Hey, hey, get this! {refraining from laughing} Instead of putting the boom box on the floor, {Matt starts laughing} or one cinder block, we're gonna put it on two cinder blocks. Get this!

MATT: Yeah, that's why Homestar, Homestar wasn't gonna come over it's like, {in Homestar's voice} "Ye— I know it's {sic} gonna do something bad to me." And then he's like {in Strong Bad's voice} "But we're gonna {chuckles briefly, then refrains himself} put it on two cinder blocks!"

MIKE: Hey, Matt, there's uh, Strong Bad with his thumb raised. We were asking about that the other day.

MATT: {beginning when Mike says "we"} Oh yeah, I remember that. {chuckles}

{In the email, Strong Bad and Strong Sad are exchanging hand gestures in the basement.}

MATT: {in Strong Sad's voice} Woah-ho! {Mike chuckles a little} Ah... that's a good example of... the— Strong Bad and Strong Sad teaming up and being, like, totally lame in the process. {both chuckle}

{Slight pause}

MATT: Umm...

MIKE: {interrupting} At some point, somebody also... thought that the sloshy logo was curved, just because it's curved on Strong Sad's... uh, shirt—

MATT: {refraining from laughing; interrupting} That's right!

MIKE: —because he's big, round and fat?

MATT: {immediately following} Yeah. {brief pause} Someone sent us, a, uh, uh, fanstuff thing that is the... a, uh, it looks like a sloshy CD and they made cover art for it, and like, stuck it in the section, at the CD section at Target and took a photograph of it. It's right between uh, Smashing Pumpkins and... somethin' else. {Strong Sad gets hit with the vinyl record} Ooh! Ouch. That was a sharp piece of vinyl right there. {Mike chuckles}

{In the email, Strong Bad says "Ugh... That sound...". One of The Brothers Chaps, presumably Matt, makes a fart noise.}

MIKE: {chuckles} Should we just make fart noises, until— {Matt says something inaudible. Mike makes a fart noise.}

MATT: {laughs faintly} Good job.

{Pause. In the email, the New Paper had just finished printing with the floppy disk stuck in it.}

MATT: {suddenly} I like Pavement. I like that band, Pavement.

MIKE: {chuckles} Ye-Yeah. You can do a good impression.

[edit] Fun Facts

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