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Strong Bad Email #204
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Count Longardeaux's Strong Badian talkwords for saying from your mouth, for short.

Strong Bad talks about his very own dictionary jerktionary fo' his own words.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Lady, Strong Sad, Pom Pom, Marzipan, Strong Mad, Bubs, Coach Z, Homsar, The Poopsmith, The King of Town

Places: Computer Room, Bathroom of the Brothers Strong, The Field, Marshmallow's Last Stand, Strong Sad's Room, The Stage, Coach Z's Locker Room, Basement of The Brothers Strong, Marzipan's House, The Movie Theater (Easter egg), Strong Badia (Easter egg)

Computer: Compé

Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Running Time: 3:48

Page Title: Compy Compé


[edit] Transcript

{Strong Bad is at the Compé, this time with a Where's An Egg? II wallpaper.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Oh, people can you feel me? Then email me. And also, please don't try to really feel me. {double-clicks on the sbemail.exe icon}

{Strong Bad pronounces "fo your" as "fo yo". He hesitates a little when saying "Costrick"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Course I do Cross-stitch. {rapping} You think the regular dictionary can handle all the quotient quotables I'm droppin' on a {he does not type the word "a"} daily basis? Those dictionaries are only good for helping {cut to a scene of The Cheat in the bathroom, standing on two dictionaries, and brushing his teeth} The Cheat brush his teeth {cut to a scene outside in The Field, Homestar walking in frame right} and helping Homestar lose his teeth.


{Strong Bad throws the dictionary at Homestar's head}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Tooth! {a giant tooth flies out of Homestar's mouth and lands on the ground. Homestar leans over to look at it}

{Cut back to the Compé}

STRONG BAD: {typing} For something this sawesome, I had to once again call upon the finest name in names to put in front of book titles. And thus was born unto the world, {cut to a close up of the book} Count Longardeaux's Strong Badian Jerktionary Fo' My Own Words!

{Strong Bad puts a sticky note on the book}

STRONG BAD: {quickly} Or Count Longardeaux's Strong Badian talkwords for saying from your mouth, for short.

{Cut back to the Compé}

STRONG BAD: {typing} We all know the main problem with dictionaries is that there are too many words, and not enough butterscotch sauce! So I went ahead and dribble-drabbled a little boodroscotch all over it. Kinda like a frou frou dessert {cut to a slow zoom of the book on a plate, drizzled with sauce; romantic music is playing in the background} at a chichi restaurant, restaurant.

LADY: Oh, that looks sinful—

STRONG BAD: {record scratch} Shut up, Shut Up Lady! {Strong Bad walks up to the table} The sauce makes the pages stick together—

{Cut to a scene with Strong Sad trying to read the sauce covered book, flipping pages back and forth}

STRONG BAD: —which makes for way less words!

STRONG SAD: Hey, this dictionary goes straight from "crap-valanche" to "puke-valanche"!

{Cut to a close-up of the book, this time opened to the "Suffix" section}

STRONG BAD: And that brings us to the Suffix section. {each "suffix" is highlighted in turn} -valanche, -quake, -rnado, -onsoon.

{Cut to Strong Bad standing behind the butterscotch covered book}

STRONG BAD: All the great natural disaster suffixes are included!

{Cut to a sample from the book with romantic music playing}

NARRATOR: {smoothly} This suckquake of a movie is a complete wastenado of my seven bucksonsoon.

{Diamond wipe to Strong Bad smiling in front of many flashing colored lines, disco music playing in the background}

STRONG BAD: Now that's talking like a Strong Bad dude!

{Cut back to the Compé}

STRONG BAD: {typing} For some words, words alone are not enough to define them. That's why my dictionary has scratch n' sniff stickers!! I mean, how are you gonna define a word like {cut to Strong Bad opening the book to the P's} paunch, without smelling {Strong Bad puts a sticker with a Strong Sad caricature that reads "Paunch it up!!"} Strong Sad's considerable paunch?

{Cut to Strong Sad in his room, arms akimbo, angrily standing in front of the open book}

STRONG SAD: My paunch does not smell! {Strong Sad hits his body with both of his fists to punctuate the last two words}

{Cut to all the main characters, including Strong Sad, gathered on The Stage}

ALL: Yes it does!

{Crowd claps and the curtain closes}

{Cut back to the Compé}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Not to be outdone by that no-talent schwa sound, the Strong Badian Dictionary features several gutteral utterances, or, you guessed it, {Cut to a "Family Feud" display which already reads "Zsa Zsa 19" and "Kneepads 25". A quick scale is heard when "Gutterances" is revealed, followed by a 0, accompanied by a buzzer} gutterances, {cut back to the Compé} that are used to express complete disinterest in specific people.

{Cut to Strong Bad twirling a football, screen right in the locker room. Coach Z enters screen left.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} There's the "pffgh!" sound {a tattered piece of paper with a symbol (a P with an umlaut and a sideways f attached to it) and name for "pffgh!" comes down} for Coach Z. {the piece of paper goes back up}

COACH Z: Hey, Strong B'd! Wanna hear about my glory days on the fierld?


STRONG BAD: {voiceover} The "aungh!" {a tattered piece of paper with a symbol (an upside-down A with a circumflex below it and a dot on either side) and name for "aungh!" comes down} sound {Strong Bad remains in the same place, but the scenery changes to a fenced area, with Marzipan holding Carol and standing in front of a microphone} for Marzipan. {the piece of paper goes back up}

MARZIPAN: {amplified} Wanna hear my cover of "Glory Days"?


STRONG BAD: {voiceover} And of course, the ever popular {the scene shifts again, this time to the Basement of the Brothers Strong, with Strong Sad sitting on the couch, and a piece of paper with a symbol (a g that rotates in place twice between braces) and name for "graaaauuuughnck!" comes down} "graaauuughnck!!" sound for you-know-who. {the piece of paper goes back up}


STRONG BAD: Graaauuughnck!! {twirls the football once more}

{Cut back to the Compé}

STRONG BAD: {typing} In order to keep the power of the Strong Badian language from falling into the hands of lesser minds, I've built booby-traps right into the dictionary. Nothing gets rid of Homestar for a few hours like an endless "see also" loop.

{Cut to Homestar, looking fatigued, and wearing night clothes, reading the dictionary at night in the kitchen}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: "Crap for brains", see also "carp for brains". See also "brain for brains". See also "crap for brains". See also— Man, this is the best choose my own adventure I've ever play-read!

{Cut back to the Compé}

STRONG BAD: {typing} And there you have it Caustic. The Strong Badian dictionary. From A:ab-abber to Z:zawesome. {quickly} Available where ever fine made up reference books are sold. {normally} Oh! And speaking of, The Cheat's probably done brushing his teeth now. Better go see if someone can go pee-pees in um potty all by hwimswelf. Ugh! The Cheat training... what're ya gonna do? {stops typing, looks at the bottom-left corner of the screen} Give him the goods, Compé...-per.

{Strong Bad gets up, making The Geddup Noise, and the Compé-per appears. Crossfades to a dictionary page entitled "Today's Entries".}

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • Clicking on "Cross-Stitch" at the beginning brings up a needlepoint picture of Strong Bad.
  • Clicking the V in the school play scene brings up a Playbill advertising "Yes it does".

{A picture of Strong Sad's stomach}
A One-Line Mr. Holland's Opus
from the peeps that had that
one time kinda said 'SBEMAIL!'

  • At the end, click "Boodroscotch" to see some boodroscotch fall on the word. Click it again to see it disappear.
  • At the end, click "raspberry sauce" to see a scene of Homsar in Strong Badia.
HOMSAR: {holding the book titled "Learn to Speak Strong Badian"; his hat floats off while he speaks} GrRrRraaauuughnck there, Rubbermaid, can you redirect me to the nearest Puke-valanche?
{The Tire bounces away.}
  • At the end, click "hwimswelf" to see a scene of Homestar in the movie theater.
HOMESTAR: {wearing his viking helmet} This suckquake of a movie is a complete wastenado of my seven bucks-forest fire.
  • Click on the Sawesome Jack sticker to see an extension of the Family Feud scene.
{"Onion Bubs" is added to the "Family Feud" display from before for 51 points. Music plays and the audience cheers, with one voice hysterically screaming "Onion Bubs!" repeatedly.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Today's Entries

  • boodroscotch n. — a sweet, boodro-based sauce that that doubles as a kudrow-based adhesive.
  • dribble-drabble v. — the act of making frozen cheescake appear delicious by scribbling raspberry sauce over it.
  • gutterances n. — low growly noises made to express utter disdain at another person's very existence.
  • hwimswelf n. — The Cheat's carpet & couch and satin sheets ruining owndangself.
  • sawesome adj. — not unlike having the qualities of an awesome sauce.
  • zawesome adj. — see crap-for-brains.

[edit] Explanations

  • A quotient is the result of a division operation.
  • Frou frou (usually spelled with a dash) means fancy. Chichi means trendy or chic. Both words are derived from French.
  • A schwa, written as ə, is an unstressed, toneless vowel present in several languages, including English.

[edit] Trivia

Strong Bad says - Like two sides of an extremely rare, valuable, and attractive coin, there's Strong Bad the grammar policeman on one hand, and Strong Bad the guy that makes up a buncha crap all the time on t'other. And nothing fuses the two together like a made-up dictionary. Count Longardeaux from sbemail 134: record book makes his first appearance in 70 sbemails!
  • The natural disaster suffixes Strong Bad mentioned are for "avalanche", "earthquake", "tornado", and "monsoon". Homestar adds "forest fire" as another natural disaster suffix in one of the Easter eggs.
  • The page to which Strong Bad adds the paunch scratch-and-sniff sticker reads:
paunch (paw-nch) n.

pukernado (pyook-er-nay-doh) n.
a cyclonic upchucking

pukevalanche (pyook-vuh-lanch) n.
a lot, lot, lot of the puke

[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Sad himself can be seen behind Pom Pom when the main characters protest that Strong Sad's "paunch smells." His body is even moving, indicating that he is saying "Yes it does."
  • If the jerktionary really did go "straight from crapvalanche to pukevalanche", there would be no entry for "paunch".
  • When Homestar flips from "crap-for-brains" to "carp-for-brains", he flips from the index of "P" words to the index of "C" words, even though both words start with "C". He then looks up "brain-for-brains" in the index of "P" words. This is similar to Strong Sad's complaint that the dictionary goes "straight from crapvalanche to pukevalanche", where is he flips the dictionary back and forth from the index of "C" words to "P" words.
  • There is a double-space between "little" and "boodroscotch", and between "droppin'" and "on".
  • Although the suffix "-rnado" is shown, the narrator and Homestar use it without the "r" when they say "wastenado."
  • The suffix "-onsoon" (hinting at monsoon) does not fit in the list because monsoon is actually not considered to be a natural disaster, though they are commonly associated with inclement weather.
  • Coach Z's body (from his sixth design) is hidden in the Flash File.
  • Predictably, two of the "sound" words included in Strong Bad's dictionary have several consonants.
  • The book Homsar holds while speaking to the Tire looks nothing like the dictionary seen throughout the email.
  • When hit with the dictionary, Homestar's tooth comes from behind his mouth.
  • Strong Bad says "way less words" when he should say "fewer words".

[edit] Goofs

All the great arm goofs are included!
  • Strong Bad doesn't type the "a" in "droppin' on a daily basis."
  • Strong Bad misspells "guttural" as "gutteral".
  • In the definition for "boodroscotch", the word "that" is repeated.
  • The Back button leads to the Toons menu, instead of the Strong Bad Email menu.
  • When Strong Bad puts his left hand on his dictionary, his left arm and hand is down, but a boxing glove can be seen held up. Also, when his left hand is on the dictionary, a small area of his left hand (on his left arm) can be seen.
  • In the definition for "dribble-drabble", the third "e" in "cheesecake" is missing.
  • Just before Strong Bad types "Not to be outdone by that no-talent schwa sound", a small section of the "N" in "Not" is visible.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

Livin' in Beverly Hills

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