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The Field
The Field at Sunset
Comparing Night and Day coloration

The Field is just a plain, grassy field in Free Country, USA where various toons take place. Homestar Runner confirms that the objects in the background are indeed bushes and not hills in Flash is Dead!. It is the home of The Stick. There also seems to be one or two telephone poles which are used mostly to hang signs. In Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, it is directly connected to Strong Badia, Bubs' Concession Stand, the Gremlin, the brick wall, and the Snap Shak.



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Old-Timey Appearances

The Field, Old-Timey style (The factory/circus district)

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The Field, 20X6 style (Planet K)


Beginning with pizza joint, The Field's appearance changed from mostly round bushes to wavy or bumpy ones, and the clouds in the sky became less pronounced. In newer toons, The Field has a gradient sky and streams of clouds (see image at top of page).

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