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"Oh, check me out, it's the front of my head!"

Behind the set of a main page. Nearly everything is flipped around, since it's seen from the back, and ink marks where all the buttons are.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Strong Sad

Place: The Field

Date: Monday, September 19, 2005

Icon: Plank of wood

Page Title: Backstage Pass

Earlier Page Title: Backstage Pass!


[edit] Button Effects

  • Toons — Coach Z pops up with a clapperboard and says, "Main Page number twenny-tree, take one, airkshun!" Homestar delays saying "Toons" until after he's gone.
  • Games — A piece of wood wiggles loose and falls off of the set, striking Homestar on the head. Homestar replies with "Oof!" It reappears where it was after one and a half seconds.
  • Characters — On the first mouse-over, Strong Bad jumps up and says "Oh, check me out, it's the front of my head!" while facing away from the viewer. On the second mouse-over, Strong Bad jumps up and says "Oh, check me out, it's the back of my head!" while facing toward the viewer. Subsequent mouse-overs alternate between the two.
  • Downloads — The Cheat falls in front of Homestar, facing him and the user, makes a few The Cheat noises and walks off.
  • Store — Another Homestar walks in front of Homestar and says (in his modern voice) "'Sup, man?" Homestar replies (in the older voice that's still used for the main pages) "'Sup?"
  • E-mail — A piece of wood with the words "Wear a Bikini!" written on the back of it, presumably painted with Strong Sad's head on the opposite side, is pulled across the screen by two strings. From off screen, Strong Sad holds up his tape player into view and presses "Play," causing it to say (in Strong Sad's voice) "I'm the floating head of dooooom!"

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Remarks

  • Unlike other Main Pages, all of the button rollover animations can be played overlapping at once.
  • Coach Z says "action" while still holding up the clapperboard; he's still in the shot when Homestar delivers his line.
  • The support behind Homestar's head would be visible from the front, but doesn't show up on any of the other main pages.
  • The reversed joke was only taken so far. As such, the Weeklies buttons are not truly flipped. It should go in this order, left to right: Random Toon, Sketchbook, Weekly Fanstuff, then Quote of the Week.
    • Likewise, the numerical order of the home pages is not reversed, just right-justified.
  • The portions of the first three buttons that are sticking out from behind the wood are not clickable.
  • This is the only Main Page to refer to them as the compound word "homepages" instead of "home pages."
  • The second Homestar is a duplicate character.
  • Strong Bad's head bobs when the viewer cannot see his mouth, as is the case in most Strong Bad Emails. Here, it bobs when he thinks the viewer can see his mouth (for the "front of my head" line) and doesn't when he thinks the viewer can't.
  • Main Page 23 uses a special homepages file different from the main homepages file. When the main file is updated, the special file is often neglected:
    • The copyright date read "2000-2005" well into 2007. It was updated on or around the time Main Page 24 was added.
    • The copyright date read "2000-2008" well into 2010. It was updated when Main Page 26 was added.
    • There was no link to Main Page 25 until Main Page 26 was released, when both links were added.
    • There is currently no link to Main Page 27 or Main Page 28.

[edit] Goofs

  • Although the part of the characters button where the "s" would be is partly sticking out, the characters buttons on other main pages don't stick out at all.
  • The piece of wood that falls on Homestar's head falls from the back of the set, but Homestar is standing in front of it.
  • At the end of the games button animation, the shadow of the wood at the top right briefly becomes larger.

[edit] Glitches

  • Holding down the tab button on this menu highlights several hidden items. These are not clickable links, but they can be selected by pressing enter.
    • To the left of the visible recent updates button is another recent updated button.
      • There is yet another recent updates button where the recent updates button normally is.
    • There is another First Time Here? button on the left side located where the First Time Here? button normally is relative to the recent updates button.
      • There is yet another First Time Here? button off the right edge of where it normally is.
    • The leftmost side of the Flash File has another set of Weeklies (Random, Quote, Sketchbook, Fan) buttons.
  • Rolling over Store and then Downloads when the second Homestar gets to the middle causes The Cheat to fall behind Homestar even though perspective makes it look like Homestar is farther away.

[edit] Expired Glitches

Not great for baby.
  • Some miscellaneous downloads and messages did not work properly on this page:
    • The "Support the Municipality" desktop wallpaper was made available for download on March 16, 2006; a Main Page Message would lead to a download box. Though the pop-up appeared on this page, the download links were non-functioning.
    • The message announcing the launch of Viidelectrix on January 28, 2007 was clickable, but did not pop up the message that should have been displayed.
    • From July 2 to August 6, 2007, the baby lady message only rendered as a small black triangle in the top-left corner.
    • This glitch was also present for Rob Schrab's Trogdor wallpaper featured on January 14, 2008, the button for which being labeled "guest wallpaper".

[edit] External Links

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