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"I can't underxtand a word that you're xaying!"

A Xeriouxly Forxe-themed Main Page.

Cast (in order of appearance): H. Star, Marshie/Marxie, S. Bad, S. Sad

Places: The Stick

Date: Monday, April 12, 2010

Icon: Xeriouxly Forxe X

Page Title: Revamped for the Nineties!


[edit] Button Effects

  • Toons — Each time the button is scrolled over, a spike is added to H. Star's head. After three spikes have appeared, seven more pop out. Scrolling over one more time causes them to all vanish.
  • Games — H. Star raises his robotic arm and snaps the pincers on it twice.
  • Characters — Marshie floats on screen, and is then turned into "Marxie" via a lightning strike. He says "Speed increased!" with an echo after "increased", and then explodes and vanishes.
  • Downloads — S. Bad peeks on screen and says, "I can't underxtand a word that you're xaying!"
  • Store — A lightning strike causes The Field to change into a Xeriouxly Forxe version of itself, with The Stick being replaced with a yellow, white, and purple flashing crystal. Scrolling over Store again reverts it to its normal status.
  • E-mail — S. Sad flies across the screen, accompanied by wind effects, and in a gruff voice says, "I'm mad that I'm flying!"

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the fourth Main Page in a row to take place in the regular field, as opposed to a variation, a stylization, or a different place entirely.
  • The RSS description of this Main Page is:
Xeriouxly Forxe mania has hit the Main Pages of like a shiny, pointy mouth that refuses to open when it talks! Get an exclusive look at both Marshie and the Stick in their Xerioux formx on this new main homepage! Even the copyright date got updated! Holy smoxe! Click here to mouseover to the EXTREME!

[edit] Remarks

Preview on the TV Time Toons Menu
  • This Main Page does not use the metallic sheen style of the previous two Main Pages.
  • H. Star's left metallic arm does not show up in this Main Page.
  • Neither H. Star nor Marxie use the "extreme" pronunciations (e.g. "toonx" for "toons").
  • This Main Page does not have a loading screen.
  • The preview for this Main Page, located on the toons menu, has H. Star standing in front of a plain gray and purple background instead of The Stick.
  • This is the first time that a form of Marshie isn't a type of food.

[edit] Glitches

  • Because there is no loading screen, S. Sad is sometimes visible in the lower left corner as the page is loading.
  • Since the Post-Flash Site Update, the "Marxie" text no longer appears after Marshie's transformation. It is still visible on the version on the old Flash site, however.

[edit] Fixed Glitches

  • The "store" button formerly linked to the Yahoo Store, which is now a dead link.

[edit] Inside References

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