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Broadcast yo' dang self

While almost all of the Homestar Runner body of work is hosted on or available for purchase, The Brothers Chaps have uploaded a few videos to YouTube, some of which are not viewable anywhere else.

It is also the platform for some of their side projects, such as Two More Eggs.


[edit] YouTube Channels

See main article: homestarrunnerdotcom

homestarrunnerdotcom is the official YouTube channel where most toons have been uploaded. First registered on October 1, 2007, the channel has been used since early 2009.

[edit] Side channels

These channels have been used briefly, but no videos have been added to either since late 2009.

[edit] sportsinterviewa


On April 1, 2008, an Easter egg was added to shapeshifter which contained the code 3uSyK2RdlUY, the YouTube video ID for an exclusive video, Strong Bad Gameways. On October 5, 2009, a similar Easter egg in videography pointed to _Z-C8NU3SVM, the video Coach Z pukes in dude's toupee.

The name "sportsinterviewa" is a reference to oft-used surname Sportsinterviews (the account "sportsinterviews" was already taken, hence the change to the final letter). The channel profile image is a still from Strong Bad Gameways, parodying a graphic from a Nintendo Wii health and safety warning.

[edit] tdougland


Fourteen videos from the March 27, 2008 "Limozeen Live!" performance were uploaded on April 4, 2008; the channel's description reads, "Limozeen's March 27 show at the 10 High Club in Atlanta, Ga!" The channel was linked to from via main page message "limozeen show online".

The name "tdougland" is a reference to Teeg Dougland, Limozeen's manager. The profile image is a still from the Fhqwhgads live performance.

[edit] Music streaming

See main article: Music Streaming Profiles

YouTube auto-generates "Topic" channels for musical artists. Due to "weird limits on compilations and various artists albums", the majority of Homestar Runner music on streaming is simply credited to "Strong Bad" — and, as a result, appear on the Strong Bad - Topic channel — regardless of what characters or fictional bands perform the song. The exception is the streaming version of Degradest Hits, released under the sloshy name, which is under the separate channel Sloshy - Topic.

[edit] Defunct

slimchaps was The Brothers Chaps' personal YouTube account. One video, "Punch-Out!!: The Movie", was featured in a Homestar Runner panel at PAX East on April 8, 2018. The channel has since been deleted.

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