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Broadcast yo' dang self

While almost all of the Homestar Runner body of work is hosted on or available for purchase, The Brothers Chaps have uploaded a few videos to YouTube, some of which are not viewable anywhere else.

It is also the platform for some of their side projects, such as Two More Eggs.


[edit] YouTube Channels

[edit] sportsinterviewa


On April 1, 2008, an Easter egg was added to shapeshifter which contained the following string of letters and numbers: "3uSyK2RdlUY". This turned out to be the YouTube video ID for an exclusive video, Strong Bad Gameways. The video was uploaded by a user named sportsinterviewa, a reference to Lem Sportsinterviews (the account "sportsinterviews" was already taken). On October 5, 2009, a similar Easter egg for videography was posted to the same account, Coach Z pukes in dude's toupee.

[edit] tdougland


On April 4, 2008, a user named "tdougland" — a reference to Teeg Dougland, Limozeen's manager — uploaded 14 videos from the March 27, 2008 Limozeen Live! performance. The channel was linked to from via a main page message. The description reads, "Limozeen's March 27 show at the 10 High Club in Atlanta, Ga!"

[edit] homestarrunnerdotcom

See main article: homestarrunnerdotcom

homestarrunnerdotcom is the official YouTube channel where most toons have been uploaded since early 2009.

[edit] Strong Bad - Topic

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[edit] Sloshy - Topic

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