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The Brothers Chaps appeared at PAX East in Boston, Massachusetts, on Sunday, April 8, 2018, from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM at Dragonfly Theater. The panel was entitled "Homestar Runner: Games Games Games!", hosted by Jon Ritter. It was first announced by the PAX website, then by @StrongBadActual and the Index Page on March 19, 2018. It was streamed online at one of PAX's channels. The PAX website description reads:

Join creators Matt and Mike Chapman for a panel full of all things Homestar Runner, games, and upcoming projects! They will discuss games that have influenced their work, games they play now, and their plans for the future of Homestar Runner. Bring some of your best questions about thatched roofed cottages for a Q&A at the end of the panel.

A prototype of the then-upcoming Trogdor!! The Board Game was playable every day from 12 PM to 2 PM in Kickstarter Couchland (room 103).


[edit] Transcript

[edit] Introduction

{The projector screen shows a two-frame animation, labeled "The great webiste", with crudely-drawn pictures of "homestrunner" (kicking his legs) and "Stong bah" (lifting his arms).}

{Jon Ritter taps the microphone; the audience cheers.}

JON: Looks like some people are still funneling in, but... do you realize why you all are here?

AUDIENCE: {cheering}

JON: How has your PAX East been?

AUDIENCE: {cheering}

JON: Awesome. Please forgive me, my voice is going 'cause I've been demoing all night— all day. Um, my name's Jon Ritter from Lay Waste Games, we made a game called Dragoon, if anyone's ever heard of it...

AUDIENCE: {cheering}

JON: So... we are here for one of the most glorious things in the world, which is Homestar Runner.

AUDIENCE: {cheering}

JON: If you were alive before... I would say 1999, sometime, you may remember it. It was a time before YouTube... it was a time before social media.... but there was an oasis out there, uh, pre-Internet, uh, I would say, uh, that was Homestar Runner, so please welcome... Mike and Matt Chapman.

AUDIENCE: {cheering}

MIKE: Thank you, Jon.

MATT: {simultaneously} Thank you.

MIKE: Thank you very much.

MATT: Thank you guys... for coming. It's super cool, we very rarely do this, {points at audience members wearing paper Deletehead hats} I see a lot of dedicated Deleteheads out there, that's... {gives a thumbs-up} fantastic.

MIKE: Nice!

MATT: I tried to look up— I found a place that made, like, paper hats like you get at Burger King and I couldn't get them to custom-make a Delete key to put on your head. So I'm still gonna work on it, I'm gonna press them, and say that "there's a market! There's, like, five people, I saw in the crowd that will buy this!" Um, no, it's super cool, we rarely, uh, do stuff like this, so it's been amazing to meet a bunch of you guys, and to see, uh, you guys in this room. What do you say about that, Mike?

MIKE: I say thank you for everyone for following us for... some of you, eighteen years, or fifteen years, or thirteen years, or twelve years, or ten years, or five... or one month! So thank you, everybody, for, um, sort of going on this ridiculous journey that we had no idea that it would... eighteen years later, we would be... still doing stuff like this. So thank you very much, for everyone.

[edit] Video Games

JON: So, uh, since we are at PAX East, uh, I think one thing we want to get into first is talking about: uh, how long have games been part of your life, and kind of how have they been part of your life, before Homestar Runner?

MATT: Um, games have been part of our life— Mike and I are kind of that perfect age, we've got a brother that was ten years older than me, uh, and so, we still got a lot of the, um, like all the '70s culture because he was so much older than us even if we weren't like conscious for a lot of it. We had, uh, you know, we had, what was it called...? {makes motorcycle-revving hand motion}

MIKE: We had Stunt Cycle

MATT: Stunt Cycle for the Atari...

MIKE: {simultaneously} Atari made it, it was a console that was just one game, and the console itself had a hand— mus— uh, motorcycle handlebars with a throttle on the right and you just... jumped buses, and then you clear, like, two buses and then a third bus...

MATT: How many buses, Mike?

MIKE: Uh, {laughs} "I can jump..." {whispering} I don't remember!

MATT: {whispering in Bubs voice} Some of my buses...!

MIKE: {Powered by The Cheat Bubs voice} Some of my buses! {audience and Jon laugh} You jumped over some of my buses!

MATT: Did you realize that you were being, uh, influenced by Stunt Cycle when you made that Powered by The Cheat?

MIKE: {overlapping} I think so, that was the first— yeah, so that was probably '77 or '78 when we had that game... and then I do remember having the Atari 2600, and one Saturday night when my parents were gone and our older brother babysat us... and he had actually somehow found about— uh, found out about the Easter egg on— uh, in Adventure, on, um, the 2600 which is sort of the first Easter egg ever, and you find this invisible dot and it shows the creator's name. I don't know how, in 1981, people found out about things like that, but... I remember finding the first Easter egg in a video game.

MATT: Yeah, so we w— got to be around for sort of the birth of all of it. You know, like we got to— we were there— and, we got to go to arcades, we were there when Nintendo came out, we bought it for Christmas or whatever, we got Game Boys, we got— so it's— we were like... that perfect age where we've gotten to just grow with all of video games. Sorry, I got freaked out. Um...

MIKE: {pointing at the screen} I thought you said we weren't gonna be up there.

MATT: Um... well, we gotta start showin' stuff, they don't want to see this {slide returns to "The great webiste" animation} anymore.

JON: {laughs}

MIKE: We're going to do all our animation in, uh, Google Slides from now on!

MATT: Uh, so, uh, yeah, so, uh, we'll just get right into it. So let me, uh, skip around in here, where's some stuff...

{He skips past slides of Strong Bad's Website, Thorax Corporation, a brain logo reading "fcusa", the homestarrunnerdotcom YouTube channel, End Boss, and the @StrongBadActual "health class" reply, before settling on a crudely-drawn comic.}

[edit] King's Quest

{In the first panel, the character has a boulder next to him and a hole in front of him, and he says "There is something in this hole". In the second panel, he is holding a shiny dagger and saying "Wow! This weapon is as sharp a blade as I've seen!". In the third panel, he approaches a well and says "Finally, water!". In the fourth panel, he falls into the bucket and says "Oomf!".}

MATT: So, uh, this is, uh... a King's Quest comic Mike and I made on vacation, uh, in, you know, '85?

MIKE: Comic book adaptation. Yeah, probably '86?

MATT: Yeah...

MIKE: 1986? King's Quest 1?

MATT: So, uh, if you've ever played TROGDOR!, Peasant's Quest, or know any of that world of Homestar... heavily influenced by the canon Roberta Williams... uh, series of games. Uh, so I'll just— I'll just go ahead and go through this for you, there's just— there's just four pages, there's way more, I won't subject you to it all.

JON: What, so what— what year was this?

MATT: Uh, so this was probably from '85?

MIKE: '85 or '86, yeah.

MATT: Yeah. Uh, so, uh, here he is in the top-left there, he's— he's pushed over a rock, and he says, {British accent} "There is something in this hole!" {normal voice} And then, {British accent} "Oh! Wow! This weapon is as sharp a blade as I've seen!" {normal voice} That's my— I just watched a lot of Monty Python with my dad and I was just trying... mimic what I saw. {British accent} "Fi—" {normal voice} And now, okay, now he's just thirsty all of a sudden. He found a dagger and now he's thirsty and he found a well. We were trying to adapt all the puzzles from the game into a comic, it's hard to link them. {British accent} "Finally, water!" "Oomf!"

{The slide changes to the next page. In the first panel, the character falls into the well and thinks "I'm so dumb!". In the second panel, he says "Wow! Another glowing spot". In the third panel, he starts swimming toward a rainbow spot, and in the fourth panel, he enters it.}

MATT: "I'm so dumb!" {normal voice} He falls... down into the well. {British accent} "Wow! Another glowing spot!" {normal voice} Apparently there was a glowing spot. So this is something, uh, already we were this big of nerds where there was this part in King's Quest where it defies physics, and you swim through the bottom of a well, and into just a dry cavern.

MIKE: {simultaneously} A dry hole, that water hasn't gone into the hole... somehow!—

MATT: Yeah, yeah, they don't do like— you don't swim back up, you just go right through the bottom and then it's just dry. And we were just like, that is— we just were callin' BS on that, I'm sorry. Uh—

MIKE: We can not stand for this in our adaptation.

MATT: Yeah. So, uh, thanks to those, uh, what were those smelly markers called?

MIKE: "Fiddle Sticks."

MATT: Fiddle Sticks! Thanks to Fiddle Sticks, we made this rainbow-glowing spot. And it's just— I don't know, we don't explain it, you kinda smush through it, it looks like that thing from— from Annihilation, it's the shimmer. And you go right through there, {goopy noises}

{The slide changes to the next page. In the first panel, the character comes out of a hole, sees a boulder and some fire, and says "What's that?". The second panel shows a dragon breathing the fire, as the character hides behind the boulder, saying "Whoa". In the third panel, he throws the dagger, and it hits the dragon in the fourth panel, as the character says "That was close!".}

MATT: {British accent} "What's that?" "Whoa!" {fire breathing noises} {normal voice} And he's not gonna find out what it is, he's just gonna chuck a dagger at it, like as soon as he sees it. I'm not gonna try and reason with that dragon. It is goin' down! {dragon-stabbing noise} And it's just, like, just— that's a lot of blood there.

MIKE: That dragon, by the way, is pretty close to the Ed Emberley dragon in, uh, Ed Emberley's "How to Draw Animals" book. So he taught us, he taught us how to start drawin' dragons.

MATT: {British accent} "That was close!"

{The slide changes to the next page. The first panel shows the character running, saying "The mirror!". The second panel shows him holding a mirror with him dressed as a king, as he says "That's me! A-a-as a king!". The third panel has a caption reading "Later..." as he rests on a boulder, saying "I'm hungry. I think I'll have a walnut". The fourth panel shows him throwing a shiny walnut at the boulder, saying "This should crack it."}

MATT: {British accent} "The mirror!" {normal voice} You had to quest for a mirror. {British accent} "That's me! A-a-as a king!" {normal voice} And then, later, "I'm hungry. I think I'll have a walnut." {audience laughs} "This should crack it." And there was—

MIKE: Look at that hand.

MATT: Yeah, Mike drew that hand, I had to— there were some of these frames where I was like, "Mike, I can't draw somebody throwin' a hand, you got— you gotta take over for me." So that's a Mike frame there, for sure. Uh, so there y— that's— we were obsessed with video games, making dumb things about them, they'd already influenced our, like, culture and creativity, like, the stuff we wanted to make.

[edit] Punch-Out!!

MATT: Um, and the next thing I'll show you if you will bear— bear with us, um, this has actually been on YouTube for, like, a decade. Um... I, uh, we made a Punch-Out!! movie in 1987—

MIKE: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out.

MATT: —uh, and it was probably 25 minutes long, and it was unwatchable. {audience laughs} So, uh, I—

MIKE: It still is.

MATT: W— no, yes. Well, uh, that— that remains to be seen. We'll see, we'll see, uh, how— we'll look at your faces and I'll stop it if there's too much cringing happening in the audience. Uh, and so, to teach myself Final Cut, I'm like, "I'm gonna try and make this thing watchable." So, uh... I'm still gonna skip around in it, 'cause it's still kinda hard to get through. But, uh—

{He skips past a slide of a CD reading "doomed and confused", and goes to the "Punch-Out!!" slide, before going back to the "doomed and confused" slide.}

MATT: Oh, and also, uh, later in life, we made, uh, Doom mods, we made, uh— we were way into— into Dazed and Confused, and we made a Doomed and Confused mod. And Slater was the flaming skull, and when he'd fly, he'd go—

MIKE AND MATT: "Hey, man, what's happenin'?" {audience laughs}

MATT: And you'd hear, uh—

MIKE: We did MIDI versions of, like, "Sweet Emotion", and a couple of the songs from the soundtrack.

MATT: Benny would go "I hope you're wearin' more than a jock strap under there, ya little rat!". Anyways, all right, {goes to the Punch-Out!! slide} so, here we go, guys. I give you: 1987, our parents' basement — Punch-Out!! The Movie. So the effects and stuff, uh, anything that you might find remotely good about this was done way later. All the bad stuff was the— was original.

{The video starts playing.}

{Open to black.}
KID: {voiceover} Punch-Out!! The Movie.
{Cut to a kid playing Punch-Out!! on the NES. Little Mac is fighting Glass Joe}
KID: Gosh, I wish I could fight like Little Mac. {Little Mac knocks down Glass Joe}
{The shot zoom in to the kid's face, cross-fading to a closeup of teenage Mike. The camera zooms out to show him framed like a TV announcer, standing in a basement. He is wearing an open black jacket over what appears to be a white bunched-up shirt. He speaks in a nasally voice, with something similar to a toothpick in his mouth.}
ANNOUNCER MIKE: Ladies and gentlemen, in our first match tonight, we have for you... to my left, in the white trunks, France's Glass Jaw, Glass Joe!
{Glass Joe's sprite slides along the bottom of the screen as video game music plays and a kid runs onscreen from the right with white trunks and boxing gloves. The announcer hums along to the music, while his loose shirt slips down out of place — it is tucked into the front of his jacket, not worn on his body.}

MATT: What's happening to your shirt, Mike?

ANNOUNCER MIKE: {takes his "shirt" out of his jacket} we have... our own challenger, Little Mac!

MIKE: {overlapping} I couldn't be bothered to wear an actual shirt.

{Little Mac's sprite slides along the top of the screen as video game music plays and a young Matt runs onscreen from the left with white trunks, a white undershirt, and boxing gloves. Mike leaves to the right.}
ANNOUNCER MIKE: {offscreen} Begin.
{A pixelated speech bubble reading "Fight!" appears from Mike's direction. A pixelated health bar appears at the top of the screen. Video game music plays. Little Mac swings at Glass Joe twice, then "hits" him three times. A sound effect plays and some health is removed from the second bar each time he's hit. Little Mac hits him one last time, causing Glass Joe to fall over. All the health is drained from his health bar. A video game sound effect plays. Another kid runs onscreen.}
KID: 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! {each number appears in a pixelated speech bubble}
{Glass Joe gets back up and the kid leaves to the left. A "Fight!" speech bubble appears from his direction.}

MATT: All right, so this— this goes on for way too long, so let's get... let's get to our next match here. {skips to 2:24 in the video} Von Kaiser? We'll go straight to Von Kaiser.

{Von Kaiser's sprite slides across the bottom of the screen. There is a kid with red pants, a sleeprobe, and boxing gloves in the background. He takes off his sleeprobe as a new announcer comes into the frame, speaking in an exaggerated announcer voice.}
ANNOUNCER KID: And to my right, in the red trunks, challenger Little Mac!
{Little Mac runs in from the left, and video game music plays. The announcer leaves to the right, and a "Fight!" speech bubble appears from his direction. Little Mac punches once, causing Von Kaiser to fall over. Cut to a different scene. Mike is the announcer again, this time wearing a large curly black wig.}
{Faded clips of Little Mac winning slide around the screen. Cut to another scene, with the second announcer.}
{Cut to another scene with Mike as the announcer, with his earlier costume.}
{Clips of Little Mac punching people are shown. Video game sprites slide across the screen.}

MATT: Mike was really hitting me really hard.

{Cut to the announcer kid.}
ANNOUNCER KID: Piston Honda!
{Piston Honda's sprite slides along the bottom of the screen and a kid with black shorts walks in from the left. He hits Little Mac, causing him to fall over. White pixelated text reading "GET UP!!" appears at the bottom of the screen, as a speech bubble pointing offscreen begins counting to five. Piston Honda falls down. Cut back to another scene with the announcer kid.}
{Cut to Little Mac punching King Hippo (someone with a pillow beneath their shirt) repeatedly, as King Hippo's sprite slides in from the right, and back out to the left. Cut to Mike as the announcer.}
ANNOUNCER MIKE: The Great Tiger!
{Cut to Little Mac and the Great Tiger (someone with yellow pants and a towel over his head). The Great Tiger's sprite slides in from the right, back out to the left. The Great Tiger turns back and forth. The clip is sped up, then he moves across the screen using stop motion, hitting Little Mac every time. Cut to Mike as the announcer, with his wig from earlier.}
{Don Flamenco (a kid with red shorts) comes onscreen from the right. Don Flamenco's sprite slides up from the bottom. It slides back down as Don Flamenco performs a punching motion. Humming is heard to the video game music. Cut to a scene with Little Mac and another wrestler. Little Mac punches him and he falls over. A kid comes onscreen.}
KID: TKO! {a "TKO" speech bubble appears}
{Cut to another victory by Little Mac.}
ANOTHER ANNOUNCER: KO! {a "KO" speech bubble appears}
{Cut to another victory by Little Mac.}
ANOTHER ANNOUNCER: TKO! {a "TKO" speech bubble appears}
{Cut to another victory by Little Mac.}
ANOTHER ANNOUNCER: TKO! {a "TKO" speech bubble appears}
{Cut to another victory by Little Mac.}
ANOTHER ANNOUNCER: TKO! {a "TKO" speech bubble appears}
{The video pauses for a moment as victory music plays. Cut to the Punch-Out!! title screen, with an NES-style illustration of Matt as Little Mac in the same pose.

{The audience applauds as the video ends. The presentation exits full screen.}

MATT: Uh, yeah, so—

MIKE: {simultaneously} There's that.

MATT: —so there was that. {audience laughs} Uh, I encourage you to, if you want to, try and find it on YouTube: the comments are hilarious, because lots of people ha— most of the people don't realize this was actually made in 1987, and so they're just like {angry voice} "What sort of terrible phone or camera are you using for that?". {audience laughs}

JON: So now that we've seen your glorious creation process when you were kids, uh, {laugh} how did that—

MATT: Hasn't changed.

JON: It hasn't changed. At all.

MATT: {smiles and gestures noncommittally}

JON: Um, with the— with the introduction of social media, and tools that make stuff like this insanely easier, uh, how did you guys do everything right before Homestar Runner and leading up to Homestar Runner?

MIKE: So yeah, right before Homestar, I mean the beginning of Homestar, the first thing we ever animated was in, um, Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo. {audience cheers}

{The slide changes to a screenshot of, then to a video of Strong Bad's website}

MIKE: And... we were sort of... {quietly to Matt} I don't know, what— what else am I supposed to say about that? {a video recording of Strong Bad's website starts playing} I don't remember... our plan.

MATT: We didn't have a plan. This is what the internet looked like back then. {The video is noticeably lagging} It ran this chunky too, that's intentional. Um, and there wasn't a whole lot going on, and then— and then Flash came out... and it kinda changed everything. 'Cause previously, even— even though we could make things like... uh, stuff in Mario Paint, then even if we filmed the TV and somehow got the video, it was like, how do you digitize that video? I mean—

MIKE: {simultaneously} ...and it was this big... {makes a small box with his fingers to indicate a low-resolution video}

MATT: —you couldn't get it on a computer. Right, it has to be this small, or how are you going to afford the bandwidth for it? So, uh, and even, it's funny, looking at this, we were even, like— I think we had a— {to Mike} Didn't we have a—

MIKE: {overlapping} Yeah, at the time we got these pictures of The Cheat, it was a big deal because we had just gotten a digital camera, so this is 2002, and at the time it was still kind of hard to get a photographic image on—

MATT: You had to scan it.

MIKE:on your computer. If you had to take a picture with a film camera, and get it printed, and scan it, and then put it— you know, put it on, uh... Sony disc, what were those things? Sticks, uh, Sony sticks—

MATT: {laughing} Memory sticks.

MIKE: Memory sticks. Yeah. So anyway, just getting a photograph on your computer was actually kind of a cool thing, I remember thinking, there's pictures of The Cheat, which is, "wow!" {audience laughs}

MATT: {indicating the site's visitor counter} So, sixteen.

JON: So back then when you were creating Homestar Runner, what types of games did you guys play and how did that influence what you were creating for the site?

{As he speaks, the video stops and the slide appears.}

MIKE: I mean... I think the look of the site and the look of the world of Homestar Runner has been heavily influenced by video games. Our cartoons are basically sidescrolling, and they've got the blue sky and green hills background of, uh, Mario... Mario Bros., and those types of, um, you know, Nintendo and Super Nintendo era platformers.

MATT: It's true.

MIKE: So that— uh, just the aesthetic... of the whole thing has been heavily influenced by that.

{The presentation skips past slides of a brain reading "fcusa", the homestarrunnerdotcom YouTube channel, End Boss, the @StrongBadActual "health class" reply, the four King's Quest comic pages, Doomed and Confused, and Punch-Out!! The Movie, before settling on the Videlectrix logo from Peasant's Quest Preview.}

MATT: And then, once we started making cartoons, it was kind of hard not to just let all that stuff, uh, seep into it. So, uh... we were huge Activision aficionados as kids— uh, I never won any patches, but I definitely took, uh, pictures of high scores to try and—

MIKE: Sea Quest! I think Sea Quest is still my favorite game of all time.

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: It's really good.

MATT: So we decided to invent a... a company, a fictitious company that we could then have an excuse to make bad video games on our cartoon even though it had nothing to do with our cartoon. Uh, so we invented Videlectrix.

{The slide changes to a picture from the Peasant's Quest Preview "Good Graphics" Easter egg. The audience laughs and cheers.}

MIKE: Specializing... I sometimes forget what type of graphics we make at Videlectrix—

MATT: {simultaneously} Yeah, he has a hard time.

{The presentation switches back to full screen.}

MIKE: —Matt is quick to remind me.


{The slide briefly switches to a WarioWare D.I.Y. video, before going back to the "good graphics" slide}

MATT: Uh, and uh, so, what else was coming out, right? When we first lived together, Mike and I were doing the website, we lived in an apartment together. Um, it was right between, uh, N64 and GameCube.

MIKE: {simultaneously} N64 and GameCube, yep.

MATT: So we were way into, uh, like, Majora's Mask, which was kind of the lovely swan song of the N64.

MIKE: {simultaneously} Ocarina of... {trails off}

MATT: And then, uh, and then we got into— and then we all had, uh, Game Boy Advances too. And we were way into... the first WarioWare, "Micro-Minigames Incorporated", I think it was called. {audience cheers} Still might be one of my— way in the top.... five, possibly, of the video games that... I like. So, I think that just those short nuggets — like, it was perfect — like of content, and then I played... that sort of style translates really well to content on the web, especially at that time, even— even though it was Flash and it was vector, you still maybe had to make a game, a mini-game, to watch or play while you loaded this, you know, {mockingly} 175K file! {audience laughs} Uh, so I think that, uh, that— that definitely seeped into all of that.

[edit] WarioWare

MIKE: Um... yeah. {quietly to Matt} You wanna show the Wario—

MATT: {unintelligible} Um, yeah, do you wanna— okay. {to the audience} Well, so, uh, so WarioWare, this is sort of diverging... {to Jon} is this okay to— {to the audience} uh, so we love WarioWare, and then we somehow missed— I don't know if it was just with, we had kids and stuff, or what was happening, but we just missed WarioWare D.I.Y. entirely, and we fortunately found out about it a few months ago, right before, like, the Wii Shop Channel stopped, like, letting you download its companion app. Uh, so we both bought it, and, uh, we've been busy, uh, making games, it's funny, uh, 'cause {gestures to Jon} Jonathan was just like "Oh, so you got— you made these back in the day?", we were like, no, we made these like last week! {audience laughs}

MIKE: And we can literally only share them with each other.

MATT: Yeah. Uh, so here's a little compilation that we outputted from the Wii, uh, and Mike's got his DS here, we've got a webcam and we can maybe show you, if— if this doesn't cover everything. Um, you'll— you'll recognize some faces, some fun faces.

{The slide switches to the WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase video. The video starts playing.}

{Cut to a blue "Shuffle" Wario TV. The text "Become a MAN" appears as the Wario bomb starts counting down. Cut to Homestar Runner with sleepy eyes and a nightcap, holding a bottle of cinnamon. The mouse pointer taps the cinnamon, causing dots to appear on Homestar's chin, with the text "Poof". The stylus taps again, causing more dots, with a "PAFF!". The stylus taps again, causing a full cinnamon beard, with a "PUFF!" as Homestar smiles and opens his eyes wide. Confetti rains down and the bomb blows up.}

{Cut to a red "D.I.Y. Games" Wario TV. The text "Jump in Car!" appears as the Wario bomb starts counting down. The Dangeresque theme plays. Cut to Dangeresque on top of a building, both silhouetted against the sunset (except Dangeresque's cool, cool glasses and the building's windows, which are yellow). The Gremlin is below, unsilhouetted in front of the building, moving to the right for a few seconds, then stopping repeatedly. A curved dotted line is in front of Dangeresque, pointing to an X on the ground, showing the direction of his jump. Dangeresque jumps too early, and smashes on the ground as the scene turns black-and-white. The bomb blows up, and the Wario TV breaks. The game restarts. After the car moves twice, Dangeresque jumps and lands in the car. The Wario bomb blows up.}

{Cut to a red "D.I.Y. Games" Wario TV. The text "Shoot Eyes!" appears as the Wario bomb starts counting down. Space music plays. Cut to outer space, where the Space Machine is moving up and down on the left side, and a giant Bozar is moving up and down on the right. The Space Machine shoots three times, but misses. The bomb blows up, and the Wario TV breaks. The game restarts. Again, the Space Machine shoots three times. The first shot hits Bozar's eyes, turning his head red. The bomb blows up.}

{Cut to a red "D.I.Y. Games" Wario TV. The text "GO DUMPLES!" appears as the Wario bomb starts counting down. The CGNU theme plays. Cut to the Athletic Field, where the scoreboard simply reads "CGNU". There is a Super Nintendo, a radio, and a trophy on the ground, and Homestar Runner as the Jolly Dumple dances in the background. A golf club at the bottom of the screen moves left and right repeatedly. It swings rapidly, hitting all three items. The bomb blows up. The game restarts. Again, the golf club hits all three items, and the bomb blows up.}

{Cut to a blue "Shuffle" Wario TV. The Wario bomb starts counting down. The TROGDOR theme plays. Cut to Peasantry. There is a thatched-roof cottage on the right side, and Trogdor on the left, moving up and down with four fireballs in front of him. The audience cheers.}

MATT: This is not a game, just— it's a— it's a tech demo!

{The bomb blows up, and the Wario TV breaks.}

{Cut to a red "D.I.Y. Games" Wario TV. The text "Jump Roofs!" appears as the Wario bomb starts counting down. The Dangeresque theme plays. Cut to Dangeresque running on top of buildings, with everything silhouetted against a purple background (except Dangeresque's cool, cool glasses and the buildings' windows, which are yellow). Dangeresque jumps over spaces between buildings.}

MATT: This is a— an endless "gonna have to jump"-er.

{Dangeresque jumps twice, and misses the second time. The bomb blows up, and the Wario TV breaks. The game restarts. Dangeresque fails to jump the first space, and falls immediately. After a few seconds, the bomb blows up, and the Wario TV breaks.}

{Cut to a blue "Shuffle" Wario TV. The Wario bomb starts counting down. Cut to the Smoky Office, as portrayed in Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque.}

MIKE: I didn't get very far on that one.

MATT: That was unfinished.

MIKE: But that lamp is, uh, {unintelligible}

{While Mike speaks, cut to a red "D.I.Y. Games" Wario TV. The text "BURNINATE!!" appears as the Wario bomb starts counting down. The TROGDOR theme plays. Cut to a brown wood table with Trogdor on the right side, and three Trogdor!! The Board Game tiles arranged vertically on the left side. The top and bottom tiles are burninated, while the middle is unburninated. A pair of dice is in the corner.}

MATT: That's a nice Dangeresque office— {the crowd cheers upon seeing Trogdor} oh, here's a d— a demo of the Trogdor game!

{Trogdor moves toward the unburninated tile and burninates it. The tile flips over to the burninated side. Trogdor jumps up and hits the top of the screen, shaking it. The bomb blows up.}

{Cut to a red "D.I.Y. Games" Wario TV. The text "Cross river!" appears as the Wario bomb starts counting down. The Peasant's Quest theme plays. Cut to a tree and a river in Peasantry. Rather Dashing is on the left side, walking toward the river. Four words are floating around, "bridge", "build", "pinecone", and "get". A command bar is at the bottom. The cursor clicks "build" and "bridge". They appear in the command bar, and a bridge appears. Rather Dashing walks across, and dances. A response appears:}

you make a
bridge even
though you
failed out of

{The bomb blows up and the game restarts. This time, "get" "pinecone" is selected. Rather Dashing falls into the river.}

You got a
pinecone &
then fell in
the river
You dead.

{The bomb blows up and the Wario TV breaks. The game restarts. "build" "pinecone" is selected. Rather Dashing falls into the river.}

Build a
That's your
big plan?
You dead.

{The bomb blows up and the Wario TV breaks. The Game Over screen is shown.}

{Cut to a red "D.I.Y. Games" Wario TV. The text "Don't drown!" appears as the Wario bomb starts counting down. The Peasant's Quest theme plays. Cut to a cliff over water, with two cows on it. Rather Dashing is walking toward the cliff. Four words are floating around, "meat", "cows", "talk", and "hold". A command bar is at the bottom.}

MATT: One more. One more!

{"hold" "cows" is selected. Rather Dashing falls.}

cows isn't
how mama
raised you.
You dead.

{The bomb blows up and the Wario TV breaks. The game restarts. "talk" "meat" is selected. Rather Dashing falls.}


{The bomb blows up and the Wario TV breaks. The game restarts. "hold" "meat" is selected. Rather Dashing holds up the meat, and an eagle carries him away.}

A bold
eagle flies
down and
the meat.
Hold on!

{The bomb blows up and the game restarts.}

MATT: Wait, that's the last one.

{"talk" "cows" is selected. Rather Dashing falls.}

The cows
tell you not
to walk off
the cliff. You
don't listen.

{The bomb blows up and the Wario TV breaks.}

{Cut to a red "D.I.Y. Games" Wario TV. The text "Nine Times!" appears as a Wario bomb starts counting down. Cut to the Powered by The Cheat Field, with Strong Bad on the left and Homestar on the right. Strong Bad kicks Homestar in the face nine times. Each time, the number appears at the bottom in a different color. On the ninth time, Homestar's head explodes, leaving smoke rising out of it. Strong Bad dances. The bomb blows up and the game ends. The video ends.}

MATT: There you go.

{The audience cheers.}

MATT: Do you have anything else, Mike, that— th—that we didn't show, that's on your DS?

MIKE: {simultaneously} Let's see... {takes off his glasses and looks at his Nintendo DS} Not— let's see, I did start to make a StrongBadZone one, but I didn't get very far.

{As he speaks, Jon Ritter walks in and adjusts some equipment. Matt minimizes the presentation, revealing his desktop image: a gorilla with a spacesuit poorly drawn on in white outlines. There are numerous files and folders scattered around, including some images that were seen earlier in the presentation. The audience laughs at the desktop image. Matt opens the Photo Booth webcam, makes it fullscreen, and points the camera at Mike's DS. A StrongBadZone-like WarioWare D.I.Y. game starts.}

MIKE: Oh, no, that one.

{The bomb blows up and the Wario TV breaks. The game restarts.}

MIKE: Oh. There it goes—

MATT: Died!

MIKE: Here it goes again.

MATT: Here, back it up a little bit so it's— it zoom— i—it's out of focus.

{The camera backs up, showing the game clearer. The audience cheers.}

MIKE: StrongBadZone, this webcam, there we go.

{The bomb blows up and the Wario TV breaks. The game restarts.}

MIKE: All he does is move back and forth.

MATT: {laughs}

MIKE: It's very exciting to make games—

MATT: {Vector Strong Bad voice} YOUR NOTHING A SPLODE.

{The audience laughs.}

MATT: Anything else?

MIKE: Um...

MATT: Anything great?

MIKE: I don't think anything great, for sure.

MATT: Aww. What about just your face? {holds the camera up to Mike's face} Let's just look at your face.

{Mike makes an exaggerated concerned face. The audience laughs.}

MIKE: That's pretty great, right?

MATT: I thought you had more in there, all right, we'll just— we'll just turn that right off. {minimizes Photo Booth}

MIKE: {simultaneously} Well you know, I gave— I gave you pretty much everything.

{Matt reopens the presentation.}

MIKE: Oh. No. Sorry.

MATT: Oh, got somethin' else? {minimizes the presentation and reopens Photo Booth}

MIKE: One more— it doesn't do anything, but I was working on, um... how to make Thy Dungeonman-style, uh, amber... graphics.

{Mike shows a WarioWare Thy Dungeonman 3-like orange drawing of an eye. The webcam freezes.}

MATT: It froze. It froze.

MIKE: It froze.

MATT: They can see it.

{The audience laughs.}

MATT: It's really— tha— see— {Videlectrix One voice} Finally you make me some GOOD GRAPHICS! {the audience laughs} After eighteen years!

MIKE: {overlapping} It's an eyeball. {pause} Oh, that one did have a game, you just have to turn the eyeball red. You tap it three times, and the eyeball turns red. Pretty fun, huh?

MATT: Frantic eyeball gameplay! {pause} Uhh, what else, Jonathan? {laughs}

MIKE: Yeah, we're done, we're out.

MATT: {simultaneously} Can you steer us— We're way over here, {gestures away} can you steer us back?

JON: Yeah, yeah, I got you, I got you, I got you, all right, uh... back when you created the game— created Homestar Runner, and you were doin' all this... crazy stuff, uh... you had a ton of fans. A lot of which are here.

{The audience cheers. Mike puts his glasses back on.}

MIKE: Thanks, guys! Thanks, guys!

JON: How have you... stayed connected with those fans, brought in more fans... utilized social media, like, wh— theh— social media didn't exist back then, it does now. Like what do you do... current day? In the— in the day that Flash might die?

MATT: {overlapping} We go to PAX once every ten years. {the audience laughs} Uh, no, so back then, uh... we always— and this is a fine approach for other people, we were very much not into the, like, {pausing in his sentences with an exaggerated tone, clearly making it up as he goes} we wanted a creators' section of the website, where you... we blogged about how hard it is making Flash cartoons, and oh look, I, you know, slipped on... coffee this morning. Get twelve million subs! {normal tone} Um, so no, we were, uh... we just wanted to focus on the cartoons. We just wanted to make new stuff, if we had time to spare, we figured it should be spent on making new stuff for people that would enjoy it.

MIKE: Yeah, a weekly cartoon was sort of the other way of doing things. If we had sort of engaged and done a bunch of, uh... gone to a bunch of cons and stuff, I think it would've... prevented us from being able to make... the content we make.

MATT: {simultaneously} Yeah, so—

MIKE: we chose to make content and focus on that.

MATT: Which, now our weekly cartoon is like the— the chumpiest schedule... uh, for production, apparently. Like according to the current cycle of YouTube life, it's just like, "Sorry, it's been five minutes. You didn't make a new cartoon? Unsubscribe!"

JON: So now— now, in your spare time, 'cause you're not making content, uh...

MIKE: {sarcastically} Thanks, Jon! {the audience laughs} Youch!

{Jon comes over and hugs Matt}

MIKE: We put up a new cartoon last week... man!

JON: No, no, no, no, no.

MATT: {Strong Bad voice; simultaneously} Always be'sing and do'sing...

JON: What... what game— what games do you guys play? Currently? Well, besides WarioWare.

MIKE: Uh, not much. I'm mostly Nintendo, I got— I've got a Switch that I play... Mario Odyssey, and with my daughter, and, um... yeah. Mostly Nintendo... we're mostly Nintendo gamers.

MATT: {simultaneously} Yeah, we'll always buy whatever new... new, uh, console Nintendo puts out. Um... I sometimes buy— I have a PS4, I got No Man's Sky, and, uh, I— I've played it a little bit. Um, I don't have a ton of time, like there's so many awesome games, like, uh, so we stay in the sort of indie realm, because they're like, they're... they're— the sensibility just feels like... uh, closer to us, and also they're just like they're usually bite-sized, there's just smaller teams, the game has to be smaller, so I have time to actually play it, and finish, and enjoy it.

[edit] Trogdor!! The Board Game

JON: So um, instead of playing games... you're actually working on a game, that, is it kind of a secret, but not really?

MATT: Not really at all, I guess, at this point.

JON: {mumbles} Does anyone here know about it?

{The audience cheers.}

MATT: It is not a video game...

JON: No.

MATT: It is a board game. Uh, {changes the slide to a photo of Trogdor!! The Board Game} with this guy.

{The audience cheers.}

MATT: Uh, so, Mike and I, uh, we were late to the tabletop thing, I mean we were always had a few games, uh, in the cabinet, but, uh, but it wasn't really until we had kids, and wanted to start playing games with our kids, and we were like "what's the current gaming landscape like for tabletop stuff?", and got into, like, Ticket to Ride, and {unintelligible}

MIKE: {simultaneously} {unintelligible}

MATT: {unintelligible} Yeah, exactly, and that just sort of opened the floodgates, and then, now we're in like a, you know, we're still on season one, and the world is in horrible shape in Pandemic Season One. But we have like a group that meets now, that does Risk Legacy, and so we're much— we're still not, like, we're still learning and, and— and anyways. So this stuff is in the front of our brains, and we were— we were walking around L.A. after some, uh, uh, L.A. meetings...

MIKE: {simultaneously} {unintelligible} meetings.

MATT: And, uh, and just started, like, talking about, like, "we should make a game!" and we started— and by the time we got home, we just started 3D printing prototypes and printing out cards and we started banging out this Trogdor game. Um, so it's sort of an adaptation— it's the board game adaptation of the video game adaptation of the song from the cartoon that a pretend wrestleman sang. Fifteen years ago.

{The audience cheers.}

MATT: Um, we say it's a— it's a game of burnination, cooperation, and peasant-tation.

{The audience laughs.}

MATT: Uh, my daughter came up with that, actually. So it's cooperative, you're all Trogdor, 'cause no one can actually control Trogdor, so you're all— you each assume the role of a Keeper of Trogdor, and, uh, you each have different powers, and you move Trogdor around Peasantry... The tiles are flippable, and burninated on the other side... As you can see, the cottages are flippable too, they have fire on the inside. Peasants wear this flaming helmet and then leave a path of, like, chaos and fire after you move them. And, uh... we demoed it the last few days, thanks to Kickstarter and their Kickstarter Couchland. And, um...

{The audience cheers.}

MIKE: It was a lot of fun!

MATT: Yeah, and, uh, I— it seemed like everyone had a lot of fun! They were either the nicest playtest demo people, and were just leaving, like, {mock-whispering} "Oh my God, that was horrible! Did you see?" {normal voice} And, uh, that's okay too, I'll take that... but it seems like people were into it. So we're hoping— It's still in development, we're working with James Ernest from Cheapass Games, {the audience cheers} who made Tak, he made Kill Doctor Lucky, which is a fantastic reverse-Clue where you're all trying to murder one guy. And, uh, in a mansion, which is super fun. So, Mike and I brought him, like, a... it had all the elements, like we brought him these cards and this movement stuff, and then, he is helping us undo all of the, like... no-nos that we did, in board gaming. Um, and so, we're going to Kickstart this late summer, is the hope. These are all 3D-printed prototypes you see here, of the knights and peasants and Trogdor.

{changes the slide to a rough draft of the box art}

MATT: This is some box art, this is like the first rough, he cranked this out in like a half an hour. His name's Chris Schweizer, who, uh... he does the Crogan's series, he does The Creeps which is this cool kids' graphic novel, and then, what's his— what's his blog? He does this awesome SchweizerCraft, he makes these, like, papercraft things, he's going through history and drawing different, um, like, warriors throughout history, so he was perfect for this.

{changes the slide to the Kickcheater logo from sbemail 206}

MATT: And then, yeah, so... {audience laughs} we're doin' a... We're doin' a Kickcheater.

{changes the slide to a Trogdor miniature piece}

MATT: So that's what the, like, sculpt will look like, so they— it will take a while to produce, because we want the Trogdor to not just be a mini, we wanted it to be a full color, uh, vinyl figurine... that you'll get. So, the peasants and things will be a little... not bad quality, but just not quite as fancy. Um, we got the guy who did all of our old, um, figurines— I'm gonna let Mike finish this sentence, because I keep talking.

MIKE: {laughs} The guy who did our figurines fifteen years ago, Rick Van Velsor, he, uh, kinda stopped doing, uh, sculpting toys. And so we called him, and he's like "yeah, I'll do it", and he got out all his wax and tools and sculpting stuff, and I think he enjoyed getting back into it and doing sculpts. He's done Trogdor, {the slide changes to a peasant} and the flaming, {the slide changes to a burninated peasant} running around peasants...

MATT: {simultaneously} These— these are unpainted.

MIKE: ...on fire... {the slide changes to the archers} the archers, um, Mendelev and Dongolev, {the slide changes to a burninated cottage} a flaming cottage, {the slide changes to a knight} and then some... knights... {the slide changes to the Troghammer}

MATT: That's the Troghammer. He comes out and, we say that, uh, after a series, a point in the game he comes out and makes it harder, and he's like the, um, board game equivalent of the Mario music getting faster in the last ninety seconds. {imitates the sound}

[edit] Puppets

MATT: Um... uh, what else, Mike? Do we have some...? We have some friends below the table that might want to say hi.

MIKE: Oh yeah, we can always do that.

{The audience cheers.}

MIKE: Would you—

MATT: {simultaneously} That sounded like a weird euphemism, and it's... {the audience laughs} not intended that way.

{brief pause as Matt reaches under the table}

MATT: First, this— this guy's been stuck in a, uh, in a suitcase for, like— Mike— Mike went camping right before this, so this guy's been stuck in a suitcase for, like, a week and a half, maybe. He's— he's not doin' so good.

{Matt brings up Puppet Homestar, with his eyes twisted sideways. The audience cheers.}

MATT: In addition to the fact that I've been speaking, uh, like Strong Bad for three or four days in a row now. Um, well, I'll just... I'll just let you listen.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {speaking in a strained voice throughout} Hey, guys.

{The audience laughs.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Things aren't going so great for me right now. I'm fallin' on some hard times. Can somebody get me a sandwich? How you doin', PAX East?

{The audience cheers.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: It's so nice to see you guys. I don't have arms, or I would move my eyes to happy eyes. But this is all you get. I'm so sorry, you guys. I wish I sounded like myself. I've been smokin' twelve packs a day. I'm so stressed out from bein' at PAX. It's like that suitcase. They wouldn't let me out. {Matt pushes Homestar back under the table} And now, they're makin' me go back under the table.

{The audience cheers. Matt starts bringing up what appears to be a Strong Bad puppet, then stops.}

MATT: Were you expecting something else? {starts navigating his computer} Uh, here, why don't we... I always say it's best to... to give our friend Strong Bad some ammunition. Uh, so where are we here... so, I thought I would, uh, play you guys... uh, right before Homestar Runner, uh, {to Jon} where— how are we doin' on time?

JON: Uh, we're good, we're good. We got twenty... eight minutes.

MATT: All right. {thumbs up}

[edit] Star Wars: Mechanics of the Force

MATT: Uh, Mike and I went to film school, and this was— I graduated in 19— 1998, and so it was before digital film was really a thing that you could afford, um, I moved back to Atlanta, it was before they filmed all of the Avengers movies in Atlanta, and you could get no kind of film work in Atlanta. Um, and I was like, I just really wanted to create— I wanted to make stuff. And then also, all my other friends hadn't gra— I got to graduate six months early, so like, nobody else I knew was even in town to even collaborate, or make anything with. And, um, I was way into Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight at the time. And, uh...

{The audience cheers.}

MATT: So, uh, so I got into, uh, to level, uh, editing, and modding, and found like "Wait, I can make cutscenes? I can put in my own sound clips? I can put in my own textures? Like, I can— I can make films with this!" So, um, I put out a— a little level called "The Mechanics of the Force". And, which is a play on words, because you're a droid that gets the Force! {the audience laughs} So I was like, I was messin' with Star Wars canon way before Rian Johnson, like I was being... committing some, uh, serious, uh, what do you call it... what's the— sacrilege, that's the word I'm looking for. Anyways, I, uh, i— it's terrible, and so I figured I'd let, uh, Strong Bad, uh, ha— uh, have a go at it.

{Matt clicks a file called "motf_gameplayshort.m4v" in a "paxvidz" folder. The only other file in the folder is "sbemail94_yt.mp4". The video begins, showing an episode selector. The only episode included is "MOTF 1", subtitled "The Force Within".}

MATT: The audio's real low, so don't sweat.

{A Star Wars-style title screen appears, reading "STAR WARS: MECHANICS OF THE FORCE". The audience cheers.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, this is really quiet.

{A ship starts approaching from the left side of the screen.}

STRONG BAD: Is there supposed to be— man, there's some serious aliasing happening there. Whoa, what's that?!

{The camera angle changes, revealing the ship approaching a planet. The text "A freighter delivers a load of droids to a smelting facility on Baok 4" appears onscreen.}

STRONG BAD: A giant metal space whale! {reading} A freighter delivers a load of droids to a smelting facility on Baok 4. That sounds like a made-up Star Wars word.

{A small ship flies from the freighter.}

STRONG BAD: Oh there it goes! Peow! That planet is clearly 2D.

{The player falls down in first person into a conveyor belt full of droids leading to an incinerator.}


{The text "Where am I? Oh No!" appears onscreen}

STRONG BAD: Where am I? Oh no! Oh, look at all these droids, they're dying in a pit! What, where are we? The texturing is terrible in here.

{Two guards start running toward the player. The player picks up a Battery and a Stormtrooper Rifle. As Strong Bad talks, the player shoots both guards and picks up a Red Key.}

STRONG BAD: Oh no, these guys! Goatface! Shoot-'em-up Dan! Oh, I got 'em.

{The player picks up 3 Energy Cells, and turns toward a window with panels in front of it.}

STRONG BAD: Okay let's see... lotta panels... I wanted every panel to do something. None of the panels in video games do anything!

{The right panel is activated, each time causing an explosion on the conveyor belt.}

STRONG BAD: That one makes explosions.

{The left panel is activated, each time causing droids to fall from a hole in the ceiling.}

STRONG BAD: This one makes droids! Put 'em together...

{The right panel is activated, blowing up the droid.}

STRONG BAD: Sorry, R5-D4!

{The player walks through a door into another room.}

STRONG BAD: Let's see, where we going to—

{Cut to the player shooting a guard.}

STRONG BAD: Oh! Blew that guy away, goin' here...

{The player walks to a door labeled "Memory Banks".}

STRONG BAD: Uh... {sarcastically} I wonder what's in there.

{The audience laughs. The player presses a panel, causing the door to spark.}

STRONG BAD: Uh, that door doesn't work.

{The text "Memory banks! I've got to find a way in there." appears onscreen.}

STRONG BAD: In case you couldn't read I guess, "Memory banks! I've got to find a way in there." I really was handholding.

{Cut to the player on the other side of the conveyor belt. The player activates the right panel, each time making a Gonk droid fall from the ceiling.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, this makes Gonk droids.

{The player activates the left panel, blowing up the Gonk droid.}

STRONG BAD: Yes! This is the best factory ever!

{The audience laughs. The player activates the right panel several times in a row, spawning several Gonk droids.}

STRONG BAD: More Gonk droids!

{The player activates the left panel, blowing up the Gonk droids.}

STRONG BAD: Let 'er rip!

{The player activates the right panel several times in quick sucession, spawning more Gonk droids.}

STRONG BAD: {rapidly} Press press press press press press press press press press press press press.

{The player activates the left panel, blowing up most of the Gonk droids.}

STRONG BAD: Dooj! Oh no, a couple survi— {activates the left panel again} there we go. Take 'em out!

{Cut to another area. The player approaches a door.}

STRONG BAD: What's in here, let's see.

{A cutscene begins, showing two guards standing above an unconsious man with a lightsaber on the ground nearby. Text reads "Filthy Jedi brat! Should've finished your training before meddling with us!", followed by "Your stupid religion can't save you now." The camera rotates around the room angularly.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh! A cutscene! Look at the smooth rotating camera! {robot noises} Movin' on some... serious angles there.

{Cut back to the door.}

STRONG BAD: It looked like they... they killed a Jedi in there.

{The player shoots the door open, and the guards attack.}

STRONG BAD: Waste these guys... oh, the—

{Another window opens, then disappears. The player falls, and "Press FIRE to restart this level." appears.}

STRONG BAD: Whah! Whoa! What's happening? Oh, I'm dead! Look at that sweet custom skin.

{Cut to another area.}

STRONG BAD: I just used other, like, textures from the game and stuck 'em on the normal model.

{The player looks at a red screen showing green wireframe models of droids with changing text.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, that's a custom GIF. Wireframes of some droids...

{The player moves to an astromech droid in a display case.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, and there's a droid on that side... Little R5 over there and...

{The player moves to a protocol droid in a display case.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, and a... protocol droid! Let's see what happens if we press this button over here!

{The player activates a panel, and the two droids merge in their separate display cases. The audience laughs.}

STRONG BAD: Wah! What's happening?! Oh my God! It made an abomination! What sick sort of factory is this?

{The player collects Rail Charges and Power Cells while moving to the wall to observe pictures of guards.}

STRONG BAD: Now where are we? We're... what is this, pictures of like the employee of the month? {the audience laughs} Here at the smelting facility? 17 days without blowing someone up with a thermal detonator!

{Cut to another area. The player opens a door and finds a screen reading "STORED DATA TO BE BULK ERASED", "PROTOCOL DROID MEMORY BANK", "SUBJECT: 3TD". Panels sit below the screen.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, stored data, more... more custom GIFs that are... really chunky-lookin'. "To be bulk erased"! Oh no! You're a protocol droid whose memory had been erased. Let's see, let's see what these... sweet memories look like! I smell cutscenes!

{The player approaches the panel and a cutscene begins, showing a Jedi in a gray stone area using a training remote, with an older man standing nearby. Text reads "ThreeTeeDee! That's me, These must be my memory banks!", followed by "Objective completed!".}

STRONG BAD: Okay... it's a pretty boring life.

{Cut to another scene. The two Jedi are standing in a spaceship with an orange astromech droid.}

STRONG BAD: Okay, we got a... orange droid.

{Cut to another scene of the two Jedi in a brick house.}

STRONG BAD: He just stood around with these two guys? His whole life?

{Cut to another scene of the two Jedi in a circular canyon.}

STRONG BAD: That's it, he just stood around in circular rooms with a Jedi and an old guy! That's all he did!

{Cut to the dead Jedi on the ground.}

STRONG BAD: This poor droid! Had a terrible life.

{Cut to another area. Text reads "Entered Secret Area!", followed by "Battery Health Pickup" and two "Oil Tank"s. A nearby screen reads "CARGO MAGNET --ON--"}

STRONG BAD: Okay, let's skip to the end, you guys. This is the best part. "Cargo magnet"... "on"? Let's turn it... off.

{The player activates a panel. Cut to another room. Four guards are crushed by a large metallic object. The audience laughs.}

STRONG BAD: There we go.

{The video ends and the audience cheers.}

STRONG BAD: All right, that was the best part. All right, I— that was a pretty terrible level. But at least it had a— a good grand finale {pronounced final-ay}. {pause} Hi, PAX guys, thanks for— thank you guys for coming out.

MIKE: Strong Bad.


MIKE: I'm eating lozenges for... sustenance, this is my fourth one today. The first two were breakfast, and this is my lunch.

STRONG BAD: That's great. Will somebody get Mike some lunch?

MIKE: {laughing} No... that's not what I'm saying, but I keep chomping on them.

STRONG BAD: {overlapping} Oh, okay. Hey, Jonathan, what's going on, man?

[edit] Q&A

JON: We're gonna do some Q&A.



STRONG BAD: You guys wanna talk to humans and/or puppets?

{The audience cheers.}

MIKE: Puppets...

STRONG BAD: We don't normal— {pauses}

JON: So if anybody has any questions, line up at the mic right here. Walk, don't run, walk, don't run, walk, don't run. Um, we're gonna get a couple in, hopefully, we get a little bit of time. Uh, so your question for Mike, Matt, or Strong Bad, uh, whoever's first.

{Mike picks up the Homestar puppet.}

MIKE: {regular Homestar voice} Homestar Runner's really great!

MATT: Mike will be Home... Powered by The Cheat Homestar.

[edit] Gifts

JON: Oh... oh, what's that?

MIKE: We have gifts!

{Someone places a package on the table.}

MATT: A traveller approaches!

JON: Thank you so much.

STRONG BAD: This isn't going to explode, is it?

{Matt tries to unwrap the package with his free hand, and Mike comes to help.}

STRONG BAD: Oh man... oh man... you might want to run, 'cause I'm gonna be filled with rage in a second.

{Mike shows the present to the audience.}

STRONG BAD: A Deep Impact DVD?! {the audience cheers} Get outta my face, man!

{Mike pulls another present out of the package.}

MIKE: Very long socks.

STRONG BAD: Oh wait! But tube socks! You didn't tell me there were tube socks! All right, give me these...

MIKE: {overlapping} {unintelligible} stripes on these guys.

{Mike and Matt each place a sock on Strong Bad's head.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, I love these tube socks. Come here, tube socks. Oh... oh, that's right. Ohh... I feel so much better. Sorry for freakin' out about the Deep Impact. Your tube socks fixed it all. Thanks, man. {rests his head on the table} Ohh...

[edit] Thanks

JON: Next question.

{The audience laughs.}

FAN: I don't know how to follow that... {Matt laughs} Um, mine's not so much as a question, but as a thank you. Um... and I know I'm not the only one 'cause I've talked to a ton of people about this, especially people that are here today, growing up, um, you guys were huge in my life. I was bullied very badly, and I know a lot of us fellow nerd geek gamers, proud of it now, were, and I didn't have a lot to laugh about, back then, and... coming home, and watching Strong Bad especially, and Teen Girl Squad, {the audience cheers} which was... everything. {Strong Bad voice} Arrowed! {laughs; normal voice} ...was, like, the only way I got to laugh throughout... a lot of my childhood. So I just wanted to say thank you.

MATT: That's amazing. Thank you. I'm not gonna {unintelligible}— thank you so much. It's nice to hear 'cause we always worry that {points to Strong Bad} this guy is too much of a jerk, and we don't want to influence anybody to act like Strong Bad, he's supposed to— you're supposed to laugh at him. Uh, so that's good to hear. Thank you so much.

MIKE: Hey, thank you very much. It's nice to know that sometimes, when it feels like we're making these dumb cartoons, it's like "What are we contributing to society, really?" and the fact that it helps people through hard times makes it— makes me feel like what we're doing is not completely worthless.

{The audience cheers.}

MATT: That's gonna be the— the— the epitaph on Mike's headstone. "Not completely worthless".

MIKE: {laughs} Thanks.

FAN: Hi!

MATT: Hi, how's it going?

FAN: It's going great. Um, another thank you. You guys were one of the conversation topics I had on my first date with my now-wife, so—

{The audience cheers.}

MATT: Nice!

FAN: Thank you!

MIKE: Love those stories.

STRONG BAD: We're makin' dreams come true, people!

{The audience laughs.}

FAN: Uh, also, my sister-in-law couldn't be here with us today, I was wondering if you could say hi to my sister-in-law Becca.


MIKE: {overlapping} Hi, Becca. Oh, you— {points to Strong Bad} you mean him.

STRONG BAD: {to Mike} Stealin' my thunders?

FAN: Thank you.

STRONG BAD: Hi, Becca. {rhythmically} Becca. Becca. {to the rhythm of The System is Down; the audience cheers and claps along} Becca-lup-dup. Becca-lup-dup. Becca-lup-dup. Becca-lup-dup. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-Becca. Sa-ka-sa-ka-sa-ka-sa-ka-Becca. The Becca... is... elsewhere, apparently.

{The audience laughs.}

[edit] Of Montreal

FAN: Hey, guys, um, so this is kind of a weird question... a couple years ago, you guys directed a music video for, like, one of my favorite bands Of Montreal, and... that was a really weird convergence of, like, one of my favorite bands and, like, you guys... I was like nerding out, like these two forces have collided and now I get to enjoy them, but I always kinda wondered how that, like, happened, like how'd that come together, was the video like your design, like, what... what happened there?

MIKE: We're friends with them. The drummer at the time, uh, was— went to kindergarten with Matt. So we've known one of the members for a long time, and we {unintelligible}

MATT: {overlapping} Tell him his other significance real quick.

MIKE: Oh, and he was the one that coined the phrase Homestar Runner.

FAN: Oh!

{The audience gasps.}

MIKE: Um, he— he—

FAN: {overlapping; unintelligible}

MIKE: Yeah, exactly, and that was— uh, so he was the drummer for Of Montreal then, and so, yeah, they asked us to make a video...

MATT: And then we— we didn't have a very big budget, so we went to this costume place where somebody got a deal, and, uh, it was just, like, "Hey, we'll take whatever you can get for this much money", they gave us a handful of—

FAN: {overlapping; unintelligible}

MATT: —yeah. And then we knew a friend that, uh, could get us into this awesome old theater for free, so we were like, "All right, we'll do kind of a, like—"

MIKE: You got a bear costume...

MATT: "—more pageanty thing." Um, so, uh, yeah, it was pretty— it wasn't slapped together, but it was like we were— we were working with limited resources, which is actually something I feel like we probably do best when we have... if I— if I had, like, a big budget to do whatever I wanted, it would be terrible. I need— I need a shoestring and some duct tape.

FAN: It was brilliant, I love all— everything you guys have done, thank you so much.

MATT: Thank you so much!

MIKE: Thank you!

[edit] Post-Flash preservation

DANI: Hey, my name's Dani, uh, big fan for years, um—

MIKE: Donnie with a Y or an I-E?

DANI: It's actually D-A-N-I.

MIKE: Oh, okay. Nice.

{Strong Bad nods. The audience laughs.}

DANI: But, um...

STRONG BAD: Switchin' it up! I like that!

DANI: Any time. Um, my question is, you humorously touched upon it on the website a little bit, but with Flash going the way of the dodo sadly, uh, what plans... uh, do you sort of have to preserve your work in sort of its original format, with like the Easter eggs, and the clickables, what— what do you guys have planned for that?

MIKE: Do you— do you have any ideas?

{The audience laughs.}

MATT: We are— I mean, we're— it's a thing we're actively working on all the time now, trying to find out what's the best, uh, way to do it. Um, you can do m— I mean we're, like, 90% there with HTML5, but you don't really— the files are actually bigger than Flash files, so then... if it's the same, it like— you start to get into a bandwidth issue, which is just funny 'cause like... you know, all video content is now just {air quotes} "free" to host on YouTube or wherever, um, so... it's, uh, it's hard. So, yeah, we put the ones on YouTube, we try and make Easter eggs...

MIKE: When we're adding Easter— when we do YouTube stuff, we usually have the Easter eggs at the end automatically since you can't click, but, um...

MATT: We try and— we try and make it— we put a fake-out thing that looks like the next video is loading, so at least there's some sort of, like—

MIKE: "Oh, it's a secret!"

MATT: —you still have to find it... yeah. Um, but we're trying. We're trying to preserve all that. Uh, we— I— it's— I had Strong Bad Tweet at the Internet Archive, to, uh, be like, "Hey, uh, you guys like outdated web things..."

STRONG BAD: "I am an outdated web thing!" {the audience laughs} "Help preserve me!"

MATT: We'll see— we'll see if we ever get their attention.

DANI: Thank you.

[edit] Accomplishment most proud of

FAN: Hey, uh— uh, Scott Essa, New York. Um, just wanted to, um, ask you guys, with the benefit of time, to reflect, um... what— what character or— or video or game are you, uh, most proud of, that you guys worked on?

MIKE: I think for me, the Peasant's Quest, uh, adventure game that we made, was probably the most fun thing to do. {the audience cheers} That was the— one of the few sort of, um, more than one week, uh, as far as scheduling, how— how we made it, um, we pulled it off, and I thought it was not only funny, but a good homage, but an actual fun game to play too, so to me it was that.

MATT: I— uh, it's actually— I like the... we made a CD forever ago, with a bunch of, like, souped-up versions of the songs called Strong Bad Sings.

{The audience cheers.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, you guys like that, huh? Sweet!

MATT: Uh, so that actually— uh, again, 'cause I feel like, even if you didn't know our cartoons, I feel like we made some weird song you might not know what the hell you were listening to, but like, you— you'd probably be entertained, and so anytime we can make something that sort of transcends the usual, you know, thing we kind of do, um, and could stand on its own, I— which I hope that it does, um, so yeah, so the CD for me.

MIKE: Yeah, and one more quick thing, the thing I liked was, um, we have this fake metal band called Limozeen {the audience cheers} and this fake indie rock band called sloshy, and the fact that we were able to— they split a seven-inch where they covered each other's songs and so that was super fun to, like, do a metal— like, I don't know. There was something that was just, like, genuine about it, like it was fun and funny, but it's also like, "man, this was like... I like these songs! I like my fake band's covers of the other fake band's songs!"

{The audience laughs.}

FAN: Thank you very much, appreciate it.

[edit] Aquabats

FAN: Hey, guys, um, continuing on the music note, uh, we saw Strong Bad and Homestar featured on the Hi-Five Soup album, which had Carl in the Super Show, um, so when and— when and how did that Aquabats collaboration start, and is there any work with them in the future?

MATT: Uh, so we met Parker Jacobs, who was Christian Jacobs', the Bat Commander, uh, his brother, and he does— he's done all the art, like, he— he, like, not all the art, they both do art, but anyways. Uh, so we met him through— he worked {unintelligible}

MIKE: {overlapping} Magazine, he worked for a magazine, right?

MATT: Yeah. And so we knew, uh, the family, we knew that, like, crew, and then, um... once, uh, Yo Gabba Gabba! started, um, I think we just got back in touch with them. We did a little cartoon in a Yo Gabba Gabba!, uh... which season is that from? I forget.

MIKE: Two, maybe.

MATT: We made one of the little animations, so then we worked with them then, and then, um... we just kept in touch with those guys, and we all liked each other, and we all just kinda became friends long-distance, and then I actually moved to L.A. for a few years, and then we both wrote and directed some Yo Gabba Gabba! episodes, and then I wrote and directed some, uh, uh, Aquabats and stuff, and so we just made pals with those guys, they— they liked Homesta— I mean it was literally 2001 I think we did this interview with Parker Jacobs for some bay area, like, tech magazine or something? Um, so yeah, so that's where it came from, I— we would love to, actually— I talked to Christian for the first time in a long time ago, uh, er... talked to him for the first time in a long time, recently, and, um... so yeah, we'd love to work with those guys again. That was probably some of the... talking about, like, working with the budget and stuff, those guys are just right in the perfect spot where they— they can get some decent money and they know how to spend it, you know, and they, like, they put it to such good use and make the weirdest crap you've ever seen, so, uh, they're super fun to work with.

FAN: Perfect, thank you.

{The audience cheers.}

[edit] Transitioning to television

FAN: So, uh, in addition to this stuff you just mentioned, Matt, I know you've worked on Gravity Falls a little bit, {the audience cheers; Strong Bad nods} was there any, like, big challenge you guys had work— uh, moving to television from your own stuff in Flash, or was it just a smooth transition?

MATT: Uh, that was just writing and doing some voices, so I mean it wasn't, uh— it wasn't crazy, but doing longer-form stuff for sure. I mean, that was a half-hour long show, so, yeah. I— we find that our strengths are in shorter-form things, and we like longer-form stuff, we would like to write it, but we're just maybe not as good at it. So that was more, uh, that was challenging, it was hard. But it was super fun, and it was great, too, to work on something like that, and especiall— saying with, like, The Aquabats and stuff where I... it was, like, not my main gig, and working on this other thing, but like super happy to have my name on it. It was like, I love— love the content from top to bottom, and would gladly be associated with it in any way. It took some time, but I eventually got past... I think the first script I turned in, which was for the episode "Boyz Crazy", where Mabel clones the boy ba— er, finds the cloned boy band... {scattered cheers from audience} they, uh, there was something about, like, formatting your script. And it was like, they – Disney uses this kind of formatting, and the program I used, which was not the same program, uses some other thing – so basically I wrote a double episode, I wrote a, like, 45-minute long episode, {laughing} instead of a 22-minute long episode, and, uh... but I still got hired after that. That was like my "spec script", and they— they hired me after that, so... I guess I didn't screw up too bad.

{The audience cheers.}

FAN: Thank you.

[edit] Coach Z's crime

FAN: Hello— oh, I'm too short for this mic. Um, I'm shaking, I'm so excited to be here—

STRONG BAD: Don't shake!

FAN: Um— sorry, Strong Bad. {laughs} Um, so real quick I wanted to say, I am like one of the hugest fans of WarioWare, so thank you for having good taste.


FAN: And I know you already did this with Becca, but I promised my friend Morey that, um, he loves Strong Bad and I promised I'd try to get Strong Bad to say hi to him, maybe even I love you.

STRONG BAD: Let's all say "hi, Morey, I love you". 3, 2, 1, {in an exaggerated sarcastic tone; joined by the audience} Hi, Morey. I love you.

FAN: Okay. And, um, my actual question—

STRONG BAD: Now wait, hang on, I didn't give you the bill yet.

FAN: Oh, okay. I will pay any amount, Strong Bad. {laughs}

STRONG BAD: No, what's your next one? I'm joking.

FAN: My next one is, in Marzipan's Answering Machine 17, I know Coach Z's crime was probably left unsaid for humor reasons, but I am dying to know... what did Coach Z do? What di— what crime did he commit?

STRONG BAD: You'll have to hear it from the long-form podcast. Like, Serial, that goes into the sordid affair that was the Coach Z debacle.

FAN: {laughing} Thank you so—

STRONG BAD: We're workin' with, uh, WNYC, and Radiolab, to— to do a deep dive.

FAN: {laughing} I can't wait. Thank you so much.

MATT: That's not true, by the way.

FAN: I know. Sadly. I'm still shaking, thank you so much for—

STRONG BAD: Stop shaking!

FAN: I'm sorry!

STRONG BAD: Stop it!

FAN: Thank you so much for improving my life so much.

STRONG BAD: Thank you for improving mine.

FAN: Ahh!

{The audience applauds.}

MATT: Somebody ask Mike something.

MIKE: No, I'm perfectly comfortable staying here in silence, believe me.

[edit] How does Strong Bad type with boxing gloves?

FAN: Um, just a quick one, something that I'm sure is on a lot of people's minds, Strong Bad, how do you type with boxing gloves on?

{The audience laughs. Mike rests his head on the table briefly and smiles.}

MIKE: Everybody get out, quick.

STRONG BAD: Enforcers. Get this guy outta here. This is in my rider! I put it in my rider! No one can ask about the boxing gloves! And the typing! Here, it's like this!

{Matt waggles the puppet over his keyboard.}

STRONG BAD: That's how I type with boxing gloves!

{The audience laughs.}

[edit] Rereleasing SBCG4AP


MATT AND MIKE: {simultaneous} Hi!

DELETEHEAD: Are there any plans to re-release Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People on any of the modern consoles?

{The audience cheers.}

MATT: I dunno, does Telltale have a booth? Let's all go march down there with a buncha pitchforks and demand— {laughs} demand it. Uh, I don't actually know, we, uh, that— that relationship ended there. It was good, we still love Telltale, uh, but I have no idea, um, uh... I don't even know. I would love it! So, keep, uh, email your local Telltale. {the audience and Mike laugh} Uh, write a letter to your Telltale men or Telltale women, uh, strongly-worded, terse letter saying—

MIKE: Pointed email.

MATT: Yeah. Vote yes on SBCG5AP.

{The audience laughs.}

DELETEHEAD: Delete! Delete! {Matt's eyes widen and he nods, Mike laughs} Delete! Delete! Delete!

STRONG BAD: ...Okay.

{The audience laughs. Strong Bad nods.}

[edit] Goblin

JON: I think we have time for o— I think we have time for one more question.

STRONG BAD: Aw, only one more.

GOBLIN FAN: Strong Bad! {Matt squints and leans forward} Thy Dungeonman decapitated me! {confused audience laughter} Avenge me!

STRONG BAD: {speaking in hushed tones, laughing} I can't— what am I looking at?


STRONG BAD: A manatee? Is that a stuffed manatee?

GOBLIN FAN: I am a proud goblin!

STRONG BAD: Alright, I'll avenge you, man.

GOBLIN FAN: Thank you!

STRONG BAD: {laughing} Alright.

GOBLIN FAN: Also, finish 20X6!


GOBLIN FAN: {shrieking} YAY!

STRONG BAD: This year. Sometime in 2018. Level 10 of Stinkoman will finally come out, I promise.

{The audience cheers. Strong Bad nods.}

GOBLIN FAN: {shrieks)

{The audience claps.}


STRONG BAD: {laughing} Bye.

[edit] Livestreams

JON: Alright, so let's do one more.

{Matt, Mike, and audience laugh.}

FAN: Thanks for not being a real question so that I'm allowed to ask mine. Um...

{The audience laughs.}

FAN: So, uh, I remember earlier you mentioning that, like, you didn't really wanna do things like blogging about the process and "Oh, man, making Flash cartoons is so hard," but, have you ever considered doing like, uh, while you're working, live streams? 'Cause I've noticed that that's something that's sort of a trend that, uh, animators have been picking up as of late, to uh sort of, try to stay afloat in the current YouTube scene.

{The audience laughs.}

MIKE: One time we did a timelapse of us working on an email and it was crunched down to just a couple minutes and even that wasn't interesting.

MATT: Yeah that was boring, watching us work, two minutes of us— the problem is, Flash animation is just so much less glamorous than, like, actual, like, frame-by-frame animation by real animators that can do real animation and not the crap that we make. Uh, so, it's, we've considered it, but we really, I mean, we w— we used to have friends back in the day that'd be like "I wanna be there the night that you guys, like, make a Strong Bad Email," and we'd be like "Okay, there's gonna be like an hour of fun when we like come up with the stuff, and then 18 hours of Mike and Matt with headphones not speaking." {the audience laughs} Uhh—

FAN: I mean, sure, but they'd be there for you, but whatever.

MATT: {speaking over Mike} Well— well, if we can make our, our process look cool and fun, we'll do like playthroughs of the Trogdor game, or something like that, we'll do something that's visually— {the audience cheers} there's no secrets to what we do.

FAN: {unintelligible}

MATT: I'm afraid you'll watch it and you'll just be like "That's all they do to make these? I'm not watching this anymore, I could do that!"

MIKE: Don't wanna give away our secrets.

FAN: I feel like it's— it's more of the uh— the— the— like the sort of community, uh, interaction with the viewers and stuff is more—

MATT: Strong Bad's been doing Skills of an Artist lately, uh... {the audience cheers, Strong Bad nods} so we'll do more of those.

MIKE: {simultaneously} Strong Bad's our liaison.

MATT: He'll do— he'll do a livestream of how he does Skills of an Artist.

{The audience laughs.}

MIKE: He'll watch us—

FAN: Nice!


FAN: Alright, well thanks, man.

STRONG BAD: Thank you very much.

MIKE: Thanks.

{The audience applauds.}

[edit] Folly

STRONG BAD: Alright, squid man.

FAN: So, um, I was wondering, what's the story behind the little girl at the start of the, um, latest, uh, April Fools' toon?

MIKE: {as Folly} "For the next April Fools Day—" {Matt laughs}

FAN: Yeah.

MIKE: It's not me.

MATT: It's not Mike. Uh, that is a human, uh, child. {the audience laughs} Uh, and, uhhh, yeah, we'll see, we'll see, maybe you'll see her again, I don't know, she may be kind of like the, like, the omniscient character, like that Duck Amuck cartoon, where the animator messes with Daffy, and she keeps showing up, and whatever she says happens in the world. {the audience laughs} Um, that was, that was recorded though, four years ago in response to the first April Fools' thing we'd made, it was like the first cartoon we'd made in a really long time, um, where the characters, like, Homestar, like, wakes up and starts making a cartoon again, and that was recorded right after that, so the person was, like, telling us, like, "for the next April Fools' thing, you should do this," um, so, uh, so then we used it, so— I kinda wanna go back and see if there's more found audio from that person, and try and make cartoons out of it. But yeah, keep it— she may even get a name, that character at some point, so stay tuned. {the audience cheers} There might be more than one girl character in the Homestar Runner universe! If you can believe it!

[edit] They Might Be Giants

JACOB: Alright, uh, I'm Jacob, and I— the question I was going to ask was actually taken by somebody else in line, but, I do have a— I do have—

MIKE: This is your backup? B team question?

JACOB: I am actually— no, no, I am actually a big They Might Be Giants fan, and I was—

{The audience cheers.}

MIKE: Sure, me too.

{Strong Bad nods.}

JACOB: And I was very happy to find out that you guys use their songs, and I was wondering, would that ever— would something like that ever happen again with a band I at least...know?

MATT: Umm...

JACOB: Or if—

MATT: I dunno how to take that.

JACOB: —with They Might Be Giants on its own.

MIKE: I don't know all the bands you know, so— {the audience laughs}

MATT: Uh, we hope so, we still— we know those guys and we're— we— we hang— we go see them when they come to Atlanta and we hang out and stuff, and we'd love to collaborate with them again. They're busy, busy dudes, um, but if that happened, we would love that, and I don't think we burned any bridges there.

MIKE: No, I think they— they still—

MATT: They still answer emails. So, yes, there's a chance, I suppose, we'd love to do something with them again.

JACOB: Alright! That's awesome. And uh, my brother is also a big—


JACOB: It's—


JACOB: It's Elliot.

MIKE: Elliot.


JACOB: Elliot.


{The audience laughs.}

JACOB: Elliot.

STRONG BAD: ...Ellia.

JACOB: Ellio— okay, say hi to—

STRONG BAD: That's all you get.

{The audience cheers. Strong Bad shakes his head.}

STRONG BAD: I love you, though. Tell Ellia I love them.

[edit] Soviet Union

JON: I think we literally have about two minutes left.

FAN: So, my question is—

MATT: Talk fast.

FAN: Oh, uh, it's about—

MIKE: No pressure!

{The audience laughs. Strong Bad leans forward and starts shaking.}

FAN: A rather small detail {Mike pulls out the Homestar puppet and starts shaking it around, still with sideways eyes} that probably isn't worthy of a question, {the audience laughs harder} but I was wondering, why is the Soviet Union such a theme in a lot of your jokes?

{Mike stops waving Homestar and moves the puppet's eyes back to their normal position.}

STRONG BAD: {still shaking} 'Cause we grew up in the eighties.

{The audience claps. Strong Bad is still shaking. Homestar begins moving again.}

STRONG BAD: Go! Quick! Quick! Go! Quick! Quiet down!

[edit] Animation software and hardware

FAN: What is your preferred animation program, um, computer, of any sort... iPad or...

MIKE: Flash. We still use Flash, same thing.

MATT: {speaking quickly} Animate— Adobe Animate CC 2018 on a MacBook Pro, uh, but I think I heard it's more stable on Windows!

{The audience claps.}

[edit] Homsar

JEFF: Hi, I'm Jeff, and um, I was about to ask the same question as how Strong Bad does type with his boxing gloves on.


MIKE: We don't have time for this!

JEFF: I have another question! So, is Homestar Runner related to Homsar in any way, like, is he biologically related to him at all?

MATT: Uh, uh, again, I think there's a long-form podcast that we can go into. I'll talk to you about it afterwards, we'll work on it together.

JEFF: Alright, thank you.

[edit] Closing

JON: Alright, so— we're unfortunately at time and we gotta quit for the next room.

{A fan groans.}

STRONG BAD: I love you, guy, standing at the microphone!

FAN: Thank you!

STRONG BAD: Whatever your brother's name is, hi!

MIKE: Thanks, everybody in line!

{The audience cheers. Matt puts Strong Bad away. Mike spins the propeller on Homestar's hat.}

JON: Thanks, Strong Bad.

MATT: Thank you guys so much!

MIKE: Thanks, everybody!

{Mike puts Homestar away.}

MATT: Thank you PAX, uh, East for having us, hopefully we can come back someday. {the audience cheers} Trogdor board game, Kickstart late summer, check it out, we make, uh, Strong Bad has a Twitter feed, StrongBadActual, we make stuff every week on that, and uh, we'll keep putting up cartoons—

MIKE: We still make cartoons every couple months.

MATT: Yeah. {the audience cheers} Thank you for being fans!

MIKE: Thanks, everybody! Have fun, be safe!

MATT: Please be patient with us!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

[edit] Trivia

  • The Google Slides presentation was titled "Paxineasta", according to the tab at the top of the page. Other tabs included the "My Drive" page on Google Drive, and a Gmail page with a "Panel Accepted!" email to an address beginning with "slimchaps@".
  • PAX, originally "Penny Arcade Expo", is an event series founded by Penny Arcade webcomic creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. Elements from the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People series were used in PAX panels by Telltale Games in 2008 and 2010.

[edit] Remarks

  • Older brother Donnie Chapman's influence is discussed.
  • The King's Quest comic can be viewed on the "Brothers Chaps" website.
  • "Fiddle Sticks" markers are now sold under the "Mr. Sketch" brand.
  • Matt's reference to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask as the "swan song" of the Nintendo 64 is because it was one of the final major games for the console. Majora's Mask released in North America on October 26, 2000, a year before the N64 was succeeded by the GameCube on November 18, 2001.
  • As of 2021, the "slimchaps" YouTube channel has been removed; "Punch-Out!!: The Movie" is no longer available.

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