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Donnie (right) with the Brothers Chaps

Donnie Chapman is the oldest son of Don and Harriet Chapman and brother of The Brothers Chaps. His birthday is September 28. In the DVD commentary for high school, Matt states that Donnie is "the reason we're funny at all", and his influence on his younger brothers can be seen throughout the Homestar Runner body of work.

Donnie first appeared on the site in monster truck, as all four members of Limozeen; the photo of the band is a collage of several pictures taken when he dressed up as Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe for Halloween in 1987. These photographs made a reappearance on a Limozeen poster in the liner booklet of the Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits CD; this poster was once again seen in Lappynapped!. Photos of Donnie alongside Mike and Matt were similarly used to portray sloshy in Record Store Day.

The Brothers Chaps have taken creative inspiration from several childhood memories with Donnie. According to an interview with Adventure Gamers, Donnie influenced the making of the Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer by reading early '80s video game ads to Mike and Matt. Other influences include Powered by The Cheat Homestar Runner's "Beehan" comment according to mile's DVD commentary, as well as Strong Bad's knowledge of guitar techniques and wrestling. The Mysfit-steries variation of Homestar reminds Matt, Mike, and their sister Karen of the way Donnie looked in the '70s, even wearing a pair of stripèd pants.

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