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The following are two-dimensional items besides posters that were once available at the Yahoo Store.


[edit] Patches

[edit] Available Patches

Image:New Patches.PNG

Introducing a BRAND NEW set of 3" sew-on Patches at the special introductory price of just $10.99! This new set includes one each of the following:

  • The Ugly One getting ARROWED!!!
  • An Authentic Mission Patch for SBASAF (Strong Badian Administration of Some Aluminum Foil)
  • The Official Seal of the Free Country, USA Sanitation Department
  • The logo for the environmentally-friendly "GreenCheat" and
  • A 20X6 patch!

[edit] Discontinued Patches

New Embroidered Patches There are five colorful 3" sew-on Patches in a set featuring...Colonel Homestar Runner of the Homestarmy, Dangeresque and his cool, cool glasses, the official seal of The Cheat, Homsar's genuine "Raised by Coffee" logo, and the membership patch for the Trogdor Hi-Score club.

[edit] Static Clings

[edit] Available Static Clings

Get All the Static Cling Stickers This here is a variety Pack of Static Cling Stickers featuring one each of...Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, The Cheat and Trogdor!! These durable images, designed to be displayed on the inside of windows, are printed on clear vinyl and are easily removable.

[edit] Discontinued Static Clings

This Trogdor static cling, once a part of the set above, was discontinued for unknown reasons.

[edit] Bumper Stickers

Image:Bumper Stickers.png
Bumper Stickers Now you can have a Variety Pack of Bumper Stickers featuring one (1) each of Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, Trogdor the Burninator and the Teen Girl Squad!!

[edit] Laptop Skins

Videlectrix Presents...Laptop Skins! These are laminated vinyl "cling-type" stickers that adhere to the back of your laptop giving it a fresh, new (or "slightly shutgunned") look. They can be easily removed and repositioned if you don't stick it on right the first time. We've got three different designs to choose from: Homestar's Head in Serious Titanium, Shiny Star or Slightly Shotgunned Lappy486. Each comes in five different sizes so you're sure to find the skin that fits you best!
File:Laptop Skins.jpg

[edit] Decemberween Cards

That annual family newsletter won't seem so lame when it's tucked inside one of these limited edition Decemberween cards! Each box of nine cards includes three each of three different designs Homestar's Design says: Wishing You and Yours Death Defying Entertainment this Decemberween The Brothers Strong Design says: Happy Decemberween! May your holidays be filled with soft focus and sparkle filters, from our family to yours. The Stick Design says: Happy Decemberween (All are blank on the inside and envelopes are included).

[edit] Calendars

Calendar Name Description
2010 Calendar

Twelve months of your favorite characters from your favorite website! There's a month featuring The Cheat Commandos, Trogdor, Teen Girl Squad, Limozeen, Old Timey characters, 20X6 characters, Dangeresque and more! There's even a tribute to ALL the Halloween costumes in October. This calendar also marks all the special Homestar Runner related dates such as Trogday, Labor Daybor, and Decemberween. The perfect gift for every Homestar fan on your list!

This calendar was available until March 2015, when the Yahoo Store was discontinued.
2011 Calendar
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