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"Telltale has been rejecting my ideas for green text adventures for years..." —Strong Bad[1]

The original Telltale Games was a video game company that partnered with Videlectrix to produce Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, a game in five episodes, or "actionsodes" in Strong Bad's term, for PC and WiiWare. According to Strong Bad, "Telltale has been rejecting my ideas for green text adventures for years, but we finally reached a compromise with this puffy 3D point-and-click-em-up adventure. They claim all the coding was done with green text, so I guess that's pretty cool."[1]

The Telltale offices can be seen in the series Behind the Bad, featuring Strong Bad.

On November 19, 2008, Videlectrix expressed jealousy of Telltale Games and announced that they plan to "strike back". Attempts included releasing Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque to cash in on Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective and creating an alternate SBCG4AP box (which later became the reverse artwork for the SBCG4AP Collector's DVD).

On September 2, 2010, Telltale Games announced Poker Night at the Inventory featuring Strong Bad as part of the cast. The game was released on November 22, 2010.

Telltale Games abruptly closed in 2018, going into bankruptcy assignment in October of that year. As a result, its games were delisted from digital storefronts Steam and GOG in the following months. LCG Entertainment, Inc. acquired the rights to much of the Telltale back catalog and revived the brand on August 28, 2019 with plans of republishing much of the back catalog. SBCG4AP was relisted on December 07, 2020; Poker Night at the Inventory remains unavailable for purchase.


[edit] Rivalry with Videlectrix

Telltale's fictional relationship with Videlectrix was often humorously portrayed as combatative, with Videlectrix's relatively low-tech output clashing with the 3D graphics used by Telltale. The rivalry came to a head with Videlectrix's release of Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque, which prompted a press release from Telltale Games:[3]

"I'd also like to take a moment to address a serious issue that has recently come to our attention. Unhappy with our Strong Bad games, Videlectrix has taken it upon themselves to release a Strong Bad game of their own from "Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque" is completely unauthorized and it's unfortunate that they've resorted to this. In spite of our creative differences and some weird late night phone calls from the irate Videlectrix CEO, Telltale has successfully completed production on the Strong Bad season finale and many of us think it's the best episode of the season. We only wish Videlectrix could have been a bit more grown-up about the whole situation."

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