Redcoat Ghost Patrol

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Vanquishing the spirits of our forefathers

Redcoat Ghost Patrol is a mini-game in Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People's 8-Bit Is Enough. It is a spin-off from Spirits of '76 that accidentally resulted when The Cheat removed said game from the FunMachine without first switching off the power. Combined with the Trogdor arcade game's malfunctioning 8-bit containment field, this allowed the ghosts in Spirits of '76 to escape into Free Country, USA.

This game involved Strong Bad, armed with the Light Musket, hunting down the escaped Redcoat ghosts, scattered through the Free Country locations and shooting them. Each ghost scores 100 points, and 800 points is needed for maximum awesomeness. If he misses a ghost, The Cheat will pop up from behind a bush and laugh at him, in a manner very reminiscent of the dog from Duck Hunt.

[edit] Strategy

The ghosts will only appear in certain areas in The Field; the Cool Car is the easiest place to find them. Also, they will usually appear the first time you enter the area. So, in order to quickly get the 800 points, simply keep selecting the Cool Car from your map, arm yourself with the light musket, and then fire at the ghost when it pops up.

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