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"Rock and roll, Strong Bad!"
A walkthrough of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 3: Baddest of the Bands.
Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


[edit] Legend

A description of events will be written in plaintext.

  • Mandatory actions will be bulleted and written in boldface.
  • Actions that increase your awesomeness rating, but are not mandatory, will be bulleted and written in plaintext.
  • Optional actions that might help you understand the scene will be bulleted and written in italics.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] House of Strong

Strong Bad sits down to play his new Limozeen game as the episode begins. Feel free to play it as far as you can... but you won't get far, because the Fun Machine will blow a fuse and the game will glitch up. Guess someone's got to fix it...

  • And that someone isn't Strong Sad. You can ask him about it, but he'll just tell you to go visit Bubs. And Bubs don't come cheap.
  • While you're here, though, be sure to nab your Metal Detector. You won't need it, but it'll help you dig up some bonus items.
  • Go down to the basement and open your inventory. You'll notice that you have a microphone there, for no apparent reason. What this bad boy will do is make cardboard boxes appear out of nowhere, if you sing in the right place. Try it out and open the box that appears next to the washer to get a sloshy shirt.
  • While you're downstairs, examine the couch to find your leopard print pants.
  • Search the Luxa-lounger for a Limozeen collector's glass.
  • Go to the kitchen and open up the fridge to find some aerosol cheese spray.
  • Touch the microwave next to the fridge to get a, ahem, shocking surprise. Turns out you get awesomeness points for this. Go figure.
  • Talk to Strong Mad and he'll mention that he's heading to Cool Tapes practice at Marzipan's.
  • You can also nab the vandalized album sitting on Strong Mad's dresser. Hold on to it; it will be a useful reference later.
  • Get your lighter from next to the Lappy, too.
  • You can get zapped again by trying to unplug the Lappy.
  • Flick the upper light switch to get the first page for the Limozeen game manual.
  • If you talk to Strong Sad, he'll tell you that he's going to become a snooty rock n' roll journalist, something Strong Bad can't seem to imagine.
  • Talking to Strong Sad twice about the bats should reveal that they love dank places, your first Expression of Affection.
  • There are other cool-looking and plot-necessary items in your brothers' rooms, but for now, they'll stop you from taking them. Oh, well.
  • Go outside and rock out with your microphone again. Open the box for another Limozeen shot glass.
  • Open your map and add Marzipan's House to it. But head for Bubs' Concession Stand first.

Checkpoint: You should have the Fun Machine, Metal Detector, the Aerosol Cheese, the Vandalized Album, and the Lighter. Strong Bad will now be harmed twice. You also have two of the four costume items, two of four collector's glasses, one Limozeen game manual page, and one Expression of Affection.

[edit] Bubs' Concession Stand

  • Give Bubs the Fun Machine. He'll fix it in exchange for a big sack of cash — one you currently lack.

At this point, Strong Bad gets the idea of running a Battle of the Bands. Not only will it be an awesome excuse to make a lot of noise, but he can use the profits on fixing his Fun Machine. Bubs is willing to help, but first things first. He needs a security officer and some celebrity judges. To help with the former, however, he hands you a security jacket. But who will wear it?

  • Grab the paper on the side of the stand for help with the other half of the deal. Limozeen will spend the day with whoever can send in the coolest album picture! You already have some concept art (if you took it from Strong Mad's room), but you still need to make it a reality.
  • Get the stencil next to the stand, too.
  • Since you're here, wander through the Field to add all the locations to the map. Unlike in Homestar Ruiner, you're going to need to visit most of them sooner or later anyway.
  • When you get to Strong Badia, put the stencil you just got on the fence. Use the aerosol cheese on the stencil to make it appear as though "SECURITY" is a hot new band. Strong Sad will come in, eager for news to help him in being a snooty rock journalist.
  • Show Strong Sad the security jacket. He'll be convinced it's for a new hot band and put it on.

Strong Sad will run over and show it to Bubs, who assumes that Strong Sad is the head of security. Strong Sad gets confused and eventually gives in. Now you just need some celebrity judges. Maybe if you won that Limozeen album art contest...

Take a look at that album cover from Strong Mad's room. Strong Bad declares this the coolest album art ever. It involves a cool-looking car on fire with a star, a blonde in a bikini with a sword, and a dinosaur. If you can set up a photo like that, you'll be in business. And wouldn't you know, there's already a cool car in the area with a convenient oil slick around it!

  • Go over to the Cool Car and set the oil slick on fire. It looks cool, but there's still a lot left to be done until it's contest-entry worthy.
  • Walk to the right, and you'll eventually notice a stick (not THE Stick) with a starfish and a sign that says "Eat at Bub's". Grab the star and put it on the car. Now you've got the "imploding star" part.
  • While you're in The Field, use the Metal Detector in front of the picket fence (to the right of the Photo Booth) to get the Hollywood Boulevard shoes, and again to the right of Bubs' Concession Stand to get a Two-O Duo poster.
  • Sing in front of the Brick Wall to make another cardboard box appear, which contains a headband.
  • Head to Marzipan's house.

Checkpoint: In addition to the items you would have already used in the above, you should have the Limozeen Contest Flyer, all four costume items, and the Two-O Duo poster. You should have automatically gained a second Expression of Affection by talking to Bubs about the Fun Machine. You've lost the lighter, but it won't be as critical to your awesomeness this time around. The Fun Machine is gone too.

[edit] Marzipan's

We're really only here because Strong Mad won't leave the House of Strong until you see him here. But let's do a couple of extra things while we're here.

  • Grab that Zen Rock from Marzipan's garden.
  • Use the Detector outside her house to unearth another Limozeen shotglass.
  • If you want to know why the Cool Tapes are practicing, feel free to ask Marzipan. It involves white vegan bats. That's enough to disinterest Strong Bad.
  • Now that we've seen both brothers leave the house, time to head back to the House of Strong.

[edit] House of Strong

Without your brothers' interference, you can now filch all their stuff!

  • From Strong Sad's room, take the camera and the bat hutch.
  • From the bathroom, take the fake sword.
  • From Strong Mad's room, take Poodonkis. It's in the left side of the closet.

Checkpoint: You should have the Zen Rock, Camera, Bat Hutch, Fake Sword, and Poodonkis. You should have three shot glasses, too.

So back to that album. You need a hot blonde with a sword, and now you have the sword...

  • It's time to head to Marzipan's house to enlist the help of the hottest blonde around.

[edit] Marzipan's

  • Oh, wait, did you think I meant Marzipan? Sorry, Strong Bad is physically incapable of speaking to her without insulting her. Try to give her the fake sword anyway; remember, you get awesomeness points for getting hurt.
  • No, it's actually The Cheat that you need to offer the sword to.
  • Head back to the Cool Car to complete your masterpiece.

Checkpoint: You'll have lost the sword, but you should have a third Strong Bad abuse point.

[edit] Cool Car

The Cheat, complete with a disturbing bikini, will already be here. Just one more finishing touch...

  • Use Poodonkis on the car. Strong Bad will put him on the ground a distance away for perspective reasons.
  • Now snap a picture with Strong Sad's camera. As if the scene wasn't already awesome enough, the Von Blaubloods (er, the bats) will fly in and circle around The Cheat, and Strong Bad will get an unbelievable stroke of luck in the way of awesome lighting. Now THAT is an album cover!
  • Head back to the House of Strong.

[edit] House of Strong

  • All you need to do now is mail in that picture. Strong Bad wins the contest!
  • Head to Bubs' Concession Stand.

[edit] Bubs' Concession Stand

  • From your inventory, use the letter from Limozeen on Bubs and the concert is on! He'll give you entry forms and tell you to hire three bands. He recommends Cool Tapes and talking to Pom Pom, but refuses to speak of his old duo with that "big green sellout," Coach Z.

Checkpoint: You'll lose certain items you no longer need; notably, the Limozeen Flyer and the Vandalized Album. Poodonkis won't be in your inventory either, since you used him to set up the photo. What you will have now, however, are some entry forms to give to the bands.

  • Ask Bubs about the Two-O-Duo and he'll reminisce a bit about how he and Coach Z used to be real pranksters. He'll also give you his "DeButt" album. You don't need this, but it'll give hints on how to reunite the Two-O-Duo.
  • Open the map. Club Technochocolate and The Track will be added. Let's check out the Club first.

[edit] Club Technochocolate

Pom Pom is well-known for his keyboarding skills, and he's currently looking for a singer to join him. And Homestar is here too, hoping that he'll do well in an audition. On various tables throughout the club are various food items.

  • Pom Pom won't join your concert without a singer, and Homestar is strapped for cash. Better make sure Homestar passes the audition!
  • There's a slow cooker near Pom Pom, but it's empty right now. Seems like kind of a waste, with all this food around. Help Pom Pom out by spraying some aerosol cheese in there. It makes a surprisingly good fondue!
  • On the farthest table is an album. Examine it to take it. Turns out that it's Pom Pom's hit, Food-Related Love.
  • Put the record on the player in the DJ booth to prompt Homestar to start singing.

Unfortunately for Homestar, he's having trouble making good food-related rhymes. When he gets stuck, he'll talk about whatever he's focusing on. Help him out by standing near the food items that fit the rhyme (click on the item and Strong Bad will automatically move into position.)

  • For the first line, stand by the Buffalo Wings.
  • For the second line, Homestar will fail to understand if you attempt to stand by the escargot. Instead, stand by the merlot (the wine bottle).
  • For the third line, stand by the escargot (snails).
  • And the final line will require that fondue. If you forgot to fill it before, you can quickly fill it before Homestar finishes the song.

Pom Pom will be impressed and will hire Homestar as a singer.

  • Give Pom Pom an entry form for the Battle Royale. Homestar will talk him into signing up for it. You'll get the filled in entry form, but the check's in the mail. (Man, if you can't trust a known criminal with the word "Bad" in his name, who CAN you trust?)
  • Walk near the bar and use the microphone to make a box appear. Inside the box is a Pom Pom poster.
  • Let's visit Marzipan next.

Checkpoint: You should have the Two-O-Duo "DeButt" album and Pomstar's entry form. You should also have two out of the four Rare Band Posters.

[edit] Marzipan's

Marzipan's old aquarium gravel will be in a tipped-over box on the lawn. More on that later.

  • Marzipan won't agree to join your concert. Turns out it's the same day as the benefit concert.
  • There are some Cool Tapes pictures on the desk near Marzipan's answering machine. Take one.
  • You can have Marzipan autograph a picture, and she can make it out to various characters, each with a different response.
  • Having her sign one for Strong Bad will inspire her ire, but it will still count as a third Expression of Affection.
  • She'll be hesitant about making one out to Coach Z, but you're going to need that one, and it will net you a fourth Expression of Affection to boot.
  • Now head to the Track.

[edit] The Track

Well, actually, the Locker Room. You can't visit the track proper in this episode. But anyway, Coach Z is in a funk, stamping toilet paper (and just about everything else) to take his mind off his bad mood.

  • Ask him what's wrong, and he'll say that he's depressed over his unrequited stalk of Marzipan.
  • Talking to him about Marzipan a second time will tally up a fifth Expression of Affection.
  • Show him the autographed picture. Coach Z will be thrilled and will head over to Marzipan's immediately.
  • With Coach Z gone, you're free to rescue a roll of the toilet paper he was stamping from an unspeakable fate.
  • There's also some bleach in the second locker.
  • Also, in the locker to the left of the one where the bleach is contained, there is a Cool Tapes poster.
  • And there's a conspicuous bent-out-of-shape hanger in the showers.
  • Head to the House of Strong next.

Checkpoint: You should now have added Toilet Paper, Bleach, and the Hanger to your inventory. You should also have 3 out of 4 of the Rare Band Posters and five Expressions of Affection.

[edit] House of Strong

Marzipan won't join your concert because of some endangered white bats. Well, what if they weren't so endangered? Would she change her mind?

  • Go to the basement and throw the bat hutch and some bleach into the washer.
  • Kick the washer to get it running. The bats will miraculously survive, and wind up just as white as the bat sitting in Marzipan's house.
  • Time to head back to Marzipan's.

[edit] Marzipan's

Coach Z will be here. He's trying to get Marzipan's attention, but it's not going well.

  • You can ask him to try various methods to get attention.
    • Suggesting he use the Boom Box won't work for him, but will award you with a Musical Moment.
    • Encouraging him to recite poetry won't work either, but knocks out a sixth Expression of Affection.
    • You can also get him to throw pebbles at her window, but this too will be unsuccessful.
  • Check out the Two-O-Duo album. One of the tracks is "Throwin' Rocks through Ol' Man Marzipan's Windows". That sounds like a pro-Strong-Bad idea! And Coach Z is throwing pebbles already, but they lack the requisite oomph.
  • Drop the Zen Rock into the pile of pebbles.
  • Now suggest that Coach Z throw pebbles again. Only this time, he'll throw the not-exactly-pebblish Zen Rock and make a not-exactly-pebblish hole in the window. Marzipan will be not-exactly-pleased, but Bubs will conveniently walk by and reminisce a little.
  • Show an entry form to Strong Mad, inspiring Marzipan to sing a little song, earning you another Musical Moment.
  • Showing an entry form to The Cheat (twice) will recall an unfortunate previous promotional deal, and award you with a Musical Moment both times.
  • Anyway, show Marzipan your mock-albino bats and she'll be thrilled. She'll even set her own bat free to fly among its kin, and cancel her previous gig!
    • If you give Marzipan the bats before Coach Z throws the rock, the sequence will play out slightly differently.
  • Now give her an entry form. Though she doesn't like Limozeen much, she signs up! But she doesn't trust Strong Bad with money either, so again, check's in the mail.

Checkpoint: You won't have the Bat Hutch or Zen Rock any more. You will, however, have the Cool Tapes entry form, four Musical Moments, and six Expressions of Affection.

  • Back to that Two-O-Duo album, the other tracks are "Stealin' Stuff from My Own Store" and "Let's T.P. The Stick". Well, Bubs liked the results the last time you did what an album track said!
  • Head for The Stick.

[edit] The Stick

  • This one's easy: just throw the toilet paper on The Stick to decorate it. Since Coach Z stamped the toilet paper, he'll be the one to take the blame.
  • Bubs' Concession Stand is the next target. You can walk there or just zip there with your map.

[edit] Bubs' Concession Stand

Hey, one of Bubs' old records is just sitting out asking to be stolen! Not as simple as it seems, though: this one has kind of an esoteric solution.

  • Try to take the album. Oops, Bubs installed a security robot, which will yell at you and summon Bubs over. Take the alarm that's flashing over the robot. That's right, the alarm, not the record.
  • You can try to take the record, but Bubs has superglued it to the counter. Whatever, you didn't want that cheap imitation diamond plated record any dang way.
  • Now to put the alarm somewhere that will make Bubs think Coach Z did it. And where better than his office? Head for The Track.

[edit] The Track

  • Put the alarm in Coach Z's office. Bubs will use his homing beacon to find the alarm, again believing Coach Z did it.
  • Head back to Bubs' Concession Stand.

Checkpoint: This will be the last checkpoint before a lot of areas become inaccessible until Extended Play, so make sure there's nothing left you want to do right now! You won't have the Toilet Paper any more, but as long as Bubs has agreed to rejoin Coach Z, you've got your third band!

[edit] Bubs' Concession Stand

  • Talk to Bubs about Two-O-Duo. They're back together now, and Bubs has already taken care of the paperwork.
  • Give him the entry forms for the other two bands. You're now in business!

Okay, so I have some good news, some bad news, some awesome news, and some awful news. Good news? You're making a profit from your concert! Bad news? It's not enough to repair the FunMachine. Awesome news? Strong Bad realizes that he can join the concert himself and use the prize money to make up the rest of the repairs! Awful news? Every competent or even halfway-competent musician is already performing in a band. Only the King of Town and Homsar remain.


[edit] Strong Bad's Stage

After some offscreen and probably very montagey practice, Strong Bad will ask his bandmates to help him name the band.

  • Each of the three characters will have five unmarked choices appear; select whatever you like. The choices are, in order:
    • Strong Bad:
      1. Diamond
      2. Devastating
      3. Deluxe
      4. Degenerate
      5. Demonic
    • The King of Town:
      1. Octopus
      2. Omelette
      3. Oyster
      4. Oatmeal
      5. Oliveloaf
    • Homsar:
      1. Itch Machine
      2. Iguanodon
      3. Insurance
      4. Incorporated
      5. Insomniacs
  • After all three characters have said their part of the band name, you can pick the "Angel" option to go with it, or the "Devil" option to do the whole thing over. The band name doesn't matter, so just accept it when you're satisfied. The band's initials will always be DÖI, however.

The band will start rocking — with pretty miserable results. Homsar and the King of Town just weren't made for rock concerts. DÖI is way behind in the rankings, too. Strong Bad quickly realizes that the only way he's going to win this concert is if everyone else is sabotaged! Fortunately, sabotage is something Strong Bad excels at.

All the old areas except the House of Strong (and The Track, if you forgot to pick up the hanger from in there) will be removed from the map for now. In their place will be the stages for all four bands. Also, your main inventory has been cleared of everything except the Microphone, Metal Detector, Bleach, Camera, and Hanger. You won't need any of the other items anymore, though.

All of the stages will have a cardboard cutout of Limozeen next to them.

  • Examine the cardboard cutout. Turns out that THIS was what was meant by the contest. They'll still happily judge your concert via webcam, luckily. Or not so luckily, given that they don't approve of DÖI's... unique style at all.
  • There's a coloring book next to the cutout, too. Who doesn't like coloring books? Take it.
  • Use the detector to the right of the D.O.I. banner. You'll find a...D.O.I. Poster?! Strong Bad then gives his approval.
  • Head for the Cool Tapes stage first.

[edit] Cool Tapes Stage

Their practice has paid off. The Cool Tapes are quite the experienced band, and their music proves it. Homestar, Bubs, and Limozeen strongly approve! Which means nothing good for DÖI, so you're going to have to do something about their approval rating.

  • Talk to "Limozeen". They'll say that they love Cool Tapes' music, but they wish she wasn't so preachy. On cue, Marzipan will speak up against harming sea mammals, destroying wetlands, and exploiting women. If she gets too preachy, she might lose her Limozeen support.
  • You'll want that billy club leaning next to the stage. Strong Sad doesn't mind if you take it. He does, however, mind the years of abuse he's suffered at your hands, and now that he has the power, he'll make sure to remind you. But, hey, at least you got the club, right?
  • Unfortunately, that time doesn't count to your abuse meter. Talk to Strong Sad again in order to get harmed.
  • Use the microphone here to conjure a box containing the dedication page of the Limozeen game manual.
  • Check out Pomstar's Stage next.

Checkpoint: Strong Bad's been harmed four times now, but you'll have the Coloring Book and the Billy Club. You should also have two Limozeen game manual pages and all 4 Rare Band posters.

[edit] Pomstar Stage

What's going on here? Homestar is being suave and charming, careful with his words, AND wearing silly headphones?!! Something's fishy - and it's high-time we found, gutted and deep-fried that fish.

  • Try talking to Pom Pom. He'll snap at you, and Homestar will repeat what Pom Pom apparently says. Odd...
  • How about talking to Strong Sad? He'll zap you again (which won't count extra toward your awesomeness, as he already zapped you once), and then speak into his walkie-talkie. Again, Homestar will repeat what Strong Sad says.

Aha! Pom Pom must be feeding his lines to Homestar through those headphones! The nerve of him! Cheating! I'd say two could play at that game... only you were planning on doing that anyway, weren't you?

  • This stage was set up near the Drive-Thru Whale. Talk to the Whale to hear some nonsense, which will only serve to annoy Marzipan and Coach Z. If only you could get Homestar to repeat the whale's words! Oh, and the spout is missing. If you had spoken to the Whale in The Field, you'd know why.
  • Talking to the Drive-Thru Whale a second time will check off a seventh Expression of Affection.
  • Put the hanger into the whale's now-evacuated blowhole to form a makeshift antenna.
  • Examine the antenna to turn it. Make sure it's pointed toward the stage.
  • Now talk to the whale. Homestar will repeat the nonsense that the whale says, turning off the crowd. Without a suave singer, Pomstar no longer stands a chance! One down, two to go.
  • While we're here, remember how Marzipan disliked the mistreatment of marine mammals? See that arm on the Limozeen cutout? Put the Billy Club in that arm and it will look like they're hitting the whale.
  • Marzipan's not paying attention, though, so snap a picture of them.
  • Give the picture to Marzipan. She'll be miffed, but will try to contain her emotions.
  • Let's check out the Two-O-Duo's act next.

[edit] Two-O-Duo Stage

Pom Pom, The Cheat, and Limozeen are all enjoying the performance, to Strong Bad's annoyance.

  • Talk to Limozeen to see what they like about the Duo. Turns out that the music isn't that stellar, but Coach Z's dance steps are more than cool enough to make up for it. This counts as the eighth Expression of Affection.
  • Check out the records on the edge of the stage. You can rearrange them, and after you leave, Coach Z will do dance steps in the order indicated by the songs.
    • Left Shift-Alt-Delete: Coach Z will dance to his left.
    • Roll Wit' 'Da Punches: Coach Z will do a rolling hand move that resembles punches.
    • Slide to the Right Y'all Bridesmaids: Coach Z will dance to his right.
    • Doin the Wigglie: Coach Z will do a wiggling dance.
  • None of the orders will do much to disrupt their groove. Coach Z will reject any dance maneuvers that send him off the stage, and you can't really do much else with this selection.
  • Try dumping the bleach into the pond by the stage. This will bring back painful (albeit awesome) memories of Marzipan's wrath — after all, she's against the destruction of wetlands, remember? — so Strong Bad will refuse to do it (but it will give you the final moment of abuse for Strong Bad). If only you had someone else to take the blame...
  • Give the bleach bottle to "Limozeen". They'll unwittingly dump the bleach into the pond, killing the fish within.
  • Since Marzipan is nowhere to be found, let's get a picture of this one too.
  • Poke the dead fish to receive the Mary shot glass.
  • Use the metal detector to unearth the lyrics page of the Limozeen game manual.
  • Head home next.

Checkpoint: You should have a picture of Limozeen dumping bleach into the pond, though you won't have the Bleach or the Billy Club any more. Thanks to Strong Bad's memory, he'll have been hurt five times now, and you should have three pages of the Limozeen game manual and eight Expressions of Affection.

[edit] House of Strong

  • Take a walk into the living room. Some of Strong Sad's old records are sitting in a box on the floor. Specifically, "Hugo Left Me Miserable" and "The Three O'Clock Twist". Those should come in handy!
  • Let's go see if these new records will help us out with the Two-O-Duo.

[edit] Two-O-Duo Stage

You've got two extra records now, one that makes Coach Z dance left and one that will make him turn ninety degrees. Coach Z still won't do anything as dumb as dance off the stage, but perhaps you can make him do something else that's dumb instead.

  • Switch out "Doin The Wigglie" and "Slide to the Right" for the two songs you got from the House of Strong.
  • Arrange the songs so that one of the "Left" songs is first, then "The Three O'Clock Twist", then the other "Left" song, and finally "Roll Wit' 'Da Punches".

As a result of your tampering, Coach Z will accidentally dance right up next to Bubs... and hit him in the face! Bubs is so angry at him that he storms offstage. Coach Z can't save himself with his rapping alone, so they drop in the standings too!

With the Duo out of the way, let's go have some words with Cool Tapes' lead singer, Marzipan, over at the Pomstar stage.

[edit] Pomstar Stage

  • Show Marzipan the photo of Limozeen dumping bleach into the lake, further damaging her opinion of the group.

[edit] Two-O-Duo Stage

  • To obtain the ninth Expression of Affection, take this opportunity to turn your Hint level to High in Options and head back to the stage of the now-disgraced Two-O-Duo. Clicking randomly around for a bit should lead to Strong Bad eventually hinting that the Teen Girl Squad would love the Duo's stage setup.

[edit] House of the Brothers Strong

  • Head on over to the TGS drawing table in Strong Bad's room. Forget notecards with TGS ideas buried in random places, use the coloring book and check out Strong Bad's latest creation: "Teen Girl Squad Meets LIMOZEEN!"

[edit] Pomstar Stage

  • Finally, give Marzipan the coloring book. She'll now be thoroughly infuriated with Limozeen and will dedicate her next song to trashing them. Of course, insulting judges is never a good way to win competitions, so Cool Tapes' score will plummet.

Unfortunately, even with all this sabotage, all three bands are still doing better than DÖI! Time to up the ante. Strong Bad promises good things when he unveils his secret weapon to be revealed with the button in the corner of his stage...

Checkpoint: You'll still have the two records you stole from Bubs, but no more Coloring Book. No picture either, though you will have nine Expressions of Affection.

[edit] DÖI Stage

  • Surprise, surprise. The red button doesn't work. The allegedly amazing prop you promised will have to be revealed manually.
  • But if you try to head toward the ladder to get to the top of the stage, you'll discover that the fan is on so strong that you can't reach it! And worse still, the controls for the fan are, themselves, on the ceiling!
  • What you CAN do is try to grab that German helmet on the hatrack. You'll just barely grab it before the wind blows you back... and unintentionally makes you do a cool slide across the floor.
  • Give the hat to Homsar.
  • Now examine Homsar and you can control his swinging. Get him high enough and far enough out and he'll hit the controls for the fan, producing an amazing display of pyrotechnics and deactivating the fan!

With the fan offline, the fog machine will make a cloud right in the middle of the stage. The bats from before will fly into that cloud.

  • You can try to get to the manual release now, but the speaker blocks your path.
  • Examine the King of Town to introduce him to the crowd. He'll go a bit wild, knocking over the tub of butter with the lobster that is, for whatever reason, sitting on the stage.
  • Grab the lobster.
  • Use the lobster on the speaker's cable. He won't be strong enough to cut it, but the King of Town will suddenly notice and, in a gluttonous rage, he'll swing at the lobster with his axe-like guitar. That's enough to cut the cable, so the speaker falls to the stage. The lobster tries to use it to hide from the King of Town, and the King tries to hit it with his guitar. The crowd goes wild... But you still haven't revealed your coup de grace, so let's keep going.
  • You can now reach the manual controls for your killer prop... but the fog and the bats are in the way, so you're not done yet.
  • Grab the tub of butter, since the King is occupied with the lobster right now.
  • Pour the butter into the fog machine. Now instead of creating ordinary everyday fog, it'll create a rich and creamy buttery fog — which will get all over the bats!

The bats will catch the King of Town's attention, and he'll jump after them to catch and eat them. This will send the crowd into an absolute frenzy and will cause you to win the Battle Royale. Of course, no one cares about your prop any more, and the King kinda upstaged you... but DÖI won, at any rate, so you got your prize money and can now afford Fun Machine repairs!

[edit] Extended Play

  • Homsar remains at the DÖI stage, allowing you to play the theremin minigame at will.
  • Playing the Wigglie record at Club Technochocolate will get you the back cover of the Limozeen game manual, complete with a signed photo of a real-life babelien!
    • Playing the Wigglie record a second time will reveal its B-side and award you another Musical Moment, as will playing the "Slide to the Right" record.
  • Talking to Strong Sad (hanging out in Strong Badia) will earn you the seventh and final Musical Moment.
  • Talking to Coach Z (back at the Track) should reveal his brotherly relationship with Bubs - the tenth and final Expression of Affection.
  • Get a score of 45000 or more in Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey to increase your awesomeness rating.
  • Obtaining all of the Collectibles, Costume Items, Musical Moments, Strong Bad Abuse, Expressions of Affection, and besting 45000 points in Hot Babelien Odyssey will earn you the highest rank, for which you will receive a special Limozeen t-shirt.

[edit] Collectibles

[edit] Limozeen Mini Glasses

There are four stylish Limozeen souvenir shot glasses scattered about featuring the likenesses of the band's long-haired members.

  • Larry — Click on the Luxa Lounger in the Strongs' living room
  • Perry — Use the Microphone outside the Strongs' house
  • Gary — Use the Black Metal Detector outside Marzipan's house
  • Mary — Click on the Dead Fish in the pond (after it has been bleached)

[edit] Rare Band Posters

Each of Free Country USA's musical acts has their own promotional poster. One might question the promotional value of the posters, however, considering how well each of them has been hidden from view.

  • Two-O-Duo — Use the Metal Detector near Bubs' Concession Stand
  • Cool Tapes — Click on the left locker at the Track
  • PomStar — Use the Microphone at Club Technochocolate
  • D.O.I. — Use the Metal Detector at the D.O.I. stage

[edit] Limozeen H.B.O. Manual Pages

Again, Strong Bad has managed to scatter to the winds the manual pages for his game-of-the-month, Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey. These are always awarded in the same order: Front Cover, Dedication, Lyrics, and Back Cover.

  • Use the light switch in Strong Bad's Lappy room
  • Use the Microphone at the Cool Tapes stage
  • Use the Metal Detector at the Two-O-Duo stage
  • Use the "Doin' the Wigglie" record at Club Technochocolate in Extended Play

[edit] Costume Items

There are four items of clothing to be found in Baddest of the Bands, plus one bonus item and another hidden shirt.

  • Sloshy shirt — Use the Microphone in the Strong's laundry room
  • Leopard print pants — Click on the couch in the Strong's basement
  • Chain boots — Use the Metal Detector near the picket fence in The Field
  • Leopard headband — Use the Microphone near the brick wall in The Field
  • Limozeen shirt — Awarded for obtaining the final rank of Impossibly Rocked Out
  • Yellow creature shirt — As with the previous two episodes, walking underneath the doorway of the photo booth will cause Strong Bad to automatically wear a hidden shirt. Get beneath the booth floor by walking off the right edge three times while not wearing any costume items.

[edit] Strong Bad Abuse

Strong Bad seems to be a bit accident-prone this time around, finding himself physically assaulted by other characters and even inanimate objects.

  • Click the Lappy's Plug
  • Click the microwave in the Strong's kitchen
  • Use the fake sword on Marzipan (before giving it to The Cheat)
  • Talk to Strong Sad at the Battle of the Bands
  • Use the bleach directly on the pond at the Battle of the Bands (before giving it to "Limozeen")

[edit] Musical Moments

Being a game centered around a Battle of the Bands, it just wouldn't be proper not to celebrate life's occasional (and often impromptu) musical interludes.

  • Give Strong Mad an Entry Form (before getting Cool Tapes signed up)
  • Give The Cheat an Entry Form (before getting Cool Tapes signed up)
  • Give The Cheat an Entry Form a second time (before getting Cool Tapes signed up)
  • Use the Boom Box option on Coach Z outside Marzipan's (before getting him to break Marzipan's window)
  • Use the "Slide to the Right" record on the Technochocolate turntable in Extended Play
  • Use the "Doin' the Wigglie" record on the turntable twice in Extended Play
  • Talk to Strong Sad in Extended Play

[edit] Expressions of Affection

Even in the most cynical and antagonistic of worlds, people will still find ways to speak of love.

  • Talk to Strong Sad about the bats twice (at the start of the game)
  • Talk to Bubs about the FunMachine
  • Talk to Coach Z about Marzipan twice (at the Track, before giving him the glossy)
  • Have Marzipan make out a glossy to Strong Bad
  • Have Marzipan make out a glossy to Coach Z
  • Have Coach Z recite poetry for Marzipan (outside her house)
  • Talk to the Limozeen standee about Two-O-Duo (before sabotaging them)
  • Talk to the Drive-Thru Whale at the PomStar concert twice (before sabotaging them, and before inserting the coat hanger, or while the hanger is pointed away from anything)
  • Sabotage Two-o-Duo, give both the whale and pond photos to Marzipan, and pick up the coloring book (but don't color it yet). Turn your hint level to "High" (in Options) and click randomly around the Two-o-Duo stage until Strong Bad mutters the hint "The Teen Girl Squad would love this..."
  • Talk to Coach Z, at the track, three times after sabotaging Two-O-Duo (in Extended Play). Note: This can also be done by talking to him after sabotaging the Two-O Duo, but before PomStar has been.

[edit] Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey Score

45,000 points are necessary to reach the maximum awesomeness level.

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