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"I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I have no other choice. I must kill Trogdor!"
A walkthrough to Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 5: 8-Bit is Enough.
Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


[edit] Legend

A description of events will be written in plaintext.

  • Mandatory actions will be bulleted and written in boldface.
  • Actions that increase your awesomeness rating, but are not mandatory, will be bulleted and written in plaintext.
  • Optional actions that might help you understand the scene will be bulleted and written in italics.

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] House of Strong

We pick up right at the very end of the previous episode, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective. Strong Bad, jumping away from the protesters who aren't very happy about his editing choices, accidentally hits the Trogdor arcade machine... which suddenly grows legs, wings and a beefy arm! That can't be good! Well, that's what everyone who's not Strong Bad thinks; he thinks it's a riot!

  • Go upstairs. You can find the Metal Detector in Strong Bad's room.
  • And even though you gave it back to him in Homestar Ruiner, Homestar's cell phone is in the pile formerly known as Strong Bad's bed.
  • The Cheat is here too. He wants to play his Gel-Arshie-based licensed game. Strong Bad is quick to hypocritically remind him that licensed games suck.
  • Check Strong Sad's bookshelf for the Carpal Tunnel Connie card.
  • Talk to Strong Sad. He'll say that he tricked the Trogdor arcade outside. Ask him about it and he'll mention calling Videlectrix's support line for advice. He'll also give you the key to the cabinet.
  • Oh, but the cell phone won't work indoors due to lousy reception or broken antennae or something, so you can't place that call just yet.
  • Walk outside and the Trogdor arcade cabinet will run away! You'll chase it to the field.

[edit] The Field

Strong Bad marks the arcade cabinet's location on his map. You can still get all the usual Field locations by running around, though.

  • Examine the Trogdor Game and it'll punch Strong Bad out. Strong Bad will recall Strong Sad remarking that only an idiot would take on a living Trogdor arcade cabinet alone! On cue, Homestar shows up in Strong Badia.
  • Talk to Homestar and he'll mention that he's missing his lucky quarter. He won't help deal with the arcade cabinet without it. Perhaps you have something that can detect metal objects conveniently on your person?
  • Use the metal detector and walk up to Homestar. You'll find something! Homestar will move away so you can find it better... and then the signal dies. Turns out Homestar swallowed it. However, he denies this, and he takes the metal detector from you to show you how to use it properly! He wanders up to the arcade cabinet, predictably gets punched, and the quarter flies out of his guts and into Strong Bad's glove. And the metal detector breaks.
  • Give Homestar the quarter and he'll agree to help you.
  • Give Videlectrix a call on Homestar's cell. When they try to pretend to be an automated service, select "4". They'll drop a box with a new logic board next to Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Collect the logic board.
  • Use the key on the arcade cabinet to open it, and the logic board in order to get it working again.

Videlectrix will leave a massage message while you're in the middle of this. They'll say not to install the circuit board in the presence of something exposed to radiation. Oops, Homestar was irradiated when the metal detector was used on him... guess what happens next.

The whole world ripples into a portal, and Strong Bad wakes up near the Trogdor cabinet. Hmm... Looks like everything is back to normal again, aside from the fact that the metal detector mysteriously vanished. Strong Bad better trick someone into carrying the machine back in the basement for him, and— Wait. What's that roaring noise coming from Strong Badia?

  • Go to Strong Badia to see the situation.

Gasp! Trogdor has broken free from the arcade cabinet and has left Strong Badia in flames! To further complicate things, the 8-bit world is seeping into Free Country USA! And worst of all, Homestar keeps popping up in little boxes to give you useless advice and spam! Betrayed and grief-stricken at the burninination of his own countryside, Strong Bad must undertake the once-unthinkable task of destroying his own majestic creation. The only way to stop all this is to... KILL... TROGDOOOOOOR!!! But since he has no idea how to do so, Pop-Up Homestar recommends getting into the game (literally) to find a solution.

  • Enter the door in the arcade cabinet.

Checkpoint: The only inventory item you keep at this point is the key. If you're wondering why you'd still need the key... well, wait for it. No, you don't need the Metal Detector any more, so don't worry about it. You should have one "Good Graphicketeer" card, though.

[edit] Videlectrix Mainframe

Welcome to the Videlectrix Mainframe, where you can access various Videlectrix games here anytime you want. Homestar, in accordance to Strong Bad's dragon-slaying quest, recommends Peasant's Quest.

  • Try to enter Peasant's Quest. A copy protection voice will tell you that you can't enter without telling it Paul Revere's favorite ice cream flavor, using a giant wheel to help you, as suggested in the manual, and with the help of red cellophane glasses. You have neither the manual nor the glasses, and you're not gonna get it by guessing, so no entry. Homestar says that you can use Strong Bad's "Spirits of '76" game for advice, as Paul Revere appears in it.
  • You won't be able to enter Trogdor, because Trogdor's not there. Nor will you be able to enter Stinkoman, as it's region-locked.
  • Strong Bad will outright refuse to enter Space Circus Catastrophe, but doing so will add the Dancing Bear to your party. You don't need him, but the more, the merrier!
  • You CAN enter Gel-Arshie's game and Halfathlon, but for now, let's go to the House of Strong and see what's going on.

[edit] House of Strong

Not even the house was left unscarred by the catastrophe - now it is swarming with redcoat ghosts!

  • Enter and Strong Bad will be kicked out. He needs the light gun that's supposed to be used with this game in order to go on.
  • Well, at least you can grab the Lady Crate Ape game box sitting outside.
  • Let's try the Field now.

[edit] The Field

All sorts of weird things are taking place around here!

  • Check the Cool Car and you'll find the Snake Boxer snakes. You'll carry them around.
  • Find the Algebros on the Brick Wall, and they'll agree to join you. Like the bear, you don't need them, but who are you to complain?
  • Walk near the Whale and Limozeen's tour bus will crash near you. They need professional help to get moving; remember that for later.
  • What you're really looking for, though, is Bubs' Concession Stand. Marzipan has confused herself with Donkey Kong Lady Crate Ape, has abducted Bubs, and is throwing crates everywhere. Examine her and she'll throw a crate at an unusual bush sitting nearby. This opens up a new area!
  • Follow the path Marzikong just opened to see what's behind it.

[edit] Crates

Why, it's a giant pile of crates!

  • The Poopsmith is here, but he thinks he's Mista Fixit from the game of the same name. You can ask him for help, but he'll simply hold up a strange-looking sign with little black circles on it. He also has an empty bucket labeled "Rivets" next to him.
  • Walk toward the left side of the screen and you'll almost trip over Boxer Joe, the star of Snake Boxer! Talk to him after this and he'll join you.
  • There's also a conspicuous crate here. Strong Bad will be unable to open it on his own, but with repeated attempts, Homestar will pop up to point out that, if you were a video game character, you could just PUNCH it open! And you have a boxer on your team, but punching crates isn't his style. If only there was some way to convince him...
  • Use the snakes on the crate, and then Boxer Joe. He'll punch the crate while trying to hit the snakes, revealing the light gun! Take it.
  • By the way, you can use the same Snake-and-Boxer-Joe technique to open other crates, like the one near the Concession Stand. Do this to get the Pixel Hat.
  • And go back to the crate where you found the Light Gun to break it again and find the Halfathlon game box.
  • Back to the House of Strong.

Checkpoint: You'll have obtained your first three party members. Though counted on the status screen, they also appear in your inventory, so make sure you have the Dancing Bear, Boxer Joe, and the Algebros. The Snakes don't count as party members, but you should still have them too, along with the Light Gun. You'll also have two game boxes and one costume item.

[edit] House of Strong

  • Use the Light Gun to arm yourself and enter.

The American ghosts will tell you to bring them the items they lost. Each one will ask for the item in riddle form. Meanwhile, use your light gun to keep the redcoat ghosts at bay. Hover near them to push them back, or fire a shot by right-clicking (on a computer), pressing "B" (on the Wii), or pressing "Circle" (on the PS3) to light up the area significantly and scare them away, but you won't be able to move until Strong Bad finishes "reloading" the musket. You'll be kicked out if you get caught!

  • The fridge is still clickable, but when Strong Bad goes to examine it, the redcoat ghosts catch up with him! Fortunately, your progress is not lost when getting thrown out, and the fridge is close enough to the front door that this is only a minor inconvenience.
  • There's a feather in Strong Bad's room, a... thing in Strong Sad's room, and a lantern in Strong Mad's room. Collect them all!
  • The one in Strong Mad's room wants a quill (the feather.)
  • The one by the basement door wants a teabag. That's the thing from Strong Sad's room.
  • Downstairs, you'll find a key and a ghost who wants the lantern. Give it to him and he'll reveal that he's Paul Revere, but he disappears before you can ask his favorite ice cream flavor. Drat!
  • The ghost in the computer room wants the key. Give it to him and the house will light up and the redcoats will be gone! Make sure you give him the 8-bit key, and not the normal key.
  • While here, you can try the Gel-Arshie Fruitboarder game The Cheat wanted to play earlier. Maximum awesomeness at 20,000 points, but it will take a long time to get this score unless you use high-level stunts. One is the secret French Press move (left, down, down, down, jump), but even if you perform the move, you have to collect fruit while it's active in order for it to matter! You can also try the 360 flapjack to junk in the trunk stunt (right, left, up, down, jump) which is worth more, but is a little harder to pull off.
  • Oh, and from here on out, you might hear spooky sounds when traversing certain areas. One such area will be the Strongs' bathroom. After you hear the sound, pull up the Snappy and shoot a picture. A ghost will be in the shot... and so will a box containing Stinkoman's boots! Both are worth Awesomeness separately.
  • The Basement has a hidden ghost too. He'll point out the location of the Swampslash figurine.
  • Maybe you should have another look at that wheel. Head to the Videlectrix Mainframe.

Checkpoint: You should have freed six ghosts in that ordeal and the following events. You'll also have a second costume item and a single Topplegangers figurine.

[edit] Videlectrix Mainframe

  • If you examine the wheel, you'll find that all the Revolutionists' ghosts have the items they were looking for, making it easy to match them with their items... but it's not enough, because you still can't read the red-print-obscured solutions that they're hiding.
  • Hmm... Gel-Arshie is red and transparent. Let's check out his game.

[edit] Gel-Arshie Game

Well, actually, you're backstage, as the game is running on your FunMachine but no one's playing it. Whatever, Gel-Arshie is still here.

  • Talk to him, and he'll say that he won't leave until someone reaches the "kill screen" in his game. Homestar will ask what this is, and Strong Bad will explain that, if you get too high of a score in some games, the game crashes or glitches, resulting in the kill screen. But the game's too hard and the necessary score is too high, so you'll have to simplify it somehow.
  • Professor Pineapple's gun is loading up pineapples, which Gel-Arshie must avoid in-game. Next to it are the red power-ups that Gel-Arshie needs to collect... and a convenient lever. Pull the lever and the gun will start loading up the Fruit Supply! That should help!
  • Furthermore, make the game even easier by setting it to "hard" mode with the slider near Professor Pineapple's sprite. This will make him fire a ludicrous number of "pineapple slices"... only not, since you already switched it over to shooting the red fruit instead.
  • Head back home to test your modified game.

[edit] House of Strong

  • Play the FunMachine. The game is extremely easy now, and you'll likely reach the kill screen really quickly. Gel-Arshie will then pop out of the television screen and agree to join you as a reward for your (not-so-)hard work! Maybe now we can get into Peasant's Quest! (And, no, quitting early in super-easy mode doesn't count toward your awesomeness score. It can't be THAT easy.)
  • Gel-Arshie will respond to certain red objects. Strong Bad's mailbox is red! Collect the Junk in the Trunk card he reveals after using him on the mailbox. This reveals the secret (and very high-scoring) Junk-in-the-Trunk move in Gel-Arshie's game, in case you missed it earlier in the walkthrough.
  • Head back to the Videlectrix Mainframe.

[edit] Videlectrix Mainframe

  • Use Gel-Arshie on the wheel. You can now read the answers provided, but you still need the right one.
  • Move the sliders so that Trogdor is under the arrow on the outer wheel, and the cottage is under it on the inner wheel. Check the answer and receive a Trogdor shirt!
  • Now change it so that the outer wheel has Paul Revere (the ghost with the lantern), and the inner wheel has the lantern. Check the answer provided; it SHOULD be "None (lactose intolerant)". Any other answer means the wheel has been spun incorrectly.
  • Examine the Peasant's Quest portal again and tell the copy protection voice the correct answer. You'll get to enter Peasantry!

Checkpoint: Gel-Arshie makes a fourth party member, and you should also have a second card and a third costume item.

[edit] Peasantry

Welcome to Peasantry. You'll end up in the forest. The King of Town, possessed by some kind of scorpion monster, is roaming around, and Rather Dashing is standing under a tree.

  • Anything is better than dealing with a Scorpion Monster of Town (or "Munchox"), so talk to Rather Dashing. He'll say that he's quit the dragon-hunting business and is now rescuing princesses for a living... or would, if there were any princesses around that needed rescuing.
  • If you ask about the Trog-Sword, he'll tell you that it found its way to a world full of platforms and jumping, and that a man who looked a little like you but with blue hair was interested in it too. Stinkoman?! You saw his game in the hub, but it was region locked, so you're going to have to figure out some way around that.
  • There are some strange-looking round things next to the lake. Pick them up, as you'll need them later.
  • There's also a box with Pixel Boots in it near the lake.
  • And if you can avoid the King of Town and get to the other side of his cave, you'll hear another spooky sound. Snap the camera and the ghost will allow you to collect the Spirits of '76 game box.
  • Finally, be sure to snag that Quest Cube thingy, and try giving it to the King of Town before you go for a Dryghost figurine.
  • There's a path leading to the Peasantry Inn nearby. Follow it.

[edit] Peasantry Inn

Burninated peasants are running around in the background, the inn has a sign saying that it also provides carriage repair, and Strong Sad is nearby in a girly pink hat. Oh, and no, you can't get ye flask, so don't put too much effort into trying.

  • Talk to the innkeeper and he'll explain that he's moved into carriage repair because the inn wasn't making enough money. Tell him about Limozeen's bus and he'll agree to go with you.
  • Check the cardboard box for an Anti-Social Angus card.
  • Have Boxer Joe smash the crate for a med kit.
  • If you talk to Strong Sad, he'll insist he's a wizard (though he looks like a princess to Strong Bad), and he'll send you on a quest to fetch the orange pixel from the cave guarded by the Scorpion King (of Town). You have to get him to offer the quest, but you don't have to actually do it. In fact, it won't even do you any good; his "reward" will be another quest for the same orange pixel, just called something different.
  • Head back to The Field to put the innkeeper to good use.

Checkpoint: You may or may not have that Quest Item Thingy, depending on whether or not you gave it to Strong Sad and whether or not you collected another one, but so long as you got your second Toppleganger, it won't matter either way. What will matter are the med kit and those strange round things, marked as "???" in your inventory. In addition, you'll have freed a seventh ghost, received a third game box and the third card, collected a fourth costume item, and recruited your fifth party member (the Innkeeper).

[edit] The Field

  • Use the Innkeeper on Limozeen's tour bus. He'll try to repair it, but won't get far before Trogdor burninates him. Fortunately, he'll also burninate the bush that the tour bus is stuck in, and the bus is burnination-resistant. Now free, they'll agree to help you out.
  • Use Limozeen on Marzipan. They'll beam her away, and Bubs will be free! He'll tinker with your arcade machine — the world's still not working right, but you can now play region-locked games like Stinkoman 20X6.
  • While you're here, head over to the Crates and drop your round pebbly things into the Poopsmith's/Mista Fixit's "Rivets" bucket. He'll join you now.
  • Back at the Cool Car, use Mista Fixit on the car to, uh, fix it. It still won't run, but the Mista Fixit game box will be yours!
  • And use Gel-Arshie on the Brick Wall to get a Gel-Arshie Fruitboarder box.
  • Use him on Bubs' Concession Stand, too, for Stinkoman's Gloves.
  • Near the Snap Shak, you'll hear another spooky sound. Snap another picture and the ghost will give you the card with the French Press code needed to make Gel-Arshie's Fruitboard game easier; it's the same one listed earlier in the walkthrough.
  • Also, while strolling around The Field, you will occasionally see redcoat ghosts. Blast them with the Light Gun. Each time you do, it's worth 100 points toward a "game" called "Redcoat Ghost Patrol". You'll need 800 points (8 ghosts) to max out awesomeness.
  • Head to the Videlectrix Mainframe to enter a new game world.

Checkpoint: You'll have seven party members marked, but Mista Fixit will be the only one that stuck around. Not only did Limozeen not stay, but you've lost the Innkeeper, too. He'll now be remembered solely as your first point under "Peasants Burninated". You've also lost the "???". You should have all four cards and all five game boxes by this point, and all eight ghosts will be free. You'll also have five costume items.

[edit] Videlectrix Mainframe

  • You're only here so you can enter the Stinkoman game, so do so.

[edit] Stinkoman 20X6

There's the Trog-Sword! But you're in as one of Stinkoman's extra lives... you don't get to play unless Stinkoman loses. And he refuses to give you the sword himself, so you're just going to have to make sure he dies!

  • Talk to Stinkoman (the one playing, not one of the extra lives). Talk to him about the Chorch, and he'll just mock his foes for being slow and predictable.
  • Talk to the Browntant and choose to talk about Stinkoman. You'll say that Stinkoman has been trash-talking them, and Browntant wants to know exactly what's been said. Choose the turtle option to say that Stinkoman says he's too slow, and the Browntant, infuriated, will pick up the pace.
  • Do the same with the Chorch, only this time, select the box made of arrows to tell him that he's predictable. He'll change up his tactics.

With both foes fighting harder, Stinkoman doesn't have a chance. They'll beat him and head off to celebrate. And you're the next life, so you get to explore an enemy-free area! Well, an enemy-free broken area; you're going to have to put more work into getting to that sword.

  • Have Mista Fixit fix all of the ladders and the broken platform. The one on the far left is not mandatory, but it allows you to collect Stinkoman's Hair.
  • With the ladders and platform fixed, now you can reach the sword!
  • You can head back to the Peasantry Inn if you like, but...

[edit] Peasantry Inn

  • Strong Sad still isn't letting you through, and he's still sending you after useless quest items.
  • To solve this, you'll have to check out the one game we haven't visited yet. To the mainframe!

[edit] Videlectrix Mainframe

  • Enter the Halfathlon game.

[edit] Halfathlon Track

Looks remarkably like Coach Z's track, huh? Only it's been altered significantly for the Halfathlon. Coach Z is being attacked by scorpions, and Strong Mad thinks he's a Russian shot put star - "Putchnya Shotski", to be exact.

  • Use Gel-Arshie on the swim... er, lava pool to get a Subtlefuge figurine.
  • Use the med kit on Coach Z and he'll be restored long enough to toss away the scorpion food he was holding. The scorpions will jump after it, but end up stranded in the middle of the track.


  • Oops, I mean check the Checkpoint. A vine will appear over the swimming pool of lava.
  • Grab the vine and you'll swing across to where the scorpions are. They're ignoring you, however.
  • Beyond this area, you'll see some penguins on an icy field. Jump on the first penguin and you'll leapfrog across to the far end.
  • If you pick up the scorpion food and try to get back across, the scorpions will kill you. The checkpoint will revive you, but you will only have the items you had the last time you hit the checkpoint. So leave the scorpion food alone for now.
  • Do grab the trophy, though; that won't get the scorpions' attention.
  • Make your way back across and give the trophy to Strong Mad. He'll be happy with his accomplishment and join you.
  • Hey, that Checkpoint looks kind of like a giant shot put, doesn't it? Use Strong Mad on it and he'll throw it across the track.
  • Make your way back across. Grab the scorpion food and hit the checkpoint. It will remember that you're carrying scorpion food now, and that's exactly what you need.
  • Have Strong Mad throw the checkpoint back across.
  • As you make your way back, the scorpions will kill you, but you'll revive at the checkpoint on the far end with the food still in hand.

Hey, this scorpion food is just a big brown pixel. Kind of like those orange pixels Strong Sad is making you chase. And there's a scorpion monster terrorizing Peasantry... why don't you go back and have a word with Strong Sad?

Checkpoint: (For real this time.) Trogsword get! In addition, you'll also have the scorpion food and eight party members marked (with the addition of Putchnya Shotski). You'll also have six costume items and three Toppleganger figurines.

  • Head to the Peasantry Inn.

[edit] Peasantry Inn

  • Give Strong Sad the scorpion food, convincing him it's a quest item. He'll take the bait (literally) and The Scorpionified King of Town will show up and start harassing him!
  • Go to the forest and tell Rather Dashing about this turn of events. He'll somewhat reluctantly join with you.
  • Back in the Inn area, use Rather Dashing on Strong Sad to rescue "her". Strong Sad will want to go questing with Rather Dashing and will leave the path unguarded.
  • As you try to enter the path, a Peasant will run by, chased by Trogdor. When the other peasants notice your sword, they'll decide to help you on your quest to vanquish Trogdor! You know what that means, right? Meat shields! Limozeen will also show up and rejoin.

Checkpoint: No more scorpion food, but did you really want it that badly? The addition of the peasants (who you should still have) and Rather Dashing (who you should not) will make a full ten party members. And, as mentioned, Limozeen will rejoin you as well, but they don't count twice.

[edit] Trogdor's Lair

This is where all this madness leads to: the heart of it all. It looks kinda like the King of Town's castle. Homestar will mess with your camera controls for an unknown reason, temporarily turning the game into a first-person, Wolfenstein-like, game. You can punch, swing the Trog-Sword, or shoot things with the Light Gun, in addition to using items from your inventory on any obstacles that get in your way. Using the right member from your party will allow you to reach Trogdor more quickly.

  • Use the Dancing Bear on the Space Clown.
  • Use the Algebros on the Math Equation.
  • Use the Limozeen Bus on Nebulon.

You may run into the King of Town, except with sunglasses and machine gun arms. Aim the light musket at him and blast away! If you run out of ammo for it, step back to the beginning of that room and look for a black thing on the floor, it will give you more ammo.

When you get to the end, you'll have Trogdor cornered.

  • Use your Trog-Sword on him and he'll die! Almost too easy...

And, indeed, it is too easy, as when you attempt to move on and rescue Homestar (so he'll stop appearing all the time), Trogdor will come back bigger and badder than before! But Strong Bad will change forms too, just to even the odds... looks like his concept art wasn't just a throwaway gag after all. Who knew?!

  • Unfortunately, Ultimate Trogdor won't be hurt by the Trog-Sword anymore. You're going to have to find another way to deal with him permanently.
  • You can use a peasant on him to get him burninated for Awesomeness points, but it won't do much to deter Ultimate Troggie.
  • If you talk to Homestar, he'll say that there is a Bloodstone you can use to reveal Ultimate Trogdor's weak spots! Cool, cool... only you don't have said Bloodstone. But maybe something else colored like blood will do the trick...
  • Use Gel-arshie on Ultimate Trogdor and red spots will appear all over his body.
  • The one on Ultimate Trogdor's stomach is an easy target. Just hit it. Unfortunately, you won't be able to hit the others unless he turns.
  • Put peasants on the four pedestals. Not only do you get awesomeness for burninated peasants (one per pedestal), but each one will distract Ultimate Trogdor, causing him to turn and exposing a weak point. Hit them all and Trogdor will be defeated once and for all!

But with that beefy-arm dragon floored for good, you and Homestar are now trapped, and the place is collapsing. There is a convenient door here, but it's locked.

  • But remember that key you picked up at the very beginning of the game that you used on the arcade cabinet? Turns out it's good for this door too. Open it to end the game once and for all!

Strong Bad will awaken beside the arcade cabinet. He'll declare the whole thing a dream... but Trogdor's still there. Run!

Checkpoint: You'll have burninated five more peasants for a total of six (maybe more, but five are all that count during the Trogdor ordeal.) You will have lost any party members you used during the trek through the dungeon, but they still count toward your Awesomeness score. The only things that should be missing from said Awesomeness at this point will be one more peasant to burninate, one more Toppleganger figurine to collect... and one more mini-game to play.

[edit] Extended Play

  • Use a Peasant on the "mysterious bush" to the left of Strong Badia for a Fudgeclank figurine and your final burninated peasant.
  • Also, you can play a new Trogdor game that involves burninating peasants, either by selecting the Trogdor game from the mainframe or by playing the arcade game in The Field. Get at least 10,000 points for your Awesomeness level.
  • Visiting Peasantry allows you to play in "Retro mode", where you control Rather Dashing.

[edit] Collectibles

[edit] Game Boxes

  • Gel-Arshie's Pro Fruitboarder — Use Gel-Arshie on the Brick Wall.
  • Lady Crate Ape — The box outside the Strong House.
  • Mista Fixit — Use Mista Fixit on the Cool Car.
  • Spirits of '76 — Take a screenshot with the camera in front of the King of Town's lair.
  • Halfathlon — Crate near the Pile of Crates (the same crate where you found the Light Musket before). Use Snakes and Snake Boxer on it after it regenerates.

[edit] Cheat Commandos Topplegangers Traction Figures

The four figures — Swampslash, Subtlefuge, Dryghost and Fudgeclank — are always found in the same order.

  • Take a screenshot with the camera in the Basement of the Strong House.
  • Use Gel-Arshie on the Lava Pit in Halfathlon.
  • Use the Quest Cube on the King of Town (can only be done before giving Scorpion Food to Strong Sad).
  • Use Peasant on Mysterious Bush near Strong Badia (Extended Play only).

[edit] Good Graphicketeer Cards

  • Carpal Tunnel Connie — Strong Sad's bookshelf.
  • Anti-Social Angus — Box at the Inn in Peasantry.
  • French Press — Take a screenshot with the camera near the Snap Shak.
  • Junk in the Trunk — Use Gel-Arshie on Strong Bad's mailbox.

[edit] Costume Items

  • Trogdor Shirt — In the mainframe, use the wheel to select Trogdor and thatched roof cottage. Use Gel-Arshie on it to reveal the answer, then read the answer. (This must be done before answering the question to get into Peasant's Quest.)
  • Pixel Hat — The crate near Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Pixel Boots — The box near the lake in Peasantry.
  • Stinkoman's Boots — Take a screenshot with the camera of the Strong House bathroom.
  • Stinkoman's Gloves — Use Gel-Arshie on Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Stinkoman's Blue Hair — Use Mista Fixit on the far left ladder in the Stinkoman game.
  • Strong Bad Shirt — Get "SBCG4AP MMORPG" awesomeness rank.
  • See-Through Shirt (invisible body) — Underneath the Snap Shak door.

[edit] Free Ghosts

The first four ghosts are freed as part of the plot, by giving them the item they lost. They can't be skipped.

  • Samuel Adams (teabag)
  • Benjamin Franklin (key)
  • John Hancock (quill)
  • Paul Revere (lantern)

As for the other four, whenever you hear a spooky noise, just use your camera and take a picture. This will reveal a hidden ghost, who will reveal a box that wasn't there before. These boxes contain collectible items.

  • The Strong House Bathroom.
  • The Strong House Basement.
  • Peasantry, just outside the King of Town's lair.
  • Near the Snap Shak.

[edit] Party Members

  • Algebros — On top of brick wall after explosion.
  • Snake Boxer — Left side of "crates!"
  • Gel-Arshie — Go backstage of the Marshie game, set the difficulty to high and pull the lever. After clearing the House of Strong of ghosts, play the game.
  • Performing Bear — Click on Space Circus Catastrophe on Mainframe.
  • Innkeeper — Click on Limozeen bus, then talk to Inkeeper about it in Peasantry.
  • Limozeen's Space Machine — Use Innkeeper on bus.
  • Mista Fixit — Use pebbles from Peasantry on Rivets bucket.
  • Putchnya Shotski — Use trophy on Strong Mad at Halfathlon.
  • Rather Dashing — Talk to him after siccing the King of Town on Strong Sad.
  • Peasants — Enter Trogdor's lair.

[edit] Peasants Burninated

  • Use Innkeeper on the Limozeen bus.
  • Use peasants on the pedestals near Ultimate Trogdor (one peasant-burninated point for each pedestal).
  • Use peasants on Ultimate Trogdor.
  • Use peasants on the mysterious bush near Bubs' Concession Stand.

[edit] Games

  • Gel-Arshie's Fruitboarder — 20,000 points
  • Redcoat Ghost Patrol — 800 points
  • Trogdor's 3D-Ungeon — 10,000 points
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