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We're not GONNA go to the sun!

Space Circus Catastrophe is a mini-game by Videlectrix from Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People's Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.

During this game, you pilot a ship through the solar system, picking up circus performers with a "bubble laser", shooting clowns and avoiding stale circus food. You start with five shield points — each collision costs a shield point, while each completed level recharges a shield point. Attempting to avoid a performer or clown, dodging a food item in the wrong direction, or simply not responding to an incoming item will result in a collision. Lose all your shields, and it's Game Over.

The ship also has a single bomb, unmentioned in the instructions, but revealed on the last page of the game manual as a secret code. It is usable by pressing the A key/button. It will destroy anything currently on the screen, including food, and reduce the count of performers remaining to be rescued to 1, but does not score any points. The bomb may only be used once per game.


[edit] Controls

[edit] Wii Controls

Hold The Wii Remote Sideways

D-Pad: Dodge stale circus treats
1: Launch a rescue bubble
2: Shoot space lasers
A: Use bomb
+: Start the Game
-: Quit the Game

[edit] PC Controls

Arrows: Dodge stale circus treats
Z: Launch a rescue bubble
X: Shoot space lasers
A: Use bomb
S: Start the Game
Q: Quit the Game
Spacebar: Pause the Game

[edit] PS3 Controls

D-Pad/Left Analog Stick: Dodge stale circus treats
Circle: Launch a rescue bubble
X: Shoot space lasers
Square: Use bomb
Start: Start and quit the Game
Select: Pause the Game

[edit] Scores

  • Rescuing a performer: +100 points, -1 to "to save" count
  • Shooting a clown: +200 points
  • Shooting a performer: -100 points, -1 to "to save" count
  • Rescuing a clown: -50 points
  • Using the bomb: 0 points, reduces "to save" count to 1
  • The score required to obtain maximum awesomeness is 15000.

[edit] Levels

In order, the levels are Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, and Black Hole. Once reached, the Black Hole level continuously repeats, though the difficulty continues to increase.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • This game is nearly identical to the Space Mountain minigame found in the NES game Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, including the strange way the starship can only maneuver in 90-degree turns. Albeit, the navigation arrows are replaced with circus snacks, missiles replaced with rescue bubbles, asteroids replaced with performers, and alien ships replaced with clowns.
  • The game's theme may have been based on the game Starshot: Space Circus Fever.
  • During the main story of Episode 4, one level of the game is played to reach Uzi Bazooka's base on the sun. Strangely, although the player only completes level one, the end screen for the level reads "The Sun", which is the name of level ten. If you die during this, Strong Bad will rewind the tape to the beginning, but without resetting the "to save" count.
  • This is one of the games contained the Videlectrix Mainframe.
    • After Strong Bad rejects entering the game for the first time in 8-Bit is Enough, the Dancing Bear becomes a party member.
  • If you rescue a performer or shoot a clown right as it crashes into your shields, you will gain 100 or 200 points, respectively, but still lose a shield point.
  • Performers and clowns can be shot before the rescue bubble takes effect, or rescued before the laser takes effect.

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