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Pigs on Head
Gotta keep your balance!
Description Catch those pigs! Ham and watch gallery!
Release date February 2, 2004
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Box Art
"Pigs on Head" boxart
"Hey pard'ner, what's that on your head? In this zany new game, it's pigs stacked high to the heavens. But be careful, one false movesends these curly-tailed oinkers tumbling to the ground!"Videlectrix

Pigs on Head is a game made by Videlectrix, purportedly available in both 8-bit and handheld LCD variations. The playable version on homestarrunner.com is in the style of an LCD game.

In both modes of the game, the object is to catch the pigs on Pageboy's head and give them to either Hank or Frank. If Pageboy fails to catch a pig, it's destroyed and Pageboy loses a life. Lose all three, and the game is over. Pageboy can only carry 10 pigs on his head at one time.

The game has two modes of play. In Mode A, you control all three characters at once. In Mode B, Hank and Frank move up and down the ladders in a predetermined pattern (when Hank goes up, Frank goes down and vice-versa).

The number of points earned for dropping off pigs is directly related to the number of rungs up Hank/Frank are on the ladder. Therefore, the bottom rung (or one pig on head) is worth 1 point, while the top rung is worth 10.

Page Title: Pigs on Head - Handheld Gamings-on!

Date: February 2, 2004


[edit] Instructions

GAME A - Help PAGEBOY catch the falling pigs! Before they stack up too high, take them over to HANK or FRANK on the ladders to unload them. You control all 3 characters in this mode.
GAME B - You only control PAGEBOY in this mode. Catch pigs and unload them on HANK or FRANK ...if they're around!

[edit] Controls

  • In both modes, use the left and right arrow keys to move Pageboy left and right.
  • In Mode A, use the Q and A buttons to move Hank (the individual on the left ladder) and the up and down arrows to move Frank (the individual on the right ladder) up and down.
  • You can also directly click the D-Pad and buttons with your mouse to get the same effect.

[edit] Fun Facts

8-bit version seen in the Videlectrix game catalog

[edit] Explanations

  • "Pigs on Head" first appeared in 2 emails. As the email is being fast-forwarded, Strong Bad can be seen playing the PC version of the game on his computer.
    • The game also makes a cameo appearance (along some other Videlectrix games) in anything, in the form of one of the "Sega Tapes" that Homestar Runner makes into a coaster.

[edit] Remarks

  • Neither Hank nor Frank can be seen in the PC version shown in 2 emails.
  • The kid on the box art has blue hair like Stinkoman.
  • Using a Flash decompiler, one can see what was actually on the handheld game before the Flash attachments were added. The hidden background bears striking resemblance to the Game and Watch game "Manhole", in which the player would carry a manhole and cover the hole to let the people pass by without falling.

[edit] Inside References

  • The screenshot contains the word "mans".
  • Hank and Frank are both smoking cigars.

[edit] Real-World References

  • The LCD version of the game is specifically designed after the generic look of the Game & Watch series of LCD games produced by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991. It uses elements of multiple real Game & Watch games, such as the catching/stacking element from Oil Panic.
    • The three-character control style is much like the style found in the game Mario Bros. for the Game & Watch.
  • The game parodies the old Kickman and Pooyan arcade games.
  • The game slightly resembles These Little Pigs, a game by Orisinal.

[edit] Fast Forward

  • A sequel to this game, Butcher Bros., was planned but never made.

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