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Gotta fight for that overtime pay!
Box Art
NOW for only ONE PLAYER!!
"Fiendish lasers threaten to destroy the solar system! Explosions are taking over the galaxy!! It's Memorial Day and YOU were the only Spaceshipper who didn't have plans. Pilot your StarZoom to freedom! And time and a half!!"Videlectrix

Spaceshipper is a single player video game by Videlectrix. Strong Bad apparently plays it, as it was one of the floppy disks featured in privileges.

The game is also mentioned on the Videlectrix game catalog, but it is not available for actual play.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The line "It's Memorial Day" may be a reference to the alien invasion movie Independence Day.
  • "Time and a half" is the wage one is often paid for working overtime, typically meaning over forty hours per week. In some jurisdictions, work done on a holiday is always remunerated at the overtime rate.

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