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Can you handle his style?

The Strong Bad Collector's DVD was released by Telltale Games on July 2, 2009. It includes five PC-compatible episodes of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, the documentary Behind the Bad, footage from PAX 2008, and Easter eggs. Early orders of the DVD included a Strong Bad button.


[edit] Intro

{Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People logo is seen on black background, while musical fanfare plays. A white square opens at the top of the screen and Strong Bad drops down.}

STRONG BAD: {close up of Strong Bad} Woo, I've always wanted to be part of a DVD interface.

{Shifts to the main menu, with a silhouette of Strong Bad can be seen.}

STRONG BAD: This is gonna hurt! EEGAHHHH!!! {Strong Bad jumps through the menu and then converts first to Dating Sim version, then Atari Strong Bad, then a white square, that floats to the menu.} plonk.

[edit] Menus

  • Menus are done in the style of the Atari 2600.
  • Random music from the different mini-games will appear on each menu.
  • If you wait on any menu, it will sometimes appear to glitch, with random characters on the screen. Other times, a picture of Marshie in ASCII art will flash on the screen, followed by a screen filled with "All work and no play make Marshie a dull boy."
MARSHIE: You can't control me!
  • Strong Bad makes a random noise whenever anything is selected.

[edit] Trailers

  • Yellow background, with a picture of Atari Strong Bad watching a TV screen.

[edit] Behind The Bad

  • A rear view of Atari Strong Bad on a blue background.

[edit] Shorts

  • Atari Strong Bad, Atari Homestar Runner, and Atari The Cheat standing on a green background.

[edit] DVD Credits

Homestar reveals the secret cheat codes to unlock himself in SBCG4AP. Strong Bad disapproves.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Strong Bad

Places: Dark Room

[edit] Transcript

{Cut to a dark room. Homestar slowly walks up to the front of the room. Once there, he looks around. Music plays}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And now, at long last, I, Strong Bad—excuse me—I, Homestar Runner, will finally reveal the super-secret never-ending cheat code to unlock yours truly as a playable character. Ahem. First, go to the track wearing the old-timey mustache, then challenge Marzipan to a fight, which you lose. Then, pour ketchup on Marzipan's welcome mat while shouting: "All hail the King of Town, whose reign will—" Then, suddenly, before you can finish your sentence, the S is for Sucks dragon comes outta nowhere and eats up New York while dancin' with The Stick! {credits come down} The Stick uses the pudding to eat 1-Up, and that makes someone do a cartwheel for a mile. But that makes someone asplode into a million little pieces, which upsets Oprah, and then she poops on Strong Mad, making him—

{Strong Bad comes in}

STRONG BAD: Homestar, what are you doing? Don't encourage those forum trolls! You're gonna make 'em feel even more entitled than they already do! If we give those losers even the slightest recognition they'll start— {a section of the credits called "Forum Crew" goes by} Hey! Hey, what's going on?!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, that guy, and oh, that girl. A rare treat.

STRONG BAD: Aw, that guy?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, I like that guy, he wants me to get my own game. That guy one time asked me to do a dance.

STRONG BAD: Oh, that guy—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {dances} Doo doo doo a dooba doo—

STRONG BAD: Troll...trakalankal I call him.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, and you. For the last time, Homsar and I are not related.

STRONG BAD: Oh, I hate that guy's signature.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: That guy owes me 5 bucks. That guy's girlfrie—

STRONG BAD: Ugh, never mind. I'm gonna get outta here before they start nitpicking me to death.

{Homestar dances and then slowly fades out. The rest of the credits scroll by as the protest song plays.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Contents

Disc and interior art
Strong Bad button that came with early orders

[edit] SBCG4AP Episodes

[edit] Bonus

[edit] DVD Video

[edit] Goodies

[edit] Easter Eggs

Alternate Cover
  • When the cover is flipped inside out, it reveals the Videlectrix version of the cover.
  • Behind The Bad Prototype Footage: Accessed by pressing up on the Behind The Bad menu from Episode 1.
  • Strong Bad Takes A Detour: Accessed by pressing up on the Shorts menu from Make A Scene.
  • PAX panel Q&A session: Accessed by pressing right on the Make A Scene submenu from Extended Version.
  • DVD credits can be viewed by pushing up from the main menu from Trailers.
  • Clicking on the Telltale link on the PC Autorun menu sends you to Telltale's website
  • Also, clicking on the Videlectrix link on the PC Autorun menu plays a one of five short pieces of dialogue with the Videlectrix Guys.
    • These snippets can also be heard by going the Autorun directory, selecting one of the "videlectrix" folders and clicking on "start.wav"

{A window appears, done in the style of Windows 3.1, with the header "Launchelectrix" and an icon for "Dangeresque Roomisode 1" and a sticky note that reads "Play More Roomisodes at Videlectrix Dot Com?"}

Dialogue 1

FIRST PROGRAMMER: Ah, now they get to the real game!
SECOND PROGRAMMER: That other one looks pretty good, I though—
FIRST PROGRAMMER: Oh! You traitor! What do I pay you for?
SECOND PROGRAMMER: You've never paid me for anything, really.
FIRST PROGRAMMER: Oh! You gonna get into semantics. Some antics.
SECOND PROGRAMMER: {hums a little tune} I can juggle now.
FIRST PROGRAMMER: I like those antics.
SECOND PROGRAMMER: {continues to humming the tune}

Dialogue 2

FIRST PROGRAMMER: Well, go on and make your selection!
SECOND PROGRAMMER: Uh, I think there is only one option to choose.
SECOND PROGRAMMER: Why didn't they make the button to be this one?
FIRST PROGRAMMER: You graphic this whole thing!
SECOND PROGRAMMER: {hestitantly} I was told... there would be... chips and salsa?
FIRST PROGRAMMER: I never agreed to that!
SECOND PROGRAMMER: A menu with only one choice is like a food menu with only one choice.
FIRST PROGRAMMER: Chips and salsa!
FIRST PROGRAMMER: And we're back to square wan!

Dialogue 3

FIRST PROGRAMMER: Now here's a real game with graphics and sound!
SECOND PROGRAMMER: Well, that other game had both graphics and sound, too—
SECOND PROGRAMMER: Uh... the side where people don't hit me?

Dialogue 4

FIRST PROGRAMMER: Now here's a real game with graphics and sound!
SECOND PROGRAMMER: That other game had graphics and sound, too.
SECOND PROGRAMMER: Uh, the side where people don't hit me a lot?
FIRST PROGRAMMER: Oh, that hurts! You cut me deep!
SECOND PROGRAMMER: You cut me all the time.

Dialogue 5

SECOND PROGRAMMER: That's all there was. Only one option.
SECOND PROGRAMMER: I'd like a burger.
FIRST PROGRAMMER: You make me some burger graphics, and we'll talk about it!

[edit] Fun Facts

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