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I'm supposed to be up there where all the runny, jumpy, shooty action is!

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People has many responses when you talk to various characters and interact with various objects. These are the responses from Stinkoman 20X6 in 8-Bit Is Enough.

On these pages, A → B (right arrow) means that the response happens when object A is used on thing B, or in the case of talking to other characters, the indicated sequence of chat topic icons are chosen.

A short horizontal line between two or more responses, such as the one above, means only one of the responses is heard at a time, and that the action results in a different response each time it occurs.


[edit] Stinkoman 20X6

[edit] On arrival

{First time only}
{The Stinkoman 20X6 Level 1 theme is playing in the background. Strong Bad does the sprite transformations and appears in a black area. He looks around, and realizes he is on the games status bar. He walks past two other Stinkomen.}
STRONG BAD: Step aside! Coming through! Move outta line!
EXTRA LIVES: Hey, watch it!
{Zoom out to reveal the whole screen. Strong Bad, the portal, and the extra lives are at the bottom of the screen on the status bar. Stinkoman is standing on a platform to the left, a Browntant can be seen in the middle, and a Chorch is floating above. All the ladders and many platforms are broken. At the top right of the screen, the TrogSword rests on a floating platform.}
STINKOMAN: Whoa, I just got an extra life! {zoom in on Stinkoman} I must be even more bodadical than I thought!
STRONG BAD: What the...? {cut to Strong Bad} What am I doing down here? I'm supposed to be up there where all the runny, jumpy, shooty action is!
{cut to Stinkoman}
STINKOMAN: Hey, be quiet down there! I'm right in the middle of a CHALLENNNNNNNNNGGGGGGEEEEE!!! Hey bad guys, check out these moves! Hiyayayayayayaya! {Stinkoman punches the air several times}

[edit] Box

If on the platform

STRONG BAD: I wonder where those boxes come from, anyway. I hope it's not one of those creepy workshops run by elves, gnomes, dwarves, fairies, or midgets.

STRONG BAD: {front flips onto the box and somersaults off} It's Stinkoman's spiky Japanese cartoon hair! So blue and luxurious, without using any product!

[edit] Broken Platform

STRONG BAD: {frustrated} This place is a dump! How am I supposed to get across to the TrogSword when everything around here is broken?!

[edit] Mista Fixit → Broken Platform

STRONG BAD: Here ya go, Mista Fixit! Work your magic!
{The Poopsmith appears and repairs the platform.}
STRONG BAD: Nice work! Hey, how much would you charge to build a 200 foot wall around Marzipan's house?
{The Poopsmith holds up a sign with 3 dollar signs on it.}
STRONG BAD: {astonished} Three dollars?! That's gre- {The Poopsmith shakes his head.} Oh. Never mind.
{The Poopsmith disappears.}

[edit] Broken Ladder

[edit] From the bottom of the screen

STRONG BAD: That shockwave must've hit the videogames harder than I thought. Everything's broken!

{Hidden ladder only}
STRONG BAD: Still broken.

[edit] Broken Ladder (Short)

STRONG BAD: It's broken.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {pops up} Hey, Strong Bad!! Why don't you just jump down?
STRONG BAD: {annoyed} Because I prefer to use the ladder.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Is it because of your tiny legs? {he starts hopping up and down on one leg}
STRONG BAD: No! I mean, I could do a quadtriple fudge backflip and land on my feet, but I don't want to! Someone's put that ladder here for a reason and I'm gonna use it!!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: But it's broken!
STRONG BAD: Then I'll fix it!! Now go away!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay, tiny legs! {vanishes}

STRONG BAD: Still broken.

[edit] Mista Fixit → Broken Ladder (Short)

STRONG BAD: Okay, Mista... Fix it!
{The Poopsmith appears in front of Stinkoman, causing him to jump out of the way. The ladder gets repaired, and he disappears. Strong Bad rubs his hands together with satisfaction.}

[edit] Broken Ladder (Long)

STRONG BAD: This one's broken, too! Who leaves a bunch of broken ladders lying around anyway? Stupid broken ladder.

STRONG BAD: Stupid broken ladder.

[edit] Mista Fixit → Broken Ladder (Long)

STRONG BAD: One more time!
{The Poopsmith appears, repairs the ladder and disappears.}

[edit] Mista Fixit → Broken Ladder (Hidden)

STRONG BAD: Keep buildin' till you hit the cloud kingdom! {The Poopsmith appears.} They keep all the cool stuff hidden away above the high score!
{The Poopsmith builds a high ladder that extends out of the screen before disappearing. A box falls down during the process.}

[edit] Browntant

STRONG BAD: Hey, up there! {waves}
BROWNTANT: {speaking with a faux-African American accent} What? Who said that?
STRONG BAD: Me! Down here! Hey, I gotta tell you somethin'!

STRONG BAD: Yo, Browntant!

[edit] Browntant → TrogSword

STRONG BAD: So, hey bra! Some sweet energyball-shootin' you got going on there. So listen, let's be buds! I just need you to get me that totally gnarly sword over there and...
BROWNTANT: {sighs} Oh great. Another one. Look, why can't you guys just speak normally?
STRONG BAD: {hesitantly} Oh, I...
BROWNTANT: I'd have a lot more respect for you if you just stop trying so hard to be "cool" and talk to me like a human being.
STRONG BAD: {puzzled} But... you're a robot.
BROWNTANT: {annoyed} Oh, now you're gonna judge me. I don't have time for this.

STRONG BAD: OK, let me put it to you this way. I need you to kill Stinkoman so I can get that sword.
BROWNTANT: OK, see, now THAT I understand. Unfortunately it's not that easy. I mean, I AM trying to kill Stinkoman. That's what I do, ya know. That's ALL I do, but I guess he's just too good.

[edit] Browntant → Stinkoman

STRONG BAD: Did you know that Stinkoman makes fun of you behind your back?
BROWNTANT: Of course I know! I mean, have you listened to the guy for more than ten seconds? He's got the brainpower of a first-grader at naptime! But despite my college education and middle-class upbringin', {cut to Strong Bad, shaking his head in disbelief, then cut back to Browntant} daytime TV has somehow gotten its hooks into me, and made me a sucker for gossip! So, what's he sayin' about me?

STRONG BAD: Man, man! Stinkoman is STILL talking trash about you!
BROWNTANT: OK, gimme the scoop!
[edit] Browntant → Stinkoman → Turtle
STRONG BAD: He said you were too slow!
BROWNTANT: What, you mean like movin' too slow, or shootin' too slow? 'Cause if it's movin' too slow, well, then yeah I-I agree with him. {cut to Strong Bad, nodding his head, then cut back to Browntant} I basically just sit here and shoot! I guess I could shoot faster, though. I'll give that a shot, no pun intended.
{Browntant now has less reload time between shots on the screen.}

STRONG BAD: He said you were too slow!
BROWNTANT: I'll shoot faster then.
[edit] Browntant → Stinkoman → Arrows
STRONG BAD: He says you're too predictable.
BROWNTANT: Really? This from mister "Run to the right and shoot". Whatever.
[edit] Browntant → Stinkoman → Life Bar
{First time only}
STRONG BAD: He said you weren't powerful enough!
BROWNTANT: Are... {in disbelief} Are you serious? Last week I hit that guy with one shot, knocked him off a ladder and left him crying for Stinkomommy! Ain't that right Chorch?
CHORCH: {excited} One shot! I saw it.

STRONG BAD: He said you weren't powerful enough!
BROWNTANT: I think we all know that's not true.

[edit] Browntant → Cancel

STRONG BAD: Keep on keepin' on, Browntant.

[edit] Chorch

STRONG BAD: Hey, Pinchy!
CHORCH: {speaking with a Gilbert Gottfried-esque accent} Hey, you aren't supposed to talk down there! And don't call me Pinchy! I do have a name, y'know! Chorch!
STRONG BAD: Forget that. I got somethin' important to say!

[edit] Chorch → TrogSword

STRONG BAD: You see that sword over there? Why don't ya just clamp onto it and bring it over here for me?
CHORCH: No, sorry, I can't. I'm only supposed to hurt you guys, not help.
STRONG BAD: Well, you are certainly doing a bang-up job of not helping.
CHORCH: {irritated} Hey, come on man. That's not fair. I got a job to do here, ya know?

[edit] Chorch → Stinkoman

STRONG BAD: So, I was just talking, to that Stinkoman guy, and he told me, he thinks you guys are wussies!
CHORCH: {angrily} What?! Ooh, when I get a hold a' him, he'll wish he was never born! What did he say, exactly?
[edit] Chorch → Stinkoman → Turtle
{First time only}
STRONG BAD: He said you were too slow!
CHORCH: Too slow?! I'll have you know I took second place for regional sprinting in junior high!
STRONG BAD: His words. Not mine.
CHORCH: I'm plenty fast. Forget him, man.

STRONG BAD: He said you were too slow!
CHORCH: Pssht, whatever.
[edit] Chorch → Stinkoman → Arrows
STRONG BAD: He says you're too predictable.
CHORCH: Seriously? {frustrated} Awwww, man, now I won't be able to stop thinkin' about it! Just goin' back and forth all the time... Well, maybe if I change up my moves a bit... Like this? {Chorch moves up and down, and from side to side} Take that, pattern recognition!
{Chorch now moves faster on the screen, hovers up and down, and changes direction abruptly.}

STRONG BAD: He says you're too predictable.
CHORCH: {moves around} Let's get random!
[edit] Chorch → Stinkoman → Life Bar
STRONG BAD: He said you weren't powerful enough!
CHORCH: Oh yeah? Well, hang on, let me see if I can increase the power in my pinchers... {squeezes his pinchers}
CHORCH: Hang on... almost... OK, I think that's got it.
STRONG BAD: {unamused} Yeah? I can't see any difference.
CHORCH: Okay, yeah. They're the same... but HE doesn't have to know that!

STRONG BAD: He said you weren't powerful enough!
CHORCH: Oh yeah? One pinch from these powered up babies and he'll wish he was never born!
CHORCH: {whisperingly} No, just go with it.

[edit] Chorch → Cancel

STRONG BAD: Aaaand... I'm done talking to you.

[edit] Once both enemies change tactics

{Stinkoman is struggling to jump over Browntant's shots, and attempting to avoid Chorch.}
STINKOMAN: Hey, whaaaat is going on here? You guys are ganging {pronounced "gan-jing"} up on me!
CHORCH: Too predictable, huh?
BROWNTANT: And too slow?
CHORCH: Well, how do ya like us now?
STINKOMAN: Hey, you guys are cheating! No fair! {quickly} Cheaters! {Stinkoman comes into contact with Chorch. The screen turns black, and Stinkoman falls off the screen. The Stinkoman 20X6 Game Over theme plays.} {painfully} You made my stummy huuurrrt!
{screen returns to normal}
BROWNTANT: Hey, that was pretty good! Did you alter your pattern? I didn't know you could do that!
CHORCH: Yeah, well how about you, huh? I saw that rapid-fire action! Pretty sweet!
BROWNTANT: Thanks! Hey, you wanna take off early? Get some Cold Ones?
CHORCH: Abso-freakin-lutely!
{Chorch picks up Browntant, and the two fly off-screen. Strong Bad vanishes from the status bar, and appears on Stinkoman's platform. The portal appears behind him.}
STRONG BAD: Yes!!! {Strong Bad does a quick dance. Level 1 music resumes.}

[edit] Current Level

STRONG BAD: {frustrated} He's still only in level 1.1? Man, if I were in charge, I'd be all the way to level 10.5 fighting the secret hidden boss: Sticklyman.

[edit] Energy Meter

STRONG BAD: Stinkoman's still at full energy.
STINKOMAN: That's right! I ate an energy bar for breakfast that gave me the energy bars I need for the rest of the day!

[edit] Extra Lives

STRONG BAD: I hope you guys don't mind a long wait. When I get up there, I'm takin' it all the way to level 50!
EXTRA LIFE 1: Level 50 with your giant head and tiny mouth? {stomps from one foot to the other} Ha ha ha ha ha! No way! We won't be waiting long!

STRONG BAD: So, uh... what do you guys do while you're down here waiting to get in the game?
EXTRA LIFE 2: I am studying the moves of Stinkoman-sensei to achieve great victory! {punches three times} Hya! Hya! Hya!

[edit] Ladder (Hidden)

STRONG BAD: A ladder that big HAS to go somewhere cool! {climbs the ladder, but bangs his head at the top of the screen} What the-? {keeps attempting to get higher, but finally slides back down} The ladder is a lie.

[edit] Ladder (Long)

{While Stinkoman is still playing}
STRONG BAD: That ladder would take me right up to the TrogSword, if I could just get up there.
{While Strong Bad is on the starting platform}
STRONG BAD: Man, that possessed Poopsmith does nice work!

[edit] Ladder (Short)

{While Stinkoman is still playing}
STRONG BAD: Well, the ladder's fixed, but I still can't get out of the spare "MANS" list.
{While Strong Bad is on the Trog-Sword platform}
STRONG BAD: Man, that possessed Poopsmith does nice work!

[edit] Stinkoman

STRONG BAD: Hey, Stinkoman!
STINKOMAN: Whaddaya want?

[edit] Stinkoman → Stinkoman

[edit] Stinkoman → Stinkoman → Angel
STRONG BAD: Cool, cool robot boots!
STINKOMAN: I know I know I know! They make me jump at real high! Plus all the girls think I'm a boy! But I think they all need to grow up! And I can kick!
STRONG BAD: {annoyed} Okay! Man, shut up!
STINKOMAN: {points at Strong Bad} You shut up! You're dumb! And your head is wide like the river! You have the river head! {stomps from one leg to the other} Ha ha ha ha!
[edit] Stinkoman → Stinkoman → Devil
STRONG BAD: Why do they call you "Stinkoman"? Seems a little harsh.
STINKOMAN: Why do they call you Dumb Face?
STRONG BAD: {unamused} Um, they don't.
STINKOMAN: Is it because your face is dumb and at the same time you have a dumb face?
STRONG BAD: {irritated} No one calls me that.
STINKOMAN: Maybe they should call you Dumb Butt Face, because your face and your butt are both dumb! {stomps from one foot to the other} Ah ha ha ha! Robots, ah ha!
STRONG BAD: Stinkoman it is.

[edit] Stinkoman → TrogSword

{First time only}
STRONG BAD: Hey, how do I get up there? I need that sword!
STINKOMAN: {stomps on the floor} Ha ha ha! {stands still} No way. {stomps on the floor again} Ha ha ha! {points towards Strong Bad} You couldn't handle that sword! I'm gonna get that sword for myself, just as soon as I'm finished toying with these guys!
STRONG BAD: Come on man, that's so not cool.
STINKOMAN: {stomps on the floor again} Ha ha ha! {points towards Strong Bad} One day you'll get your baby turn. For babies! Who have a turn!

{Second time only}
STRONG BAD: I really need that sword!
STINKOMAN: Too bad! Ha ha ha! Did you hear that, Chorch and Browntant? He wants the sword! {stomps on the floor} Ha ha ha! {speaks quickly} Shut up, you guys are dumb!

STRONG BAD: I don't care how luxurious your blue hair is, I'm coming up there and getting that sword!
STINKOMAN: No way! You're stuck down there until I get killed! And these guys are too slow and predictable to be any real challenge! Ha! Ha! Ha!

[edit] Stinkoman → Chorch

STRONG BAD: Check out that pinchy guy! That guy looks awesome! I'd hate to get caught in his grip!
STINKOMAN: Who, Chorch? Ha-ha-ha! That guy is so dumb! {Stinkoman does his laughing pose} Ha-ha-dumb-ha! He is a dumb!
STRONG BAD: Well, what about that guy shootin' at ya? He looks like he could really mess you up, man!
STINKOMAN: Yeah, he wishes on his birthday! Chorch and Browntant are Level 1 enemies. They don't offer a significant challenge. Those guys are too slow, too predictable, and too not powerful enough to stop me!

STRONG BAD: I really think those guys could take you! You better let me take over!
STINKOMAN: No way! I'm just messin' with 'em! Like I said, those guys are too slow, too predictable, and too not powerful enough... and dumb!

[edit] Stinkoman → Cancel

STRONG BAD: I'd better stop talking to you while I still think you're somewhat cool.

[edit] TrogSword

{While Stinkoman is still playing}
STRONG BAD: The TrogSword is here! But I'll never be able to reach it stuck down here in the UI.

{While Strong Bad is playing but hasn't climbed the long ladder}
STRONG BAD: Hold on, mighty Trog-shiv! Strong Bad'll be there soon!

{After Strong Bad has climbed the ladder leading to the sword}
STRONG BAD: AH HA! {takes the sword and starts slashing with it} By the power of EGA! {holds the sword directly in front of his face} Extended memory management! Raster interrupt 6! Hold and Modify! And the mighty Mode 8! The power of the TrogSword is MINE!! {joyfully puts the sword away}
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {pops up, equally as happy} Yay! You got the sword! Now you can slay the dragon!
STRONG BAD: More importantly, I'll be able to keep you from popping up and interrupting all my future scheduled make-out sessions!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Uh... I've got access to your online calendar in here and I don't see any scheduled make-out sessions... just pedicures and bubble baths.
STRONG BAD: {embarassed} Yaaahhhh... that's code for "make-out session"! Just get outta here! And quit touching my stuff! {victoriously} The fabled TrogSword is MINE!
{Homestar vanishes.}

[edit] Portal

if you aren't on the starting platform

STRONG BAD: It's a good thing the portal followed me in here. Or I might be stuck in this lame opening level forever, ever, ever, ever.

if you are on the starting platform

{Strong Bad does the sprite transformation and exits through the portal.}

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