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The Homsartifacts (also known as Homsarian artifacts or sacred elemental items of collection) are four artifacts buried around Free Country, USA in the Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episode Strong Badia the Free. The locations of the three buried ones (Strong Badia, Strong Bad's mailbox, and The Stick) can be seen on a cave painting in the Homsar Reservation. The fourth one was acquired by Bubs during an illegal excavation of the Homsar Reservation, and must be traded for.

Putting the artifacts into the Homsar Reservation's mysterious pylon grants the user the ability to understand Homsar; however, observers will simply see both speaking non-sequiturs. For each artifact put in the pylon, a crystal on the pylon glows. The more artifacts are in the pylon, the more of Homsar's words can be understood. By putting all four in the pylon, the user can understand him completely, and even float like Homsar. This is undone if the pylon is destroyed. Homsar notes that ordinarily, after assembling the artifacts, one would have to face a punishingly difficult final dungeon and disappointing end cutscene; however, the ancient prophecy foretold of a young boy that would one day come to usher in a new era. The rest of the prophecy is unknown as Strong Bad interrupts him.

These artifacts play a crucial role in Strong Badia the Free. Strong Bad must collect them so he can understand Homsar, convincing him to join forces with Strong Badia to overthrow the King of Town. The pylon explodes after Homsar and Strong Bad perform a ritual (Homsar's wail) to reveal a cave. It is unknown if the Homsartifacts survived the explosion, or where their current whereabouts are.


[edit] The Homsartifacts

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[edit] Pottery Shard

The pottery shard is a shard of a beige pot. A couple of black flowers and a silhouette of Homsar can be seen on it. It is the only thing left in Bubs's stock at the black market behind his concession stand before Strong Bad trades it for Strong Sad's pretendix. Bubs says it's ancient and priceless when trying to sell it, but later calls it "just [a] broken piece of an old pot" while selling it and even implies he ripped Strong Bad off, so the shard most likely isn't particularly valuable. It is the only artifact that isn't found using the Taranchula Black Metal Detector, but it is implied that it was once buried like the rest of the artifacts, as Bubs says it's "from an illegal excavation in the Homsar Reservation".

[edit] Power Strip

The power strip is buried in Strong Badia next to the Cinder Block. It is a normal power strip, with no oddities or Homsar markings, although Strong Bad points out that it's covered in rust. He at first believes it to be ancient, then becomes confused when he realizes it's a power strip.

[edit] 3-Ring Binder

This is buried near Strong Bad's mailbox. It has the appearance of a blue school 3-ring binder, with a picture of Homsar on the front. Strong Bad considers it "a priceless treasure from an ancient civilization, and a great way to get organized for back-to-school".

[edit] Tuning Fork

This "grodelated" tuning fork is buried near The Stick. When rung, it sounds like Homsar's wail.

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