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"Totally legit-looking stuff!"

The black market is where goods are illegally bought and sold in the Homestar Runner universe. It is located at the back of Bubs' Concession Stand. Bubs sells his unlicensed Strong Bad and The Cheat merchandise from there, as well as weapons and other assorted items.


[edit] Known Items Sold

  • Strong Bad ointment
  • The Cheat notepads
  • Strong Bad "winter hats"
  • Strong Bad piñatas
  • Flamethrower that shoots throwing stars
  • Pottery shard (from Homsar Reservation)

[edit] Appearances

  • Email licensed — Bubs is selling Strong Bad merchandise, such as ointment and piñatas, from the black market.
  • Strong Badia the Free — Strong Bad has to trade Strong Sad's pretendix to Bubs via the black market in order to obtain an inventory item.

[edit] Other Black Markets

There have also been mentions of black markets other than Bubs's in the Homestar Runner body of work.

[edit] See Also

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