Behind The Bad Chapter 2: The Heist

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Behind The Bad
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"Come on, Sugar Daddy!"

Strong Bad torments the employees of Telltale Games.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Telltale Games employees

Place: Telltale Games offices

Date: Monday, October 20, 2008

Running Time: 3:37 (standard version), 8:54 (Extended Cut)

DVD: SBCG4AP Collector's DVD


[edit] Extended Cut Transcript

Note: Scenes typed in bold can only be found in the extended cut

{The video opens with the camera coming into the office of Dan Conners, the CEO of Telltale Games. He is seen on the phone, looking straight towards his laptop at the same time.}

DAN CONNERS: So, what can... what... in... integrity... listen... listen; you tell your kid... you tell your kid the game... make it... {turns and gives the "just one minute" signal to the camera, then returns his attention to the phone} you tell your kid the game deserves a 90. I... I don't care. But he came to our party, he ate our hummus and pita bread... he owes us. He owes us... yeah, no, I don't care. I don't care, ethics, I don't... that's just baloney. It's 2008. But if you tell the kid if he wants to dip his celery in any more Telltale veggie dip, he's givin' the thing a freakin' 90. All right. All right, thanks.

{He puts the phone down and turns to the camera.}

DAN CONNERS: {points to the camera} Don't use that.

{The following title screen appears}

Telltale Games Presents

{Limozeen's Because, It's Midnite can be heard in the background as Strong Bad is seen listening to it through an employee's computer, singing along to it.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} ...floatin' over the pavement, guitars take flight, wearin' my tightest pants, because it's...

{An employee comes in and shuts off his speakers.}

STRONG BAD: {singing, struggling to stay on key} ...midnite!... {realizes what happened, and lightly coughs to himself unamusedly}

Behind the Bad
The making of Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People

{Cut to another part of the offices. An employee speaks to the camera, identified as Graham McDermott - Senior Software Engineer.}

GRAHAM McDERMOTT: I wouldn't like to call myself a judgmental person, but I gotta say... um, I'm a little uncomfortable with Strong Bad, uh... and I think it would be fair to say that he's got a bit of, uh... an attitude problem.

{Cut to Strong Bad at the same workstation where he played the Limozeen song earlier. He was seen watching the scene in Baddest of the Bands in which Strong Sad zaps him, and grows frustrated over it.}

STRONG BAD: YAAAAARGH!!! {hits a pile of loose papers to his left, sending some to the floor}

{Cut back to Graham.}

GRAHAM McDERMOTT: I think he's been making people feel uncomfortable. Um...

{Cut to an office where Strong Bad is speaking bossily to another employee.}

GRAHAM McDERMOTT: {voiceover} ...kind of making comments under his breath, yelling at people. I mean... just, just yesterday he...

{Cut back to Graham}

GRAHAM McDERMOTT: ...shouted at me to make him coffee. And... this guy hasn't even introduced himself to me yet!

{Cut to another office, with another employee speaking to the camera, identified as Rhoda Gravador-Kao - Accountant.}

RHODA GRAVADOR-KAO: So, this is my first time working at a video game company and I didn't realize it was all dudes. And so, when I found out that we were gonna do Strong Bad, I was like "oh wow, that's really gonna be, you know, dudeville around here". But then, I actually found out that Strong Bad is a very feminine guy.

{Cut back to where Graham was sitting earlier, the seat now taken by Emily Morganti - Marketing and Public Relations.}

EMILY MORGANTI: He keeps kinda walking by and "hey, you wanna join me in the hot tub?" and it's kind of like "have you read the... the sexual harassment handbook?" I don't think so! {chuckles at the end of the sentence}

{Cut to another employee in that same position, this time being Mike Stemmle - Game Designer.}

MIKE STEMMLE: Strong Bad — he's like the kid with no shirt, right? I mean... I mean... I'm all for, like, casual days, but you know, that's kind of unhygienic, man.

{Cut to yet another employee in that same position, this time being Daniel "H-Bomb" Herrera - Senior Choreographer.}

"H-BOMB" HERRERA: When we, uh... when we first started working here, um... he was like... uh, like, our air conditioning had stopped working. So, it was a really hot day and we started putting fans everywhere, and he thought it was a great idea to... uh, turn the fan on people's desks! {chuckles} And all the paperwork would just start... jagging like... flying everywhere, so, uh... and he just kind of pointed and laughed and, uh... people had to pick it up and... uh, we didn't appreciate that too much! {laughs}

{Cut back to Graham.}

GRAHAM McDERMOTT: So, I kind of don't know what to make of the guy. I really don't think it's a fit. I mean, he must have known someone to get the job here, 'cause it... it, it really doesn't make sense.

{Cut to another employee, this time being Joe Pinney - Game Designer.}

JOE PINNEY: I like practical jokes. I think they're funny, you know? It's just there's two things — don't take... don't ruin all my mints.

{Cut to the largest room in the Telltale offices. One of the employees notices a whoopee cushion placed on another employee's chair, and goes to inspect it.}

JOE PINNEY: {voiceover} Um, like, if you wanna take a couple of mints and have a little mint fight, or make... make a little mint man, that's totally cool. I don't mind at all; that's... that's fine.

{Cut back to Joe.}

JOE PINNEY: Um... but don't, like, render all of my mints inoperable.

{Cut to another employee, identified as Gary Lu - Web Designer.}

GARY LU: And, uh, you know like, when you make... take the last of the pots just to refill it, he kind of doesn't do that. I mean, maybe it's because he's too short to reach the coffee or something, I don't... I don't know. But we can get him a footstool and he can like, climb on it and... and I dunno, make some new coffee instead of just letting it sit there... that... that'll be kinda nice.

{Cut back to Joe.}

JOE PINNEY: And the other thing is, don't put glue in my hair. Don't put glue in my hair.

{Cut back to Graham.}

GRAHAM McDERMOTT: I don't even know what he does!

{Cut back to Gary.}

GARY LU: You know, that... that's great that he left a... a can of frozen shaving cream on my desk. Now, all my papers are all messed up!

{Cut back to Joe.}

JOE PINNEY: You know, and it's not like "oh, you can't take a joke", because I can take a joke. If it's funny, I can completely take a joke. But if it's something that takes 2 and a half hours to... to clean out, then that's not... um... a joke.

{Cut back to Gary.}

GARY LU: There's no coffee. And then, like, I make a... a new pot of coffee and then... Strong Bad kind of just comes and... and drinks it all.

{Cut to another room with a different employee, identified as Kevin Bruner - CTO, Telltale Games, wearing a Strong Bad shirt. There are Cheat Commandos figurines on his desk: from left to right, Crackotage, Blue Laser, Silent Rip, Firebert, and Fightgar. Kevin is tapping Crackotage as he speaks. There is also a poster advertising SBCG4AP in the background.}

KEVIN BRUNER: {sighs} I... I'm really glad that he's... that he's here. I think he's working out great. A lot of... a lot of... a lot of great ideas and... and, and, I think I... I, I, I think it will come together. But it hasn't been too good — I mean, he's due... he's new, and everybody... it takes a little time to learn. And when you come in with ideas that are as powerful as that, it's kind of throwing some people off the game a little bit... {chuckles} ...yeah, the game probably, but uh... uh, you know, I... I think... I think it's gonna work out, uh, fairly well. I... I, I, uh... I'm glad he's here.

{Cut back to Dan, now formally introduced on screen.}

DAN CONNERS: Is that the intern kid... with the, uh, mask? Boxing gloves? Uh... down in the cellar?

{The camera focuses on a framed photograph of a child}

DAN CONNERS: Down... we keep him down in the basement?

{The camera focuses back on Dan.}

DAN CONNERS: I don't really, uh... I thought his name was Eddie. Uh... I don't really work with him much. Um... I just assumed he was one of the investor's kids.

{Cut back to the same scene where Graham spoke before, except a different employee speaks to the camera, identified as Mark Darin - Game Designer.}

MARK DARIN: Uh, I'm one of the designers for working with Strong Bad to create, uh, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Um... he's got a lot of good, uh... he's got a lot of ideas and we're working hard to make that work. At first it was going pretty good; he and all of the designers here at Telltale would have regular meetings, where we get around and, and talk about what we're gonna make and how we're gonna put this game together. And it seemed to be going okay, and then Strong Bad decided that he wasn't coming to the meetings anymore! {laughs at the end of his sentence}

{Cut back to Dan.}

DAN CONNERS: Okay. Okay, so I get it. He's the kid from, uh, from Videlectrix. Right. I'm not supposed to talk about... I've been advised not to speak... um, about, uh, about Videlectrix. You know, it was a little, uh, little thing, little... hostile takeover thing that they were accusing us of, but uh... I mean, who would take over those idiots?

{Cut back to Mark.}

MARK DARIN: What he's decided to do is wait til I leave my desk, and then he'll come by and just leave some "concept art" behind. Um...

{Mark reaches for a yellow notepad by his left, flips a page and shows the page to the camera, showing what looks like a pixelated knight — identified as Strong Bad — with jet pack boots. A post-it note saying "Do it or die!" can be seen at the bottom right hand corner.}

MARK DARIN: So, here is what we have to work with, along with his "helpful director's notes".

{The camera zooms in to the post-it note and the identification of the boots.}

MARK DARIN: So, yeah. We're trying. {puts the notepad down} We're trying. {nods}

{Cut to another part of the office, where Strong Bad — identified as an Intern — is seen in a black cushy chair speaking to the camera. He is squinting his eyes}

STRONG BAD: Okay, that's it! I have had it! It's time to take matters into my own hands. {He lowers his eye lids and taps his boxing gloves together as he says this. Afterwards he starts squinting again.} Those Telltales won't know what hit 'em!

Chapter Two
The Heist

{The scene changes to outside the Telltale office in a late sunset. Strong Bad is seen heading inside the building wearing his black heist hat, doing a somersault jump over a hedge and tiptoeing the rest of the way. Twice he taunts to the camera doing so. The scene then cuts to the 2nd Floor stairwell, where the camera heads towards a lift.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Now it's time to put Operation Open Sores Code into effect!

{The scene cuts to a cameraman's view, turning in a 180 degrees motion towards him.}

STRONG BAD: That's right — I'm gonna steal the source code. Then I can hand it over to the boys at Videlectrix, who know what good graphics are all about!

{The camera then focuses on an exit sign hanging from the ceiling.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} EXIT. I think that stands for "Extra... Intelligent... Total... Security System". That last part is implied.

{The camera then pans around several vacant employee workstations, with Strong Bad doing some a cappella death metal riffs while doing so. Along the way, the camera focuses in on Dave Grossman's stash of early 1990s PC games.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Look at this guy's desk — why don't ya quit living in the past, man?

{The camera then focuses on another employee's model figurine collection.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Look at this guy's desk — why don't ya quit living with your parents, man?

{Cut to another computer with code and 3D Strong Bad in a rectangular-prism frame. Typing can be heard.}

STRONG BAD: {whisperingly} I think this is where they keep the source code...!

{A bunch of computer code scrolls continuously, with the model of Strong Bad next to it now spinning on the spot.}

STRONG BAD: Jackpot! Now let me just put it on my recordable media...

{Strong Bad reveals his media— a handful of games on 5ΒΌ" floppy disks. The scene then cuts to him trying to push a floppy against the computer.}

STRONG BAD: {frustrated} Why won't you go? Where's the slot?

{After several further attempts, a CD tray pops out. Strong Bad places the floppy on top of it. The scene then cuts to a camera, its view based on Strong Bad leaving the building.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} Domination! I have all the files I need!

{He then gets distracted by a filing cabinet, the top drawer being labelled "CANDY".}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} ...Ooh, the candy drawer! I'll just help myself...

{The camera drops to the floor. Strong Bad's frustrations are heard in the background.}

STRONG BAD: {voiceover} glove is stuck...! {becomes increasingly annoyed} Come on...Sugar...Daddy!

{The viewpoint changes, indeed showing Strong Bad stuck at the top drawer with his glove wedged inside the candy drawer.}

STRONG BAD: {continues to struggle} ...come on, stupid... candy... d... {keeps struggling, making grunting noises while doing so}

{Cut to a title card for Telltale's website. The scene then changes to that same part of the office the next morning, where all the employees walk in... and Strong Bad is still stuck.}

STRONG BAD: {to the employees that pass} Good morning. Just nothing. Same type deal. {grows hostile when Dave Grossman walks past} Hi, gross-man.

{Cut back to Dan.}

DAN CONNERS: What's this for again? ...You're not the Wall Street Journal. Yep, could you get out of my office? Now?

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Remarks

  • Strong Bad's voice is notably out of sync on at least two occasions: When he says "Come on...Sugar...Daddy!", where his mouth does not move at all, and when he struggles to yell "Because it's midnight!"
  • Strong Bad is not carrying a camera when he's going into the building, but when he's in the building, he records everything he sees.

[edit] Inside References

  • The "recordable media" Strong Bad uses is obsolete.
    • Not only that, but Strong Bad has mangled the floppy disk trying to get it into the non-existent floppy drive to the point where it would be unreadable no matter what he did with it, let alone get computer information, similar to what he did with another floppy in technology.
  • Strong Bad mentioned "the Heist" in Homestar Ruiner, after obtaining the hat he wears in the video.

[edit] Real-World References

[edit] Fast Forward

[edit] DVD Version

  • The DVD contains the extended version of the short.

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