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Weeklies are three specific types of non-toon updates to homestarrunner.com, referred to as such because they were usually updated on Thursdays. They are:

Weeklies could be accessed by clicking on one of the small buttons (shown above) at the top of one of the main pages. Upon clicking on one of the buttons, the respective feature pops up in a small box over the main page. The data for the weeklies is controlled by the weeklies.xml site component. As of the post-Flash site update on December 31, 2020, the buttons are still present but are currently non-functional.

All three were regularly updated from 2004 through 2009; the pause in updates was briefly broken or acknowledged in 2014, but none of the three have been updated since October 30 of that year.

The random toon popup was activated by a similar small button that is grouped with the others (though it too is non-functional as of the post-Flash update). Because the location of the button and the behavior of the popup are very similar to that of the weeklies, the random toon feature is sometimes counted among the weeklies when discussing the main pages.

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