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"Here's the deal"

A video composed of one second from each of the first 160 Strong Bad Emails.

Running Time: 3:02

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Five

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, Bubs, Coach Z, Strong Mad, Homsar, The King of Town, Strong Badman, The Cheat, Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Zubs and Coach B, Stinkoman, Marzipan, The Poopsmith, Pom Pom, Casio Head Strong Bad, Sherlock, Eh! Steve!, Senor Cardgage, Wagon Fulla Pancakes, Teeg Dougland, Head Bad, Balding Man

Places: Computer Room, The Field, CGNU Principal's Office, The Athletic Field, The Garage, The Cheat's Computer Room, The Office, Living Room of the Brothers Strong, Bubs' Concession Stand, The Pond, Strong Badia, The Island, Strong Mad's Room, The Show, Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land, Basement of the Brothers Strong, Telephone Pole, The Stick, Marzipan's House, The King of Town's Castle, Smoky Office, Homestar Runner's House, The Stage, Arena, Club Technochocolate, Free Petry Dish USA, Bathroom of the Brothers Strong, Laundry Room of the Brothers Strong, Race Track, Strong Badman's Apartment, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Gremlin, Strong Sad's Room, The Classroom


[edit] Transcript

{open to a message reading:}

160 Seconds
Here's the deal: we took the
1st second from email #1,
the 2nd second from email
#2, the 3rd second from
email #3 and so on, all the
way up to email 160 and
stitched them all together to
make this trainwreck. Enjoy!

{The message is read aloud in sequence:}

STRONG BAD: Here's the deal: we took the first second from email number one—

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —the second second from email number two—

STRONG SAD: —the third second from email number three—

BUBS: —and so on, all the way up to email—

COACH Z: —one-sixty and stitched them all together to—


HOMSAR: Ennn-joy!

THE KING OF TOWN: {after a very brief pause} What about me?

{Cut to each email in order, as described above.}

1. some kinda robot STRONG BAD: Oh, who is
2. homsar STRONG BAD: My emai
3. butt IQ STRONG BAD: Check-a check-a check-a my email
4. homestar hair STRONG BAD: Doot do
5. making out STRONG BAD: do. Dear
6. depressio STRONG BAD: -ear Strong Bad
7. halloweener STRONG BAD: To have the bestest
8. brianrietta STRONG BAD: I can't help but realize
9. i love you STRONG BAD: {gibberish from pronouncing the name}
10. trevor the vampire STRONG BAD: As you
11. i rule STRONG BAD: You talking about
12. credit card STRONG BAD: Your old credit card numb-
13. i she be STRONG BAD: -Rong Bad, great looking girl
14. duck pond STRONG BAD: -iwi {enter sound}
15. the basics STRONG BAD: But you know, there's the
16. band names STRONG BAD: You rule
17. studying STRONG BAD: {loudly and angrily} Close the book and
18. stand-up {silence; Strong Bad is away from the Tandy}
19. tape-leg STRONG BAD: Some kind of tape
20. spring cleaning STRONG BAD: Do you have a secr-
21. cartoon STRONG BAD: Umm...
22. sb_email 22 STRONG BAD: Nevermind the Bullocks
23. little animal STRONG BAD: {Strong Bad turns to his computer} So there's
24. the bird STRONG BAD: Phylo D.
25. super powers STRONG BAD: {glowing noises as Strong Bad attempts to open a Cold One with his blue diamond}
26. CGNU STRONG BAD: Half as awesome as
27. 3 wishes STRONG BAD: Look at how great
28. 1 step ahead STRONG SAD: Funny {dodge ball hits him} Oh!
29. superhero name STRONG BAD: -ow, like: St-
30. 12:00 BUBS: It took me a l-
31. sugarbob STRONG BAD: Anyway
32. flag day STRONG BAD: Coolest flag you ever
33. gimmicks {silence and blackness}
34. weird dream STRONG BAD: -derstand
35. sisters STRONG BAD: {indistinguishable mumbling and groaning}
37. dullard STRONG BAD: {pretending to be on the phone} Yes.
38. helium STRONG BAD: {in a high voice because of helium} Too!!!!
39. property of ones STRONG BAD: So you got that
40. vacation {A postcard from The Great Mound appears on screen}
41. invisibility STRONG BAD: {Picking up some Swiss Cake Rolls while invisible} You know,
42. action figure {The Strong Bad action figure's fists go up}
43. little questions STRONG BAD: -s a baby.
44. lures and jigs STRONG BAD: -eg!
45. techno STRONG BAD: Doom doom
46. your friends STRONG BAD: ah-
47. new hands STRONG BAD: {With a bucket for a hand} Sit on it when I get-
48. ghosts STRONG BAD: -osts?
49. theme party STRONG BAD: -nes, and invite a
50. 50 emails STRONG BAD: {short pause} Tape le-
51. website STRONG BAD: -da cool.
52. island STRONG BAD: {Stranded on a desert island with Homestar} You're gonna need
53. comic CHEERLEADER: -et's start LOOKING
54. morning routine STRONG BAD: Routine
55. cheat talk STRONG BAD: -ay.
56. current status ZUBS: -rap ain't funny.
57. japanese cartoon {Stinkoman flies around space in cool poses while his theme music plays}
58. dragon STRONG BAD: {Drawing a dragon} -me way. S,
59. marzipan STRONG BAD: with me? MARZIPAN: That
60. huttah! STRONG BAD: He's not even that cu-
62. interview STRONG BAD: About your childhood
63. fingers STRONG BAD: {At Bubs' Concession Stand} Gimme a little some-
64. english paper STRONG BAD: Which is my
65. unused emails STRONG MAD: A PRAYING MAN-
66. the show HOMESTAR RUNNER: You agree?
67. autobiography STRONG BAD: {On tape recorder} slipped him some drugs
68. caper {music plays} STRONG BAD: Uh!
69. personal favorites {Shot of Strong Bad, Bubs and the Grape Nuts Robot quickly changes to shot of Strong Bad trying to fly Bubs' Concession Stand}
70. big white face {Closeup of the Compy, wide view of Strong Bad's computer room}
71. 2 emails STRONG BAD: -ow, I know!
72. crazy cartoon {Casio Head Strong Bad plays part of Homesickness of the Lowlander, Sherlock dances, Eh! Steve! runs by in the background}
73. mascot {Homestar is in the Jolly Dumple Costume, whistle blows}
74. privileges STRONG BAD: -re! Ooh, and the
75. funny {Strong Bad is bouncing on his head with a floppy disk taped to his forehead} HOMESTAR RUNNER: I can see y-
76. sibbie STRONG BAD: {watching TV} Oh, this is the one with
77. suntan {Strong Bad is sunbathing, The King of Town steals his cocoa butter}
78. anything COACH Z: {To Strong Sad} -ad the ball at the top o'
79. the process STRONG BAD: -thing, eh whoev-
80. stunt double STRONG BAD: -aaape?
81. date STRONG BAD: So
82. impression COACH Z: use of light and
83. labor day COACH Z: Oh, I
84. kids' book {Page turns in a kids' book} STRONG BAD: Every-
85. 2 years STRONG BAD: -ve definitely wo-
86. no loafing STRONG BAD: {hanging up a picture of a beagle} -rk for it.
88. couch patch {Lil' Strong Bad writes on the back of the couch} STRONG SAD: -member a young Strong B-
89. local news {The Cheat is in the air, Strong Bad makes helicopter noises} THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises, subtitles: Thanks Strong Bad}
90. colonization STRONG BAD: cold Hardee's he
91. caffeine HYPERACTIVE STRONG SAD: -ain! Here goes the wood-d-
92. kind of cool SENOR CARDGAGE: Like me.
93. army STRONG BAD: What ridiculous wa-
94. video games STRONG BAD: -ations.
95. the bet KING OF TOWN: -o game. It's th-
96. lackey STRONG BAD: -ost adorable.
97. monument UNSEEN CHORUS: {singing} -an!
98. stupid stuff HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Wearing a labcoat and holding a test tube} -n! I said
99. different town STRONG BAD: {Standing on his stool} Fourteenth song!
100. flashback STRONG BAD: {Story book Strong Bad and Coach Z are on a rainbow} Back down to free
101. car {The underneath of Homestar's hat is glowing} HOMESTAR RUNNER: An-
102. lunch special {Strong Bad puts a hose into Bubs' Concession Stand} STRONG BAD: All right, the
103. haircut STRONG BAD: Not eating it
104. theme park STRONG BAD: When
105. replacement STRONG BAD: The worst song I ever hear-
106. dangeresque 3 COACH Z: {Dressed as Renaldo} -ur new partner
107. cheatday {Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat are dressed as coal miners} STRONG BAD: Co-
108. pom pom BUBS: That'll be ten
109. crying {Homestar is on the ground crying}
110. for kids {Homsar walks forward a short distance, then stops}
111. other days {Quick short of Strong Bad and The Cheat cleaning up Strong Badia before cutting to a calender} STRONG BAD: Then there's
112. old comics {Shot of a comic panel in which Strong Bad is punching Homestar and the King of Town is saying "You're the worst of friends} STRONG BAD: Living reader
113. pizzaz {Stylized drawing of The Cheat pulling a plug out of the wall, music plays}
114. the facts STRONG BAD: Gaping plotholes
115. time capsule HOMESTAR RUNNER: -ss old wig in it
116. extra plug {Strong Sad, Strong Mad and The Cheat watch TV and laugh. Strong Bad comes in.} STRONG BAD: What are you guy-
117. montage {The Wagon Fulla Pancakes falls down some stairs, music plays}
118. virus {There are Homestar popups all over the screen, Strong Bad is outside the cartoon and is banging his fists on the side of the cartoon and screaming} HOMESTAR POPUP: Is! Totally
119. animal STRONG BAD: Sea fangly
120. radio STRONG BAD: -ish was delish
121. part-time job BUBS: Pictures with the
122. dreamail {Strong Bad has just finished answering his first dreamail}
123. origins {Homsar is glued to Marzipan} STRONG BAD: -sar, and
124. secret recipes STRONG BAD: Or make puke The King of
125. rock opera STRONG BAD: {Powered by The Cheat video of Strong Bad dancing with some girl} -omite! After-
126. best thing TEEG DOUGLAND: To Mitch
127. long pants STRONG BAD: You wear no
128. rampage STRONG BAD: Go ahead, The Cheat.
129. garage sale {Strong Sad is standing next to Senor Cardgage, Strong Bad approaches them} STRONG BAD: Look, if you're
130. do over STRONG BAD: {singing} Don't you know
131. boring (really) HOMESTAR RUNNER: My eyes.
132. modeling STRONG BAD: Clutching a milk-
133. bottom 10 STRONG BAD: Stench
134. record book HOMESTAR RUNNER: Wear shorts.
135. lady...ing {Old school Strong Bad splashes gasoline all over himself}
136. geddup noise {The Cheat is DJ-ing} SINGER: Geddup geddup geddup!
137. bedtime story {A Powered by The Cheat movie depicts a digital watch flashing a picture of The Cheat. Cut to The Cheat and Moses Malone playing video games}
138. space program STRONG BAD: {Dressed as Space Captainface} Got to...
139. portrait {The Cheat is gnawing Strong Bad's face into a log of wood} STRONG BAD: You two alone
140. high school STRONGBADIOPHAGE: -uying there, Homest-
141. death metal {Strong Mad is kneeling on the floor} STRONG BAD: -ystical orb in each
142. secret identity {Shot of Scarfgirl magazine}
143. technology POM POM: {Bubbles} STRONG BAD: Oh
144. narrator {Strong Sad is brushing his teeth and Strong Bad is looking over his shoulder} STRONG BAD: -d of years it ha-
145. myths & legends HOMESTAR RUNNER: growlin' and poopin' all
146. pop-up STRONG BAD: Some Cheat-tribution!
147. lady fan HOMESTAR RUNNER: {exercising} Tweese it, tweese it
148. disconnected HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Selling bread} Here! Dinner
149. candy product STRONG BAD: {singing} The crisp and the cru-
150. alternate universe STRONG BAD: e-Hulk?
151. senior prom COACH Z: Their bre-
152. isp BUBS: See what we can
153. redesign STRONG BAD: Aisle.
154. keep cool STRONG BAD: {acting as a lifeguard} -uys know the drill.
155. theme song {A stylised drawing of Strong Bad chasing the Lappy very quickly changes to a drawing of the middle aged man} ANNOUNCER: Do you wanna cut
156. road trip STRONG BAD: -able. {The Cheat begins to insert a CD into a car's tape player}
157. trading cards HOMESTAR RUNNER: Just sad.
158. cliffhangers HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'm-
159. retirement STRONG BAD: Rick. Way to
160. coloring STRONG BAD: -ramble? What about

{Fade to black.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

  • Marzipan is the only main character with intelligible speech not to speak during the intro.

[edit] Remarks

  • The 28th second of 1 step ahead was taken from the YES option.
  • The 40th second of vacation was taken from the start of Postcard #1.
  • The 75th second of funny was taken from an Easter egg.
  • The 92nd second of kind of cool could vary from the featured clip depending on which of Senor Cardgage's lines is played when viewing the email.

[edit] Goofs

  • In the scene from personal favorites, Strong Bad can be heard saying "—oo! Cl—". In the actual 69th second of that email, Strong Bad talks about the supposed email regarding flying Bubs' Concession Stand.

[edit] Inside References

  • The intro describes this toon as a "trainwreck". That is precisely how Strong Bad described his rock opera, which, similarly to this toon, also pulled from every email at the time.
  • The intro has a similar appearance to the intros of the deleted scenes of In Search of the Yello Dello.
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