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Cheer on, Cheerleader!
Teeny Tiny Cheerleader (not really)
Colorized Cheerleader!


[edit] Biography

Cheerleader is the de facto leader of the Teen Girl Squad whose "real" name is either Virginia, Joy, or Jennifer. She, like the others, represents a stereotype of a teenage girl; she obsesses about her appearance (specifically fashion) and focuses her energy on dating older or more popular boys.

Cheerleader aptly leads the Teen Girl Squad with her shrill and domineering manner. While the other girls usually follow her without question, they consider her leadership oppressive. After her demise shortly into Teen Girl Squad Issue 9, the rest of the squad was overjoyed and cheered, "We're free! The tyranny is over!", as they were then able to follow their own pursuits, even though they were killed later in the issue and ended up as Cheerleader's servants once more, this time as ghosts.

Cheerleader's trademark is her dress, which sports a different saying in every episode. Most sayings indicate either her puerile nature ("li'l brat"), vanity ("2 cute"), or her never ending desire for boys ("boy monger"). Many of them contain phrases which are meant to have overtones of these traits, but are barely intelligible, such as "huge bat", after previously wearing a shirt with the phrase "li'l brat". She also has blonde hair, which she wears in pigtails.

Like the rest of the squad, Cheerleader often meets a gruesome or unexpected end. She does not always die, however: she was the sole surviving member in the first issue and was nearly the sole survivor of Teen Girl Squad Issue 8, but was apparently eaten "off camera" by the shark at the end of the toon.

Despite her "boy mongering", Cheerleader has, as of yet, failed to successfully date anyone, with the exception of going to the Friday night dance with Eh! Steve! in PAY PLUS! and the Priggidy Prizom with Cheerleader Brian. When she tried to ask Quarterman out in Teen Girl Squad Issue 4, she was promptly CEREBELLUM'D. In Teen Girl Squad Issue 5, she was SAILING MISHAP'D after she yelled at the olda boys for correctly thinking she was the same age as So and So. The trend continues in Teen Girl Squad Issue 10, where her attempts to flirt with a trio of Scots only results in her being CABER-TOSS'D to her death. However, in Teen Girl Squad Issue 12, she goes on a mission to get "Valentimes Day" cards from as many different boys as she can and does, in fact, receive them, even if by force. She only values them for the "Mindy cred", as she immediately dispenses of each boy after getting his card.

In issue 5, when she and So and So were trying to get the "Olda boys" to date them, So and So said they were in 8th grade. If this is accepted as accurate, she can be considered about 14 years old.

Cheerleader's mouth has a tendency to curl to impossible lengths. One such occasion was in Issue 10, upon hearing that The Ugly One was hosting a boy/girl party. This also happened when she was given a Valentimes Day card from Patchbeard in Issue 12, and in Issue 14 when she says 'boys'.

In 4 Gregs, when Sci-Fi Greg asks her if she should be out leading cheers at the football game, she responds "No, I'm more a cheerleader in the way I dress and in the way I treat other girls," suggesting she isn't actually on the cheerleading squad. However, during the next issue of TGS Cheerleader implies that she actually is a cheerleader when Cheerleader Brian lifts her up while dancing, saying she's "off duty". She also performs a cheer for the basketball team if the megaphone is given to her in Homestar Ruiner Teen Girl Squad.

[edit] Pre-K Version

In contrast, her pre-K counterpart in Teeny Tiny Girl Squad was the chubby, foodaholic "Fattycakes". She is seen eating a chocolate bar that she claimed she "dipped in salt", although the presence of insects and hair on it suggested otherwise. She wore a dress with two buttons and had freckles.

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