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"Jugga Jigga Wugga."
"Are you even plugged in?"
Origins The Teen Girl Squad's high school
Genre(s) Death metal, grunge, punk rock, crossover thrash
Members Unnamed guitarist/lead singer
Unnamed bassist with skull shirt
Unnamed plump drummer
Discography If I Don't Get Video Games... (2008)
Decomposing Pumpkins (2009)
Trogdor's Fiery Rage (2019)

Brainkrieg is a metal band from the Teen Girl Squad comic series, created by Strong Bad in the email death metal. The band does not seem to be very skilled: they use all of the wrong "d-e" words in their song (dentist, deli-style, De La Soul) and place last in The Battle of the Crappy High School Bands. Brainkrieg frequently uses the onomatopoeic phrase "jugga jigga wugga" in their lyrics, representing guitar riffs; Cheerleader seems to be a fan of this — she comes for the wuggas, but stays for the jiggy juggas. Apparently, their music is popular with rats — during the Teen Girl Squad issue featured in Homestar Ruiner, rats are attracted to the girls whenever a Brainkrieg ringtone plays.


[edit] Songs

jugga jigga wugga

Brainkrieg's first full song was "If I Don't Get Video Games...", accompanied by a video, released on the Hooked on Decemberween holiday compilation album. In this song, their sound evolved from death metal towards grunge or hardcore punk. The song revealed much more about the characters and their personalities: the band is fairly rebellious, obsessed with video games, and the singer has an alcoholic uncle named Edgar. The song ends with a d-e word (Decemberween).

The next song, the Halloween-themed "Decomposing Pumpkins", was again centered around holiday festivities. In the lyrics, the band once again threaten repercussions if they do not get what they want for a holiday: throwing eggs or rotten pumpkins at those who do not give them "good candy" (including their own drummer, whose mother's candy did not measure up). The song was performed live from the garage of the singer's parents' house, where they played to an audience that included Cheerleader, What's Her Face and all four Gregs. The song once again ends with a d-e word (decomposing pumpkins).

In 2019, they wrote a song for Trogdor!! The Board Game Rulebook EP called "Trogdor's Fiery Rage". The song and video hearken back to their Strong Bad Email origins, once again performing on the high school stage and ending with a d-e word (deck of cards).

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