she likes cloth

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she likes cloth
"That's a good band name."
Origins The Teen Girl Squad's high school
Genre(s) Indie
Members Two boys
Discography she likes cloth (2007)
city (comma) state Soundtrack (2009)

she likes cloth is a band that is accidentally created in Teen Girl Squad Issue 12, when What's Her Face encounters two boys talking about band names. She interjects, saying "I like music. And um... cloth." One of the boys seems surprised that she has stated this, but the other thinks "she likes cloth" would make a good band name.

Two years later, in the Strong Bad Email "independent", it is implied that the band actually exists outside of the Teen Girl Squad universe. They seem to have been quite successful, as their songs have been featured in multiple car commercials, and the soundtrack of Pom Pom's independent film, city (comma) state. This soundtrack can be heard in the background of an Easter egg in dictionary.

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