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Open Source Greg is a computer hacker, with a preference for open-source software such as Ubuntu or the GNU Project. He is short and overweight, with curly hair, a pockmarked face, and glasses. While the other Gregs wear t-shirts, he wears a collared polo shirt.

Open Source Greg first appeared, unnamed and wearing a different shirt, in Teen Girl Squad Issue 9 as a friend of Sci-Fi Greg. His next appearance, in 4 Gregs, established his name and characterization.

He tries to hack into the concession stand to get treats, but instead only interferes with a website owned by Tompkins. In Teen Girl Squad Issue 15, he sends his avatar, "xxUBUNTUFAN91xx", to the Priggidy Prizom with So and So. In Decomposing Pumpkins, he theorizes that he is the "plump kid" referred to in Brainkrieg's song, implying that his parents don't give out good candy on Halloween and/or that Brainkrieg has thrown rotting pumpkins at him in the past. However, it seems the plump kid the song spoke of was actually the band's drummer.

Open Source Greg resembles the prototypical "fat kid" character in the comic The Far Side.

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