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A DOS based computer if ever there was one

It is somewhat of a running gag in Strong Bad Email for Strong Bad's computer to run DOS, which stands for disk operating system. All of Strong Bad's computers (excluding the Compé, which uses a graphical interface) appear to have DOS preinstalled, and include the program "strongbad_email.exe". On the Compy 386, this command was stored in an unnamed drive that was accessed by the command "dir/p". Strong Bad using DOS follows his preference for old technology.

Note that while Strong Bad's operating system is definitely inspired by DOS, it can't be DOS itself. Even though DOS has an 8 character filename limit, Strong Bad is able to type commands as long as "strongbad_email.exe", which is obviously longer than that. He is also able to insert normally off-limits characters in a file name such as "'" or the space character in the file "strongbad's email.exe". If this filename were typed in a DOS based command-line, the computer would return that "strongbad's" is not a command.


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