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"Shields up, everyone."

Sci-Fi Greg (full name Science Fiction Greg) is, as his name suggests, a science fiction fan. Greg has long, shaggy hair that covers his eyes and a stubbly mustache, he typically wears a shirt with his name on it and sneakers that resemble Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Peach-fuzzed face

He attended "Cosplayover Camp" in Teen Girl Squad Issue 11, where he dressed in a Star Trek-style uniform. His pale skin, suggesting he does not spend much time outside, can reflect light powerfully enough to create a "blinding voip", as Cheerleader discovers the hard way.

Sci-Fi Greg has an on-again-off-again relationship with What's Her Face. In Teen Girl Squad Issue 9, Cheerleader's death gives What's Her Face the freedom to date Greg again; he confidently responds that he knew she would come back to him. In Teen Girl Squad Issue 12, she develops a technological romance with the Wireless Wizard, who a lovesick Greg considers "a truly worthy adversary". In Teen Girl Squad Issue 15, What's Her Face dies before the Priggidy Prizom begins; Sci-Fi Greg is seen at the prom without a date.

He and D n' D Greg are the most prominent of the four Gregs, appearing more frequently than Open Source Greg or Japanese Culture Greg. Sci-Fi Greg furthermore acts as the Gregs' leader in 4 Gregs. Matt Chapman mentioned this duo as two of his favorite characters in a 2008 interview, adding that they were loosely based on some role-players he knew in high school. When Sci-Fi Greg describes a scenario using D&D terminology, D n' D Greg angrily tells him to "quit bitin my style!"

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