Teen Girl Squad Issue 15

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Teen Girl Squad Issue #15
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"Conference Room C at the Sheraton!"

The girls head to the Priggidy Prizom: Thugchantment at the Cloughb.

Cast (in order of appearance): Cheerleader, So and So, What's Her Face, The Ugly One, Sci-Fi Greg, D n' D Greg, Open Source Greg, Japanese Culture Greg, Chizuko, Arrow'd Guy, Fatty's Big Chance, Intercom, Band Name Boys, Color Guard Maiden, Tompkins, Short Girl, Tenerence Love, Cheerleader Brian, Manolios Ugly One, Gutted Sheep, Peacey P (Easter egg), Olympic Man (Easter egg)

Places: The Field, Conference Room C

Date: Monday, May 11, 2009

Running Time: 4:14

Page Title: Light Purple Cummerbund!


[edit] Transcript

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! {strapless!} So and So! {puffy sleeves!} What's Her Face! {tie and t-shirt!} The Ugly One! {leftover brine?}

{Open to Cheerleader facing the other three girls.}

CHEERLEADER: Oh my grash, gals! Guess who just got a date for the priggidy prizom?!

WHAT'S HER FACE: {looking befuddled} I'm a little rusty on my white girl gangsta. Does that mean you're dating a pretty prism?

{Close-up of So and So}

SO AND SO: No no, that's the name of this year's prom. {suddenly looks deranged and her speech bubble appears to be melting} I was on every committee ever. {no longer deranged, her speech bubble is now rectangular} It's called Priggidy Prizom: {the following words are in a different font and a rose appears on each side of them} Thugchantment at the Cloughb.

{Cut back to the four girls.}

CHEERLEADER: So, again I ask, gresh who got a date for the prom?




{Cut to a close-up of Cheerleader looking angry.}

CHEERLEADER: Let me rephrase. {face changes to have a big smile and a pig snout; her shirt temporarily changes to read "lil' snout"} Guess who got a non-Greg date for the prom?

{cut back to the four girls, Cheerleader has beams coming from her face}




{cut to a view of the Gregs, drawn on hexagonal-grid paper. The background music changes to the 4 Gregs music.}

SCI-FI GREG: So I figure we'll teleport into the prom to make a really grand entrance. {begins to flicker on the last three words} Anybody know where I can get some endurium? {flickers again on the last word}

{Cut to a view of Japanese Culture Greg standing at a distance from the other three Gregs with a shiny-looking girl.}

JAPANESE CULTURE GREG: Come on Chizuko {his head appears animeish on the last word}, we're too cool for the prom anyway.

CHIZUKO: {exaggeratedly moves her arms and legs whilst speaking in a fake Japanese accent, her speech bubble is rectangular} Welcome, American investor, to 2005 Consumer Robotics Show!

SCI-FI GREG: You'd think I'd be into life-size, realistic robots {cut to close-up of Sci-Fi Greg}, but that thing makes me wanna barf up my earlier energy drink into the one I'm currently drinking. {holds up a can of energy drink labeled "Greg Fuel"}

{Cut to Japanese Culture Greg and Chizuko; Chizuko shoots ray out of her eyes at Japanese Culture Greg, whose limbs begin to detach from his body}



{Cut back to the four girls, again drawn on regular loose leaf. The Teen Girl Squad theme resumes.}

CHEERLEADER: That's right, I just grot asked to the prom {shows a photograph} by Cheerleader Brian! {on the last two words, cut to closeup of a picture of Cheerleader Brian}

{Cut back to the girls; So and So and What's Her Face look skeptical.}

SO AND SO: Cheerleader Cheerleader, you're going to the prom with Cheerleader Brian?

WHAT'S HER FACE: Isn't that like going to the prom with your dad?

THE UGLY ONE: And we've all been there, right gals?

{The other three look skeptically at The Ugly One. The music stops.}

THE UGLY ONE: {weakly} enh?

{Cut to a close-up of So-and-So, still looking skeptical.}

SO AND SO: Uh... so... {face changes to a goblin-like one. The music starts up again.} How much did everybody's dress cost?

CHEERLEADER: {entering from the left and yelling and So and So, whose face has reverted to normal} MORE THAN YOURS!

THE UGLY ONE: {entering from the right and yelling at So and So before Cheerleader is finished} LESS THAN YOURS!

{Cut back to the four girls with What's Her Face facing the others; Cheerleader and The Ugly One are still angry; So and So is kneeling on the ground between them.}

WHAT'S HER FACE: Um, what is this... "dress" you speak of? Is a... food?

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: KRAKOW! {the word explodes into existence above What's Her Face's head}

{Cut to the right, where Arrow'd Guy appears out of cloud with rays beaming onto What's Her Face.}

ARROW'D GUY: You do not belong at the junior prom, What's Her Face!


ARROW'D GUY: You will come into your own in college, and thrive!

WHAT'S HER FACE: {smiling} I will?

ARROW'D GUY: Heh. No. Sparrow'd. {Sparrows fly out of his mouth and into What's Her Face.}

WHAT'S HER FACE: A new twist on an old classic!

{Cut to a shot of a man's face, his mustache reads "AT THE PROM". Cut to a room with Cheerleader Brian, Cheerleader and So and So, the girls are dressed for the prom.}

CHEERLEADER: Conference room C at the Sheraton! It's even more magical than I ever dreamed!

SO-AND-SO: I can't believe we got a cardboard cutout of Tenerence Love to play our Junior Prom!

{Cut to a scene of the prom which pans to the right as Tenerence Love sings. As the scene pans, Fatty's Big Chance, the Intercom, the Band Name Boys, the Color Guard Maiden embracing Tompkins, and the Short Girl scroll by, and the scene finally comes to rest on the cardboard cutout of Tenerence Love on a stage}

TENERENCE LOVE: {singing throughout the scene above} Light purple cummerbund, you know you're my only one! Don't need no date to the prom, 'cause I got a light purple cummerbund on. {the cardboard cutout of Tenerence Love falls over}

{Cut to Cheerleader and Cheerleader Brian}


CHEERLEADER: {slaps Cheerleader Brian} Oh, shut it off, will ya?

{Cut to So and So standing to the right of Sci-Fi Greg, who is wearing a suit.}

SCI-FI GREG: So, So and So, I'm so sorry Open Source Greg stood you up so. {in a separate, smaller speech bubble} Oh.

SO AND SO: {looking angry} Oh, he didn't. He just sent his avatar {cut to the right, where a feminine robot holding a pike and with the text "xxUBUNTUFAN91xx" above its head is standing} "in his stead".

OPEN SOURCE GREG: {voiceover} Here, let me help you with that corsage. {The text appears at the bottom of the screen, after "xxUBUNTUFAN91xx says:>", below So and So; the text lifts So and So slightly into the air} It doubles as a thumb drive. {this text appears, lifting So and So slightly higher} I make them myself! {this text appears and lifts So and So higher still}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: BETRAYAL! {the robot attacks So and So with the pike and splits her in two}

OPEN SOURCE GREG: {voiceover} All her save data! Lost! {the text he speaks again appears below So and So after the text "xxUBUNTUFAN91xx says:>"}

{Cut to D n' D Greg with The Ugly One, both of whom are dressed for the prom.}

THE UGLY ONE: Thanks for dinner, D n' D Greg. So exotic. I mean, southwestern egg rolls? {Throughout her second sentence, a hand begins reaching in from the left.}

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: DADGRASP! {The hand grasps D n' D Greg and pulls him to the left.}

{Cut to Manolios Ugly One standing to the left of D n' D Greg}

MANOLIOS UGLY ONE: So okay, Romeo {pronounced "roh-MAY-oh"}. You think you're so great? Captain of the basketball force? You lay one finger on my daughter, I gut you like sheep.

{Cut to a scene of a sheep with a hole in its torso and visible entrails}

GUTTED SHEEP: It's not so bad!

MANOLIOS UGLY ONE: No, I'm a joke. Gonna marry my little girl? {hanging from above} I gut you like sheep. {from the right} How much you make? {back on the left, a little lower than before} I gut you like sheep. {hanging from above and to the right} Got good knees? {in his original spot} I gut you like sheep. {from the lower right, half a stereo appears to D n' D Greg's left} Half stereo, two seventy-five... {hanging from above} ...like sheep.

D N' D GREG: I can assure you, Mr. Gly-One, I have never played a single bounce of basketball in my life.

MANOLIOS UGLY ONE: {holding a knife, D n' D Greg has a hole in his torso and visible ribs and entrails} I gut you like sheep.

D N' D GREG: Owww! Sheep, you lied!

{Cut to Cheerleader dancing with Cheerleader Brian.}

CHEERLEADER: Feel free to get slightly less appropriate with those hands, Cheerleader Brian.

CHEERLEADER BRIAN: {throwing his arms up in the air, Cheerleader falls back in surprise} Oh, you mean like awesome prom SPIRIT!! {cut to Cheerleader Brian holding Cheerleader above his head} And rip a cupie into a cradle catch!

CHEERLEADER: {still in the air, near the spinning disco ball} PUT ME DOWN! I'M OFF DUTY!

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: PRETTY PRISM! {the disco ball shoots a ray of light at Cheerleader}

{Cut to Cheerleader Brian looking at Cheerleader's intact lower body and the charred remains of her upper body lying on the floor.}

THE UGLY ONE: {jumping in from the right} Come on girls! Memories! Memories! {The previous two words appear in the speech bubble as she says them and move up and down, then disappear when she moves to the next sentence.} We gotta hurry up and get our pictures taken before...

NARRATOR STRONG BAD: IT'S OVER! {Cut to the "It's over" screen.} Chi-click!

{The final scene fades in. The Ugly One is standing in the center of a room with balloons on either side and a banner reading "Priggidy Prizom 2009" across the room. Cheerleader's half-charred remains are to the left of The Ugly One, What's Her Face is sitting down with sparrows sticking into her on the right of The Ugly One. So and So's lower half is upside-down to the far left, her upper half is to the extreme right.}

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • Clicking on the left balloons at the end plays a music video by Tenerence Love featuring Peacey P and Hiphop Man.
TENERENCE LOVE: Light purple cummerbund,
You know you're my only one!
Don't need no date to the prom
'Cause I got a light purple cummerbund on
PEACEY P: Thug chantment at the cloughb,
Rhymin' 'bout a light purple cummerbund.
It fits up on my abdomen like a glove,
Peacey P rhymin' with a cardboard cutout of
PEACEY P AND TENERENCE LOVE: Tenerererererence Looooooeerrrve.
TENERENCE LOVE: Remainder three! Repeating.
PEACEY P: And we out! {spoken} Dudes, don't forget to take your tux back tomorrow before noon or they charge you like two hundred dollars or some'n. It's ridankalus.
  • At the end, click on the right-hand set of balloons to see Tompkins stewing.
{In the background, Manolios is gutting D N' D Greg, as seen earlier in the toon, while The Ugly One looks on in surprise. Tompkins is in the foreground, scowling.}
MANOLIOS UGLY ONE: I gut you like sheep.
D N' D GREG: Owww! Sheep! You lied!!
TOMPKINS: Stupid 4 Gregs. There was a time when I woulda been massacred as one of those girls' prom date.
{The Tenerence Love cutout suddenly appears from behind him, shooting arrows from his mouth at Tompkins, whose body is skewered with them. Tompkins, however, has a huge grin on his face.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • Uncanny valley is a hypothesis that if a non human figure looks and acts almost like a human, it will cause much more revulsion than a more obviously inaccurate human figure. This is often applied to robots and other human analogs.
  • A cummerbund is a sash worn around the waist as part of a tuxedo or other formal suit.
  • A prism is a three dimensional object with rectangular faces and two congruent bases. When light is beamed directly into a prism, it creates a rainbow, not a laser as evidenced in this toon.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the first time that any of the Gregs are killed off, let alone two of them.
  • This is the first time one of Arrow'd Guy's attacks has actually been in a speech bubble, rather than announced by Narrator Strong Bad.
  • Thus far The Ugly One has been the sole survivor on three separate occasions, more than any other Teen Girl.
  • This episode breaks the chain of clicking the "o" in "it's over!" to find an Easter egg. The last one not to have an Easter egg activated by the "O" was Teen Girl Squad Issue 5, but it still had an Easter egg activated by a letter O (in "Now" instead of "Over".) The last one not to have an Easter egg attached to any letter "O" was Teen Girl Squad Issue 3, which had no Easter eggs at all.
  • This is the longest episode of Teen Girl Squad.
  • The YouTube description for this toon is "The Teen Girl Squad go to the Priggidy Prizom."

[edit] Remarks

  • Though What's Her Face doesn't seem to know what a dress is, she was seen wearing one as a much younger girl in Teen Girl Squad Issue 7.
  • Cheerleader says she is "off duty" when Cheerleader Brian lifts her in the air, but in 4 Gregs, she comments that she is more of a cheerleader in the way she dresses and the way she treats other girls.
  • There is no such thing as a remainder repeating, because the remainder is the value left over when dividing. For example: 5/2=2 remainder 1. Rather, Tenerence is referring to a repeating decimal (example: 10/3=3.3333...).
  • What's Her Face was dead before the prom started, yet her body was in the picture. The only way this makes sense is if another girl dragged her corpse to the dance.
  • Tompkins is "Tenerrow'd" with ten arrows, a possible play on words.
  • When D n' D Greg is gutted by Manolios Ugly One, the background music is paused. However, in the Easter egg where Tompkins views the attack from afar, the music is playing.

[edit] Goofs

  • The rounded, black border is not present during the "Loading" frames.
  • In the Peacey P Easter egg, "cardboard" is misspelled as "carboard". However, as he has been known to omit letters in his speech, this may be intentional.
  • After The Ugly One says "We've all been there, right gals?" the words 'lil' snot' disappear from Cheerleader's shirt until What's Her Face says "What is this 'dress' you speak of?"

[edit] Fixed Goofs

  • On the toons menu, it initially said that this toon was made in 2008. It was fixed the next week, after 79 Seconds Left was released.

[edit] Inside References

  • Strong Bad previously mentioned the "cloughb" in disconnected and nightlife.
  • The scene with The Gregs getting ready for the prom shifts to hexagonal paper, first seen in 4 Gregs, along with the music.
  • There is a total of three instances of 'd in this toon.
    • What's Her Face referring to the Arrow'd Guy's "sparrow'd" attack as "a new twist on an old classic" harkens back to his "arrow'd" attack from Teen Girl Squad Issue 1.
  • Tenerence Love and Peacey P previously did a crossover record in Rap Song.
    • "Remainder three repeating" echoes Tenerence's line "Remainder three!" from that song.

[edit] Real-World References

  • On his tuxedo, Sci-Fi Greg is wearing a Starfleet badge, which are worn by Starfleet officers in Star Trek.
  • "2005 Consumer Robotics Show" is likely a reference to the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual event where electronics makers, including robotics engineers, show off their latest models and research.
    • The Chizuko robot is likely a specific reference to the HRP-4C fashion model robot, demonstrated in a Japanese fashion show in March 2009.
  • Open Source Greg's avatar's name, xxUBUNTUFAN91xx, refers to Ubuntu, an open source distribution of the Linux operating system.
  • The book-ending X's in Open Source Greg's avatar's name is a common technique to make a players name stand out in video games or to allow the player to use a name which has already been reserved.
  • Endurium is a fictional material used as a fuel in the 1986 game Starflight.
  • The way that Strong Bad says "Betrayal" likely refers to the way team-kills are announced in the Halo video game series.

[edit] YouTube Version

  • The YouTube version lacks the Easter eggs.

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