Tenerence Love

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Tenerence Love
"My name is Tenerence Love!"
Origins Teen Girl Squad Issue 13
Genre(s) R&B, Soul
Members Tenerence Love
Discography "Rap Song" (2007)
"A Sweaty, Overweight Jam" (2008)
"Light Purple Cummerbund" (2009)
Label Crample-O Stow Records

Tenerence Love is an R&B singer whose lyrics primarily consist of introducing himself. He is bald with an orange goatee, overweight, and has a green tongue; he is often seen sweating. He wears a dark purple suit, a black tie and shades. In one part of the Powered by The Cheat video Rap Song, he is seen riding a flying donut, and the email love poems features his "sweaty overweight jam". He is also mentioned in Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 as a guest star on Peacey P's new album Deliberance.

He is likely a parody of such artists as Solomon Burke or Barry White, both of whom were noted for their obesity.


[edit] Songs

[edit] Rap Song (guest star, with Peacey P)

My name is Tenerence Love,
Plus my name is Tenerence Love,
Divided by my name is Tenerence Love,
Equals my name is Tenaaay-erence Love!
Remainder three!

[edit] A Sweaty, Overweight Jam: Simma Down Girl

  • Director: The Cheat
  • Lyrics:
This is Tenerence Love with a sweaty overweight jam!
My name is Tenerence Love with a sweaty overweight ham!
It may be five pounds, ten pounds, twenty pounds,
just a little bit overweight, now welcome, girl, to sweaty town!

[edit] Light Purple Cummerbund (sung by a cardboard cutout of Tenerence Love)

  • Lyrics:
Light purple cummerbund,
You know you're my only one!
Don't need no date to the prom
'Cause I got a light purple cummerbund on

[edit] Appearances

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