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"Oh boy, girls! Boys!"
In almost every issue of Teen Girl Squad, all of the girls, but especially Cheerleader, try to pick up boys quickly, only to usually be doomed to fatal failure. Often, Cheerleader also likes to mention the word "boys" out of actual context.

Teen Girl Squad Issue 12, which is set on Valentine's Day, has the most references to boys. Cheerleader believes she has to get a card from a sufficient number of boys to retain her "Mindy cred". She seemingly has a standard for these boys, and ones that do not measure up are bludgeoned, though she still accepts their Valentine card. Over the course of the issue she apparently got cards off every football player except one, and she chooses the "class prez" as her Valentine, before they both meet their end at the close of the issue.

[edit] Appearances

  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 2 — Cheerleader expresses jealousy that the "no i in team" boy chose So and So over her.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 3 — In the intro, "boy crazy!" is written next to Cheerleader's picture. After the girls finish buying some summer fashions, Cheerleader exclaims, "Now let's attract some cute boys!"
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 4 — Cheerleader wears a shirt reading, "boys please". Later, she asks Quarterman if "he has any plans for dating [her]".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 5 — Cheerleader lies about her age to attract some older boys.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 8 — Cheerleader claims to have read that "worldwide starlets get much boys".
  • PAY PLUS! — Cheerleader boasts that she is going to the Friday Night Dance with Eh! Steve!
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 10 — Cheerleader, So and So, and What's Her Face refuse to attend The Ugly One's party until she announces that it's a boy/girl party. At the party, Cheerleader unsuccessfully asks out some Scotsmen.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 11 — Cheerleader claims that boys an important part of life. She is frustrated that she does not wind up at Coach Conrad's Sit-Up Camp For Shirtless Boys, but at a camp populated by geeks like The Gregs.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 12 — Cheerleader strives to get valentines from all the boys in school.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 13 — Cheerleader attempts to invite "each and every boy" to Tompkins' house.
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 14 — Cheerleader is first seen saying, "Oh, boy, girls! Boys!" When asked about them, she says that she just likes to say the word.
  • Homestar Ruiner Teen Girl Squad — In the intro, "college boys!!" is written next to Cheerleader's picture. She also expresses excitement that "all the cute boypieces" will attend the Sub-JV basketball game.
  • Strong Badia the Free Cave Girl Squad — After the other girls say what they expect from the mammoth hunt, Cheerleader corrects them about the meaning and exclaims, "It's boys, alright? It's always boys!" She also gets ready to date Ogg Oggerson.
  • 4 Gregs — Cheerleader remains optimistic about her chances with a senior who got "both [her] names wrong". When the Squad argues over what should happen next in the comic, Cheerleader exclaims, "Boys!".
  • Teen Girl Squad Issue 15 — Cheerleader asks the girls, "Guess who just got a date for the priggidy prizom?!" When the other girls claim to have also gotten dates, she scoffs and boasts that she got a non-Greg date. She attends the priggidy prizom with Cheerleader Brian, although she soon becomes annoyed with his excessive team spirit, and his vaulting her towards a disco-ball contributes to her demise.

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