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"Our modelers spend many halves of hours creating the sets that bring the city to life!"

Brainblow City is the setting for the Dangeresque series. A city "as hard as steel and twice as gray", Brainblow is a pastiche of stereotypical crime film settings: a "seedy underworld" metropolis plagued by crime, corruption, and social ills.

The dramatic nighttime lighting of the city is the result of a billion-dollar space project to put Venetian blinds on the moon, a boondoggle that nearly bankrupted the city and further contributed to its crime-ridden status. Brainblow City's water supply is among the most contaminated in the world, as drinking it is known to cause spontaneous mutations. Criminals such as Perducci run rampant through the city.

Brainblow City is the only place left in the world where the rare Stickanee Tree can be found. Dangeresque's exploits are typically limited to the city itself, justified variously as either there being nothing but "desolate wastelands and probably tar pits" beyond the city limits, or the threat of arrest outside of the city for his "Undisclothed Violations". Dangeresque seems to have some fondness for his city, evidenced by his "i ♥ Brainblow City" mug seen in Dangeresque Puppet Squad: The Hot Jones Hijack. The city's strict "No Combining Items" law is one of the few that the crooked cop follows.

[edit] Locations

"My overbelly looks appropriately seedy here in the seedy underbelly of Brainblow City."

Due to the apparent lack of urban areas within Free Country, USA and the low production values of Strong Bad's movies, the city is usually depicted by the field; in Dangeresque 3, the set is constructed from a cardboard cutout with buildings painted on it, standing behind the brick wall.

A more realistically-rendered Brainblow City has been visualized in games. In a dream sequence from Dangeresque 3's Extended Play, Strong Bad describes the city as looking perfectly gloomy and dire. Videlectrix similarly illustrates it as an actual city in Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate (particularly Roomisode 2), with streets, traffic, buildings, and a spacious sewer system underneath.

[edit] Appearances

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