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Perducci's is a restaurant owned by the eponymous mobster in the Dangeresque series. It serves as a front for his shady business and as a place for him to stuff his face. The sole member of staff seen is Waitre D, who is trusted with both Perducci's life and Mama Perducci's sauce recipe.

The main restaurant area is the room of Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep My Enemies, Loser. Perducci has gotten a tip that he will be the target of four assassination attempts and strong-arms Dangeresque into being his bodyguard, lest his main muscle Killingyouguy perform his namesake on Dangersque. Through the course of averting the assassination attempts, the restaurant gets damaged by poison darts through the fake wine casks, a bullet through the front door and a satellite through the roof before Dangeresque makes his escape by leaping through the front door window.

[edit] Known Menu

  • Flatghetti with Meatballs
  • Tallturkey
  • Coches Twist
  • St Pod Craunch
  • Lobasho Slash
  • Balustenich Fizzle

[edit] Appearances

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