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Dangeresque's long-lost father.

Dadgeresque, unknowingly played by Senor Cardgage, is an expert kidnapping solver and Dangeresque's long-lost dad. He went crazy after he was unable to solve a difficult kidnapping. He gave Dangeresque one half of a trinket from the Malvies Catacombs, with which Dangeresque combined with the other half (left in the Catacombs) to kill The Monster there, rescuing the Kidnapping Victim.

Uzi Bazooka later shoots Dadgeresque in an attempt to get the rainforest formula from Dangeresque, killing Dadgeresque in the process. Dangeresque then cries and has a dramatic scene in which he threatens to shoot Bazooka to avenge him, à la Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride (and Dadgeresque gets up and walks away).

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