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Looks like a trailer, no, looks trailer-esque!

Trailer for Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate. This toon is unlisted and is only linked to on the itch.io page, with mirrors on the game's Steam Page and announcement Tweet.

Cast (in order of appearance):

Places: Warehaus, Smoky Office

Date: Thursday, May 25, 2023

Running Time: 1:27


[edit] Transcript

{Open on a pixelated night scene featuring a sign reading "WAREHAUS" lit by two lamps. A three-dimensional zoom out and pan around the sign shows it is on a dilapidated building. As the camera stops, a silhouetted car drives by and parks, its headlights turning off. Silhouettes of Dangeresque and Reynaldo then get out of the car and head toward the door. Cut to a door with a sign reading "No Kick". Following some kicking sounds, the door opens to reveal Dangeresque, holding his nunchuck gun, and Renaldo.}

DANGERESQUE: Nobody do anything... Dangeresque!

{Dangeresque points his nunchuck gun at the camera. It glistens, and he fires the gun, transitioning to a non-pixelated splash screen featuring Dangeresque in a pensive pose. The instrumental karaoke version of the main Dangeresque theme plays. The title appears as the announcer says it.}

ANNOUNCER: Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate!

{Cut to clips of the first Roomisode, with Dangeresque in his office, followed by clips from the second, with Renaldo, in the DangeCar-esque, and Dangeresque at a city intersection. Dangeresque jumps down and the camera pans to show him dropping into a large sewer, with Strong Sad standing in construction gear.}

ANNOUNCER: A point-and-click-em-up adventure game played out in—

{A stenciled label reading "3 Roomisodes!" slides in from the top. Cut to Dangeresque in the first game eating the Chinese takeout.}

ANNOUNCER: —three bite-sized Roomisodes—

{Cut to more clips of the games: Renaldo pushing a button on the dashboard; Dangeresque spinning in his office chair; Dangeresque, with a speech bubble reading "Nana freeze, Perducci!", pointing a banana at Perducci, with Killingyouguy standing behind, in a green-walled room with red carpet; and a file cabinet labeled "LUNCH MENUS", with Dangeresque holding up a Blubb-O's branded paper detailing its burger menu.}

ANNOUNCER: —that all add up to one rectangular mouthful.

{Cut to a closeup of Dangeresque's mouth. Ominous music plays and the quality gets grainier as it slowly zooms in. Cut to clips of the first game, with a remix of the Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon theme playing.}

ANNOUNCER: Including the original Flash game from, like, fifteen years ago. Newly remastered and expanded with full voice-em-ups audio.

{Cut to a closer shot of Dangeresque in the game as a speech bubble with his line appears above him.}

DANGERESQUE: I'm's a real grood detectimve!

{Cut to clips of Roomisode 2 showing Dangeresque and Strong Sad in the sewer and Dangeresque and Renaldo at the intersection.}

ANNOUNCER: The unfinished Roomisode 2, now completed and fully Renaldo'd.

{Cut to an in-game shot of Dangeresque at the DangeCar-esque, with Renaldo sitting inside. Speech bubbles also display their dialogue.}

REYNALDO: {dramatically} I always knew I was gonna die on the terlet!

DANGERESQUE: Uh, you're sitting in my car.

{Cut to clips of Roomisode 3, set in the green room and featuring Perducci, Killingyouguy, and Dangeresque, along with The Cheat as a waiter.}

ANNOUNCER: And a totally new third Roomisode finalé!

LADY: Oh, sounds expensive!

{A doily pattern with text on it reading "Sounds Expensive!" appears top-left. Cut to a closer shot of Dangeresque as the music stops.}

ANNOUNCER: Shut up, Lady!

{Cut to a montage of pixelated clips that play during and after the next line, featuring Dangeresque flying through the air, Sultry Buttons throwing a knife, Dangeresque's shades falling on the ground next to Renaldo's Fez, Dangeresque being driven in a van to a building labeled "JAIL", the DangeCar-esque drifting around a street corner, a green car driving in the intersection and hitting the stunt double, and Dangeresque on the ground in front of a building labeled "Perducci's", with Killingyouguy then looming over. All apart from the Sultry Buttons and stunt double clips are rendered in three-dimensional CGI. The instrumental Dangeresque theme plays again.}

ANNOUNCER: With all new cutscenes and good great graphics!

{Cut to the title screen for the Triungulate.}

ANNOUNCER: Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate.

{Cut to a chrome version of the Videlectrix logo.}

ANNOUNCER: Only from Videlectrix!

{Crossfade to a dramatic pixelated shot of Perducci and Killingyouguy lit by a hanging lamp.}

PERDUCCI: Looks like you're gonna have to die!

{Cut to an in-game shot of Dangeresque with his line again in a speech bubble.}

DANGERESQUE: mmmmmmmmmmmm GULP!!

{Cut to the final splash screen, which reads: "Coming This Summer to Steam, itch, and maybe like iOS?" A pixel art render of Dangeresque's shades shining appears below. Fade to black.}

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