Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque Walkthrough

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"Better try and 'solve' his case, quick."

This is a complete walkthrough for the game Dangeresque Roomisode 1: Behind the Dangerdesque.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


[edit] Walkthrough

In order to complete this game, three actions must be performed. These actions can be seen at any time by looking at the case file on the noticeboard.

  • Need photographic evidence of the attack
  • Need physical evidence that was left behind
  • Need this case file to have SOLVED stamp on it

The three actions can be performed in any order, but since the takeout container is involved in all three, some steps must be done in a specific order. The full walkthrough is shown below. Points earned for a particular step are indicated in bold.

[edit] Open the Safe

  • Use the rug to have Dangeresque flip up a corner of it.
  • Use the light switch. Dangeresque turns off the light, revealing glowing text under the rug. The blinds must be down for this to work.
  • Look at the rug - the text is the combination for the safe. (20 points)
  • Optional: Use the light switch again, if you don't want to spend the rest of the game stumbling around in the dark.
  • Use the safe to open it.
  • Get the camera from inside. (5 points)
  • Optional: Shut the safe.

[edit] Get the Photographic Evidence

  • Attempt to get the takeout container. Dangeresque will be unable to take it, since it's stuck to the top of the safe. (5 points)
  • Walk to the front of the room, and use the chair. Dangeresque will spin on it.
  • Look at the card that came flying out. It has the phone number for the takeout place. (10 points)
  • Walk to the phone and use it. Dangeresque calls the takeout place, who will send a technician (Pom Pom) who un-sticks the takeout container with a well-placed karate kick. (15 points)
  • Get the takeout container. (5 points)
  • Use the blind to open it, then place the takeout container in the window.
  • Place the camera on the window to take a photo showing the dragon-man on the takeout container apparently assaulting the fat man (Strong Sad) in the building opposite. (30 points)

[edit] Get the Physical Evidence

  • Get the takeout container again, then give it to Dangeresque, who eats it. (10 points)
  • Get the coffee cup, then give it to Dangeresque, who drinks it. (10 points)
  • Walk to the front of the room and use the chair again. The combination of rotary motion with months-old coffee and Chinese takeout causes Dangeresque to throw up into a handy paper bag. (25 points)

[edit] Get the Stamp

  • Walk around to the front of the desk and use it. Dangeresque hits the desk, causing the drawer to pop out.
  • Walk around to the other side of the desk and get the stamp. (5 points)
  • Place the stamp on the sweet and sour sauce on top of the safe to ink it. (10 points)

[edit] Solve the Case

Now all that's left is to place the three pieces of evidence into the case file on the noticeboard. Place the photographic evidence (10 points) and the bag of whoozit (10 points). This should make your full total of 170 points.

The hard part is the stamp, which you'll notice says "UN-SOLVED". You want it to say "SOLVED" — the whole "SOLVED" and nothing but the "SOLVED". How can you do this? Simple, stamp it so that the "UN-" part isn't on the document. Line up the stamp so that the hyphen crosses the left-hand edge of the page. Be careful, now — miss and it's Game Over, and Dangeresque goes to prison... until you click the mouse button, in any case, at which point time gets rewound and you get another shot.

With all three bits in place, Dangeresque hands the file to The Chief... until he realizes something's amiss, so it looks like Dangeresque is gonna have to jump...out the window.

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