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The party card game for guilty parties

Dangeresque: Crime Scene Tamperer is an unreleased Dangeresque-themed social deduction party card game developed by The Brothers Chaps and Greater Than Games, played by up to six players, ages 14 and up.

The game was first teased in early July of 2022, and announced later that month. The Brothers Chaps playtested a prototype of the game at Gen Con 2022. No news on the game's release has been shared since.


[edit] Gameplay

The game was announced with a brief teaser video that established the idea behind the game:

DANGERESQUE: Oh, this crime scene's been tampered with. Was it you? And up to five of your friends ages 14 and up?
ANNOUNCER: Dangeresque: Crime Scene Tamperer. The party card game for guilty parties.
DANGERESQUE: It's not a whodunit... because YOU dunnit.

News outlet Dicebreaker published a description of the game in a July 27, 2022 article:

Dangeresque: Crime Scene Tamperer is a party board game based on the action hero Dangeresque, who is played by the animated character Strong Bad. Adapted from the Homestar Runner universe, a collection of comedy online animated web series, Crime Scene Tamperer has players attempting to cover up a murder that they have committed. As the infamous action hero Dangeresque investigates the crime scene, players will need to deflect attention away from themselves and towards their opponents if they want to get away with their crime.

As the social deduction game progresses, players will have the opportunity to shift the blame for the murder to the person sat next to them, hopefully putting Dangeresque's attention onto their opponent instead of them. However, other players will also have the chance to turn the blame back onto the other person, forcing them to quickly react once again. As the game's name suggests, players will be able to directly tamper with any evidence found at the crime scene but will need to be careful not to be caught.

[edit] Known Cards

Real and hand-drawn cards

[edit] Items

[edit] Characters

  • Killingyouguy — Ability: Before you play a card, remove 1 card from your pants and put it in your hands. Skip your draw.
  • Perducci — Ability: Take any card from the crime scene and put it in your hand. Skip your draw.
  • Renaldo — Ability: Swap any 2 cairds.
  • Sultry Buttons — Ability: Shuffle your hand into the deck, then draw 2 new cards.

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