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This article is about the DVD karaoke video. For other uses, see Dangeresque.
"He's a private eye, he's a crooked cop, he's a secret agent, and he's a celebrity pharmacist."

The Theme from Dangeresque II, included on strongbad_email.exe and in karaoke style! Change the audio to hear Coach Z sing it.

Cast (in order of appearance): Super Brave!! Kids, Coach Z (Easter egg)

Running Time: 1:32

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Two


[edit] Hidden Audio Transcript


COACH Z: {talking} Ok, this isn't my usual type of jam, so I'll just do my best here.

{starts singing. When he sings, he tends to get high pitched at the end of his sentences}

COACH Z: So danger-ous, so dan-ger-ous! He fights the law, but he also fights the crime, but not as much Dan-ger-esque! With Reynaldo at his side...{talking} That's how you spell "Reynaldo"? Dangeresque? {singing again} He's got some Chinese stairs and he keeps them under the bed with a length of pipe! Dangeresque! That guy is Dangerrresque... The mighty oak has fallen... If movies have taught me anything... He'll get the girrrrrllll... Stick it to the man! Stick it to the marn! Cool glasses, cool glasses! Stick it to the man! Stark it to the marn! Cool, cool glasses! He works alone except when he works with Reynaldo, which is all the time...Dangeresque. He's a private eye, he's a crooked cop, he's a secret agent, and he's a celebrity pharmacist...That guy is {pronounces each "dangeresque" differently} Dangeresque...Dangeresque...Dangeresque...Dangeresque... Or doird I?

{end screen}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Remarks

  • Despite these mispronunciations, Coach Z gets a final score of 94/100, which is higher than Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, and Marzipan.
  • Even though it is spelled Renaldo in dangeresque 3, it is "Reynaldo" in this karaoke - possibly why Coach Z comments on the spelling.

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