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"Who needs a secret recipe when you can steal all ze Hot Jones wiz a tanker truck?"

Stingy Relenque is an antagonist featured in Strong Bad's Dangeresque Puppet Stuff spinoff, Dangeresque: Puppet Squad. He is described as "a French-Canadian smuggler and Decemberween-themed bad guy", and speaks in an exaggerated French accent that sometimes requires subtitles.

In The Hot Jones Hijack, he attempts to steal "all the Hot Jones", first by removing it from store shelves, and then by hijacking a tanker truck full of the drink from the Hot Jones factory. He is apparently unconcerned with stealing the secret recipe, believing the tanker truck to be a sufficient prize. Unfortunately for him, Dangeresque and Firebert were surreptitiously invited to the Cheat Commandos' Bring-Your-Own-Hot-Jones Decemberween Party that same day, and teamed up to find where it had all gone.

Stingy relies on Decemberween-themed traps to thwart his pursuers, as he does to Dangeresque and Firebert. First, he lures them into a snare built out of Christmas lights, and then leaves them to be killed by his robotic Santaman. His traps are not very effective, as Firebert easily chews through (and subsequently eats) his Christmas lights, and the robotic Santaman defeats himself by falling over ("that guy sucked", Stingy admits). He nearly overpowers Dangeresque in their climatic battle atop the Hot Jones tanker, but ultimately ensnares himself in his own Christmas lights. He remarks on the irony of the situation in mock-French, and he and the truck careen over a cliff. He miraculously survives the fall, expressing disbelief at having bounced. Whether he survives the tanker's explosion is not shown.

Stingy is mentioned in Dangeresque Roomisode 3: Keep My Enemies, Loser. Perducci says he had to borrow a jetpack from "that creep" after he was unable to locate his PerducciJet in Eastern Balustenich. Additionally, an assassin portrayed by Homestar Runner attempts to kill Perducci with a poisoned blow dart; whether this is meant to be Stingy is unclear.

Relenque is portrayed by Puppet Homestar Runner wearing his Greatest American Hero wig with Christmas lights draped over it and a maple leaf in place of his usual star. In effects shots, modified figurines and a plushie are used as his stunt doubles; as the puppet lacks legs, the "doubles" allow him to be seen leaping and standing. His relationship to Dangeresque Too is unknown. No characters remark on their similarities, though Stingy does paraphrase Dangeresque Too's "the pipes are broken" while performing a hurricane kick on Dangeresque. It is possible that they are indeed two different characters played by the same actor and Strong Bad included this line as a joke for the audience.

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