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"I'm going to go throw up at your house!"
Shark-Tooth Bubs in Flash

Shark-Tooth Bubs is a Bubs plush doll prototype, made in a toy factory in China. In the DVD commentary for the Strong Bad Email theme park and the NYU Talk, the Brothers Chaps say that the factory misinterpreted the eyes, teeth, and just about everything else. More specifically, he has two small eyes, a horn in his forehead with a ring around it (vaguely resembling the "real" Bubs's larger eye), and sharp shark-like teeth in a symmetrical mouth (hence the name).

Shark-Tooth Bubs appears in the hidden bonus video Puppets on the Road on Disc Four of the strongbad_email.exe DVD. His first speaking appearance on the site was in Main Page 25. In Dangeresque: Puppet Squad, Shark-Tooth Bubs played a role as the then-unnamed bad guy, Baron Darin Diamonocle.

The voice of this plush doll is provided by Mike Chapman in a similar fashion to his impression of Bubs in Powered by The Cheat cartoons.

In a @StrongBadActual Tweet, a Shark-Tooth Bubs Thnikkaman was shown, who claimed he used to sell TVs.

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