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"Bad Homestar Runner impression included!"

A commercial for the Homestar Puppet Plush from Fangamer.

Cast (in order of appearance): Rainbow Shirt Character, Sunglasses Character, Homestar Runner (as puppet), Joe, Jake, Strong Bad (as plush)

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Running Time: 1:52

Page Title: Tiny Tee Emm Up Top!


[edit] Transcript

{A Powered By The Cheat cartoon begins. Two colorful cartoon characters are standing in front of a cloud backdrop. The character on the left has brown skin, a shirt with a rainbow gradient, and has blue hair that somewhat resembles a mountain. The one on the right has green skin, red clothes, blue and purple glasses, and orange hair.}

RAINBOW SHIRT: {with Homestar Runner rhotacism} Yeah, you're pwobably wight.

SUNGLASSES: Not this again.

{The pair turn to face the camera. The sunglasses wearer scratches his head.}

ANNOUNCER: Do you know someone with a terrible Homestar Runner impression that they just won't give up on?

{The sunglasses wearer nods.}

RAINBOW SHIRT: Oh, hello. {head transformed into Homestar Runner head} I'm a tewwific athlete. {head changes back}

{Cut to Rainbow Shirt.}

ANNOUNCER: Is that someone {finger points to the camera} YOU?!

{Two fingers point on each side of Rainbow Shirt.}

RAINBOW SHIRT: {with Homestar head} This does not wook good for Homestar Wunner.

{Cut to Rainbow Shirt and Sunglasses.}

ANNOUNCER: Well, we've got just the thing!

{Cut to a blue background. A Homestar Runner plush spins into view.}

ANNOUNCER: Introducing new {label appears} Talk-It-Yourself Homestar Runner Puppet Plush! {Fangamer logo appears} From and {Cheap as Free logo appears} Cheap as Free Toys!

{Cut back to Rainbow Shirt and Sunglasses. Rainbow Shirt is holding the Homestar Runner puppet over his hand and talking with it.}

RAINBOW SHIRT: I want some mewonade and Fwuffy Puff—

{The frame pauses like a VHS tape.}

ANNOUNCER: Uh, let's have Real Voice Guy take it from here so this thing's less annoying to watch!

{Cut to the blue background. The Homestar Runner Puppet Plush pops up.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Spin my buzzer!

{A finger pushes Homestar's propeller cap. Homestar makes whirling noises.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: And check out my proprietary—

{Cut to Homestar's legs, which are swinging.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: —dangle legs, {a trademark sign appears below the words "dangle legs"} tiny TM on top! {The trademark sign slowly shifts to the top}

{Cut to Homestar's head. A hand removes Homestar's eyes. The puppet flips around and the eyes are placed on the other side.}

ANNOUNCER: Magnetic eyes allow for facing either direction!

{Homestar Runner pops up next to a hanging towel featuring John F. Kennedy.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, my friend Joe!

{Homestar appears on the other side of the towel featuring Robert Kennedy.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, my friend Jake!

{Cut to Homestar. His eyes are arranged so he can face front-view. Creepy music plays as Homestar shakes.}

ANNOUNCER: And even front-facing!

{Cut to Homestar sitting down. Two figures show how to insert a hand into the puppet.}

ANNOUNCER: With Talk-It-Yourself Homestar, you can make your dumb animal characters say way more than fifteen phrases!

{Cut to the Strong Bad plush sitting on a blue couch. Homestar pops in.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's have an in-depth conversation!

{A hand pushes the blue diamond on the Strong Bad plush.}

STRONG BAD: {pre-recorded} Holy crap!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {disappointed} Oh. That's great. Can you elaborate?

{The hand pushes the blue diamond again.}

STRONG BAD: {pre-recorded} DELETED!!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay. I'm gonna go... talk to a bowl of soup.

{Homestar turns around and walks away.}

{Cut to a brick wall. A hand is holding Homestar by the head so that his feet sway.}

ANNOUNCER: Give it a good sway to make those dangle-legs a walkin'!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Walkin' down the street! Switchin' foot, switchin' back!

{Cut to a wooden carving of an eagle.}

ANNOUNCER: And this!

{The Homestar plush gets tossed on to the eagle , landing on its butt with a splat.}

{Cut back to the blue background with the Homestar plush.}

ANNOUNCER: Talk-It-Your-Own-Dang-Self Homestar Runner Puppet Plush. Available at!

{The Strong Bad plush appears.}

ANNOUNCER: Talkin' Strong Bad sold seperately. Bad Homestar Runner impression IS included! {Powered by The Cheat finger points at the camera} It's YOURS!

{Rainbow Shirt pops in.}


{Fade to black.}

{Fade in to a bowl of chicken noodle soup sitting on the table. Homestar pops up.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Did you want to talk about... pre-algebra? Hmm? Maybe?

{Fade to black.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

A lot of work went into Homestar's head, which was challenging not only because of his bizarre two-dimensionally optimal chin proportions, but because making puppets and making plushies are completely different disciplines.
Henson-esque puppets are typically made with a foam core, heavily sculpted, glued, and hand-stitched, with a genealogy more closely related to sculpture and prop-making. Meanwhile, plushie making relies on fabric geometry and the force of stuffing to create shapes.
I went back and forth on whether to use foam or stuffing. After several trails, it became clear that traditional puppet-making techniques weren't feasible for a factory specializing in plushies. Thankfully, we were able to create a good shape using plushie techniques in the end.

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