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"Don't eat my chicken wings!"
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King Bubsgonzola Supreme is a giant monster variation of Bubs, similar to Godzilla and other monsters of Toho fame. The monster, whose name includes a portmanteau, attacked Strong Badia and other areas of Free Country, USA in the email unnatural.

At a town meeting held in The Classroom, Strong Sad discovered that playing King Bubsgonzola's roars at high speed revealed the message "Don't eat my chicken wings!" He speculated that Bubs's chicken wings had caused him to grow 100 feet tall, and devised a plan to shrink King Bubsgonzola by feeding him a bowl of kashi. After he was shrunk back to normal size, Bubs told everyone that the reason for his massive size is that he accidentally flushed himself down the toilet, which was possibly filled with radiation, while he was shaving. He then moseyed along back to the sea.

An Easter egg in unnatural reveals a poster for King Bubsgonzola Supreme. In the movies, the poster is seen as the main characters enter the movie theater. The Japanese on the poster reads "Concession Man," though the word for "concession" used in the poster is in the sense of "to concede."

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