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"Put your head back on this instant!"
Tofu Homestar

Tofu Homestar was created by Homestar Runner as a replica of himself, designed to trick Marzipan into thinking he's still attending the luau after he sneaks away, a ruse which appears to work. The replica consists of two blocks of tofu stacked on top of each other, with Homestar's face drawn on one, and his star on the other, balanced on two long sticks. His head has a tendency to catch fire, and frequently slides off and falls onto the ground. The tofu doppelgänger is also the star of the Luau-themed main page, where it shows sentience. It later appears as one of Homestar's possible transformations in Halloween Potion-ma-jig, where Marzipan claims to prefer this version of Homestar to the normal one.

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