Kidnapping Victim

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"You must be the kidnapped little girl, but... you're a beautiful woman now!"

The Kidnapping Victim is a woman rescued from the Malvies Catacombs by Dangeresque in Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective. Long ago, when she was a child, she had been captured and taken to the catacombs by The Monster. The case was so difficult that it drove Dadgeresque mad, but his son was able to solve it and rescue her. "She" is played by the Poopsmith in a blond wig. She is held in the last room. Strong Bad apparently finds this getup very comical, as he has trouble keeping a straight face when his character is talking to her. The wig the Poopsmith wears in the role bears a resemblance to Strong Bad's Cara Carabowditbowdit wig, except this wig is blond and has a rose in it instead of a skull and crossbones.

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