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KaraokeFun is a bonus feature found on Disc two and Disc four of the Strong Bad Email DVD. This karaoke feature allows the home viewer to sing along with their favorite songs using the words that appear on a screen as a guide.

Using the hidden DVD tracks, one can listen to the vocals made by some of the Homestar Runner characters. When the song is over, the player is given a score of up to 100. The scoring system seems to be rather questionable as Coach Z gets a score of 94 even though he can't pronounce "Dangeresque" properly, while Strong Bad sings very accurately, but only gets 74 points. Even Homestar Runner, who makes some very ridiculous mistakes such as singing the word "Solo" during the guitar solo, gets a score of 84. Karaoke machines that give an "accuracy score" are popular among competitive Karaoke singers.

The accuracy of its spelling is also questionable, as it manages to misspell Renaldo as Reynaldo in the Dangeresque theme song, and Fhqwhgads as Fhqwghads in Everybody to the Limit.


[edit] Karaoke Songs

[edit] DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Two
[edit] DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Four

[edit] Fun Facts

  • In the first set, all the scores end in a 4 except for Marzipan. (Marzipan gets 67, Strong Bad gets 74, Homestar gets 84 and Coach Z gets 94)
  • In the first four Karaoke videos, the little kids that pop up randomly throughout the video are from Super Brave!!.

[edit] Appearances

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